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Casa Italia Cafe Food Tasting Event with Zomato Foodies

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I admire food establishments, such as restaurants or cafes, when they make efforts to include the public in guiding them towards the best decisions in finding the right taste, texture, color, combination, etc., of their newly concocted dishes.

Normally, most would just trust their own team and keep it within the kitchen and the chefs, plus the owners hands-on running the restaurant, and a few higher management, to decide on what new dishes to promote or introduce.

Zomato, the online food and restaurant portal containing a wide database of establishments for foodies, invited us to join their food tasting event at Casa Italia Cafe BGC branch.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first things that you would notice is their various selection of gelatos and the huge number 8 at one portion of their wall. It gives you an impression that it's most likely an ice cream (for those who do not know the difference between an ice cream and a gelato). If you did not take a look at their menu, you would miss the fact that they also offer other culinary delights.

Aside from their superb gelatos (that frozen delight that's a lot better than ice cream), Casa Italia Cafe also serve hot dishes. It is very evident from their giant menu displayed at the front of their restaurant which could be a clever idea since customers would already have an idea of the food and prices of the dishes. They won't also get intimidated when they enter the restaurant and browsed the menu containing the name of the dishes and their corresponding costs.

We made a video containing the highlights of the food tasting so you can actually see what went on instead of just reading about it.

Below are some of the photos of the restaurants exterior and interior taken during the time when we were still waiting for other invited bloggers and foodies to arrive. The food tasting event had us sit at the second level where more seats can be found. It offers you a view of the lower floor and that is also where you can find the restroom.

They have a corner where you can drink water. It's self-service where small disposable paper cups are available.

There's definitely a lot of gelato, pastries, and of course you won't call it a cafe if there's no coffee.

Pumpkin Soup
The Pumpkin Soup is mildly flavored and unlike some which are a bit strong and savory, their version is not so creamy. We all know pumpkin is healthier but I would also like it to be of extra-velvety consistency.

BBQ Pork Belly
This BBQ Pork Belly could have been my favorite because of the great tasting sauce but I wanted the meat to be a bit more easy to slice and melts-in-your-mouth when eating.

Chicken Parmigiana
Although this dish is traditionally served with a side of pasta, the rice is the best alternative for us Filipinos. The Chicken Parmigiana tastes like I was eating pizza because of the Parmesan and sauce but the chicken needed to be more tender. There could have been another variety of vegetable aside from the corn bits and lettuce.

Salisbury Steak
The Salisbury Steak, drowning in mushroom gravy and partnered with a fried egg, was a bit salty for me.

Sole Fillet with White Wine and Capers
I may be biased to seafood but the Sole Fillet with White Wine and Capers could very well be my second favorite next to the BBQ Pork Belly. The special sauce hits the spot right on and convinces me to keep this dish in mind on our next visit.

Summer Daydream (Apple Peach Cobbler)
The Summer Daydream (ApplePeach Cobbler) is a great choice for dessert. The combination of hot and cold makes for a very interesting sweet treat well suited after a hearty rice meal.

Midnight Surprise (Choco Lava Cake)
The Midnight Surprise (Choco Lava Cake) follows the same hot and cold combo dessert treat but chocolate has been so common already that they should make this a little more different from the others serving almost the same kind.

We got a short video invite from Casa Italia Cafe so please do watch the short video we made showing the highlights of our dining experience.

Thank you Zomato and Casa Italia for the invitation to taste test the new dishes of Casa Italia Cafe. My only advice is for their team is to be more creative in challenging their customers by coming up with leveled up comfort foods that would surprise them the moment they make that first bite.

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