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PR Director Goes Berserk with Open Letter to Bloggers

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Here's a PR Director's open letter re-shared by a blogger, and correspondingly countered by Wazzup Pilipinas' founder Ross Del Rosario, exposing what really happened by providing background stories about the mentioned incidents.

We are posting this here because the original posts got reported on Facebook and might be eventually removed. We felt it fair to let everyone become aware of the statements and let the people decide on their own.

This PR Director was not able to provide counter-accusations of her abuse being a volunteer at the said event she was part of. Ross only got involved when he got an invitation to collaborate or help out by inviting his fellow bloggers to promote the event via pre and post event articles in our blogs and social media accounts.

We need to emphasize that this PR Director was never in the loop of the online campaign of the event which were coordinated with another recruited social media manager that regularly updates the social media pages of the event. She was not even part of the meetings held for the event, at least during the months before it.

All communications were directed to the head of the event. We never passed through her or any third party or mediator.

Arrangements with the main organizer were done accordingly and were approved by both parties months before the actual event. It doesn't make sense if this PR Director feels it is excessive since both involved parties agreed to the final arrangement.

The following statements below branched out because of a request to Ross to explain his side on the blogger's thread of discussion which originated on his Facebook page.

"Dear my Blogger friends, 
Kakaiba talaga yan, bakit pa kase naiinvite! Pls inform your PR and Brand friends too. I know madami syang so-called blogger friends who are my friends here in FB also but this is full disclosure of what actually happened, not chismis. Ako mismo saksi sa pag gatecrash nya sa ___________ and Bday Celeb ni _________ of _______ sa ________, guys, Feb last year. Sinabihan na sya na for invited guests only. Hinarass nya ang ________ ng _________ since umattend sya sa presscon ng __________, kagulo sila dun pano sya itatago kay _________. Abusado. 
I confronted him, naabutan pako nila _________. Sabi ko, pati ba naman dito? Wag daw ako maniwala sa mga chismis. Sabi ko, may event na din ako na nag gatecrash ka, hindi pwede na isinama ka ng isang invited media e invited kana din, have the courtesy to ask if you can go hindi yung sulpot kanalang dun with your proud demeanor, kaya ka nasasabihan na gatecrasher, which is true. If you are indeed the top blogger, kung okay ka at hindi ka ganyan, we will go to you and invite you, we will partner with you, you don't need to gatecrash. Thats not the attitude of top bloggers. Gets? 
Last year for Phil Intl Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, nabigyan sya ng media access kasi classmate nya ang isang volunteer so bida bida sya, hindi ko alam yun, I was busy w my wedding preps, si Cap naman mabait, malay ba nya. Hingi pa sya hotel, service etc, the nerve diba? Si Anton Diaz of Awesome Planet nga never nag ganyan kay Cap e! Kaya hiyang-hiya naman ako sa kanya, pambansang e, pambansang salot sa blogging industry so gusto uminternational level! Pagdating sa Clark, pinagaaway pa kaming mga volunteer organizers kaya pinalabas ko sa media ramp kasama ang asawa nya with the gang ewan sino mga yun, pati tshirts nila pare pareho, pati van nila lahat yan galing sa mga nabola nya! #neveragain
Bitch don't kill my vibe" 

"FYI..May nagkakalat na naman ng balita about "gatecrashing" issues sa ____________ event sa Clark, Pampanga. Isinama rin niya yung sa __________event which is also organized by the same people. The worst is this is coming from a so called PR person ____________ from ___________which is under the ___________, and being shared by a blogger named ___________ who likes to rant against other bloggers. As usual, sakay naman sa paniwala ang mga bloggers na known haters ko..Lol!

Thanks to other bloggers who sent me screenshots of the damaging threads where they ganged upon me without any benefit to speak in my defense, I learned about these false accusations.

Ang hindi alam ng karamihan ay kaya ako na-invite sa mga nasabing events na sinasabi niya ay because I was personally invited to partner with the organizers...and kaya humingi sa akin ng tulong ay dahil they found her violating and abusing her volunteerism.

Lol! Kaya ako hiningan ng tulong ng organizer ay masama ang tingin nila sa kanya. Ang balita ay she was letting people in for free without any coordination with the organizers. Siya ang nagpa-pa- gatecrash sa event.

Kaya lang siya pinapayagan na mag-stay ay dahil kinuha niyang ninong sa kasal yung organizer. Lol! Syempre, ayaw siya mapahiya.

Hindi po ako ang lumapit sa organizers. Ako nilapitan nila through the initiative of a friend who is among the volunteers...and every arrangement, whether hotel accommodation, or any other conveniences. were approved by the head.

And never po kami pinalabas sa event. She has no control of us dahil we are talking directly with the heads themselves. It just so happens that we had to go immediately after the launch because we were on a food tour of several restaurants as part of our itinerary in Pampanga..

Apparently, it all started with them thinking I gatecrashed a Jollibee event but I can prove I was officially invited by another PR who was also working for Jollibee.

Pa-Birthday niya sa akin yung message na yun...with the help of the blogger who also could not accept the fact that I am here to stay. Intentional at sinadya siguro dahil birthday ko nga. Lol!

BTW...puro media po kasama ko sa ___________ event..wala po akong kasama na kamag-anak o kapamilya. She can't even get her facts straight at hindi niya kinilala yung mga kasama ko. I was officially asked by the organizers to invite bloggers so we could help promote the event which needed a boost because of a similar event which happens after two months in Lubao, Pampanga.

This is just another case of spreading wrong information by a so called PR who does not know the meaning of her job."

"Add the fact na hindi rin po totoo na nag-gatecrash sa __________ awarding night. I showed them the screenshot of my invitation. Hindi rin po ako nang-harass kay _________ dahil di naman sila ang kausap ko. I was talking directly with the head of ________, Miss ______. It was her who said she will give my name to the PR."

Ross Del Rosario

"Don't play the victim to the circumstances you made. Alam mo madali ako makalimot e, kaya ko naman maki make amends. Pero iba ka. Nag edit ka pa ng longer version. Mahiya ka sa balat mo and respect private email conversations.

You presented yourself and demanded to the founder who is no less than like my father, so please save yourself from further humiliation. You are attacking my (and my husband's) personal relationship to my well-respected godfather, pati ninong ko sa kasal dinamay mo sa kabalastugan mo. Wala kang hiya. I repeat, wala kang hiya, wala kang respeto.

How dare you say those words that you posted in your status and the nerve to PM me. You have no right. Again, you have no right and I'm demanding you to stop your malicious narcissistic posts about me. I would not even deign to talk to you because I'm a PR director of a multi-national ad and PR agency but someone has to speak up about your egoistic demeanor. Not because I'm in PR that I could just bow down to your demands. _________ doesn't even know you. Ano nga ulit blog mo? Halos pareho kasi kayo ni ____________ e, can't you think of another name to start with?

So who are you to think you can just gatecrash and attend events. Can't you see how much hate the blogging industry has for you? How can you respect yourself and your so-called profession then. You are not accepted, you are welcome. Because ang lupit ng ere mo sa katawan na hindi ko alam anong pinaghuhugutan mo ng kayabangan mo. That's it, that's the truth."

"Edited to make it clearer and precise.

I never demanded, we agreed on an arrangement.

I was invited with given info that you were doing malicious stuff and - abusing your volunteer duties. You can confront the one who invited me, though I don't think he will stoop that low to entertain your inquiries.

You started the malicious post with your Open letter/message to the bloggers about me. You should have expected a reaction from me. Ano ko mananahimik para sabihin mo na totoo yun?. Kaya mo yan kung totoo lahat ng sinabi mo. Pero alam mong hindi kaya kabado ka.

I rarely see _________.. What is the issue with him? The only time I got to chat with him was when I attended his event when I was still representing WIM.

I was the one who used WaZZup... The other blogger was using WaZup... He was not very active then so when I created my blog, I don't even know he existed. He even was a member of my group and accepted my event invitations. He knows very well that I was the first one to use it ...siya WaZup Philippines, ako WaZZup Pilipinas. pero binago pa rin niya to WaZZup Philippines para mas maging confusing. Until now he still owns that domain kahit bumili siya ng bagong domain na

Who's gatecrashing? You just assumed. Ikaw na mismo nagsabi na I was with a member of the media who invited me to tag along as his source of photos. He made me officially part of his team during those particular times. Just as how trad media are at least two in attendance (a writer and a photographer). Sorry, but I never doubted the credibility of the media who invited me.

Why are you generalizing the entire blogging community when there's only a few of you who have issues against me. A huge majority of you are only here because of curiosity. Very few of you here have even worked with me or met me at events.

I dare you show proof of any of your accusations. As long as I get invites, it should mean there are people out there who believe in me. The most important is my relationship with the ones who invite me to their events and get me as their media partner. You cannot force anybody to stop inviting me just because of your personal hate against me.

As long as they find my blog influential and valuable to their brands, I will be there to offer my service."

Ross Del Rosario

Always remember that we should not compromise our credibility, and humanity, by over-pleasing those who gives us perk, benefits, privileges, freebies, etc.

We destroy ourselves when we let them influence our thoughts or dictate what we should share. What we write, or say, about brands, products, organizations, personalities and whatever else, should be freely coming from our own point of views based from our reviews or experiences, and never by peer or PR pressure.

We should never be afraid to tell the truth in fear of being banned, blacklisted, or ganged upon. When you are really good, people will find you. I commend those PRs who do their research and take time to search for those deserving enough, and never letting themselves be influenced by rumors or hearsay spread by the misinformed and vengeful.

Yes, we may accept suggestions and opinions from others. We can also be the better man by humbly apologizing for our own mistakes. But when they abuse our effort to reach out and make amends, then we stand up and fight for what we believe is right. I believe good will always triumph over evil.

Hindi po paramihan ng kakampi ang usapan dito. It takes courage for the few to stand up against oppressors and stand out among blurred visions.

PR Director Goes Berserk with Open Letter to Bloggers  

Wazzup With All The Hate in the Blogging Community?

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