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How a Serviced and Virtual Office Can Help Traveling Entrepreneurs

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A serviced office or virtual office can provide many benefits to a traveling entrepreneur. When traveling, it's inconvenient to have to lease office space or meet in a public area like the hotel's bar to conduct serious business with clients or investors. A serviced office makes more sense for the business traveler.

Flexible Lease Agreements

Owners rent out the offices with short-term leases. It can be as little as a few days to an entire month for the lease agreement. In a traditional office, an entrepreneur would have to sign a lease that could keep him or her in the space for at least a year. That wouldn't make much sense for a traveling entrepreneur who might only be staying in that location for a week or two. 

Pay for What You Use

If you need a conference room for that big meeting with a new client, a serviced office owner can rent you the space on an hourly basis. You can use the facilities and services that you need without paying for the ones that you don't. They also have staff you can use at the facility to portray a polished and professional business appearance. 

Testing New Areas

Many entrepreneurs travel to test new markets. While they are looking for office space for rent in Makati, they can figure out if that's the market they want to invest in by testing the area first with a serviced office. You can test multiple markets before settling on a space that will require a long-term lease agreement. 

Equipment and Staff

You won't need to hire your own staff or buy new equipment while traveling for business. Serviced office spaces have owners who keep technology current for their renters. Many offices have fast Internet connections, speedy computer systems, copiers, faxes and other office equipment needed to run your business while you're traveling. 

No Downtime

When you are traveling for your business, whether it's to enter a new market or land a client, you'll have to equip and setup a new office. That requires money for desks, chairs and file cabinets. You'll need office machinery like copiers as well as printers and the accessories that go with them like toner. With a serviced office, you won't have any downtime while the office is readied for your arrival. While trying to find office space for rent in Makati, you'll be able to have a fully-functioning office to work in as you wait. 


Many people forget the maintenance involved in running an office. There has to be cleaners to keep the office spotless. You'll need technicians to maintain the office equipment too. With a serviced office, that's all included in the fee when you rent the space. For BGC office space for rent, you won't need to hire maintenance workers since they're provided for you.


This is another monthly fee you don't have to worry about when you rent a serviced office space. It's an expense that is included in the fee. You won't have to worry about paying a deposit to get the lights turned on in your new space. It's all done for you.

There are many advantages of using a serviced office facility or virtual office when traveling. The entrepreneur who is on the road often won't have to work out of their hotel room or the downstairs restaurant. He or she will be able to conduct business in a professional manner with all the equipment they could need for their business.

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