Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trampoline Park Zero Gravity Zone: For That Sweaty Yet Fun-Filled and Adrenaline-Pumping Experience

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We were among the very first ones to try out the Trampoline Park, the newest attraction well suited for families who want to bond while having a great time. The fun is absolutely real while you jump up into the air reaching several feet depending on how willing you are to freely feel like gravity is nonexistent.

This is probably why they also call it a Zero Gravity Zone. This is the best place where you can play like a kid again....and for kids to feel awesome they still have the energy to last even after an hour of pure adrenaline.

The sweat you get out from all this jumping is healthy, but be sure to warm-up first before you experiment on going all the way to flips or somersaults. Only experts like the parkour experts can do those stunts. But eventually, if you're daring and eager, you'll soon be able to imitate the same skills.

I had an opportunity to interview Mark Hogsden, the co-founder and major owner of Trampoline Park, and he was very optimistic of this attraction that can be availed for only P320 per hour, and P600 for two hours straight. Trust me when I say you would need to go two hours if you're a first timer since it is really very addicting.

You can really see my excitement and thrill why I experience jumping up and down at Trampoline Park. If I was not all sweaty and thirsty, I would have stayed all day there making the most of the fun time.

It is very obvious that we had so much fun at the area where they had lots of foam cubes. You can jump right in here and enjoy the experience. Just to warn you that it's a bit difficult to "swim" within these cubes but the challenge was the best part.

They have an upper deck where you can sit, chat and eat with your friends for they have several chairs and tables around, or do your famous selfies or groupfies amidst the trampoline area background.

Meet lots of new friends with the same likes and interests - jumping non-stop like a kangaroo or grasshopper!!

This is indeed an ultimate fun attraction for everyone. I won't get tired of visiting this place, at least during the weekends for some fun exercise!

Did I say new friends? There's plenty of pretty faces you can see at the Trampoline Park. These smiles can tame even the wildest beasts.

If you need assistance, their very friendly staff are happy to help you out with all your needs.

The Trampoline Park is a huge warehouse-like space converted into a zero gravity zone.

There's also other ways to enjoy trampoline Park, like for Zumba parties, volleyball or basketball with a twist, Parkour training, and many other exciting activities.

They will tag you all with color-coded bracelets to identify your time slot.When your one hour is over, there will be an announcement to inform you and some of the guides will whisk you away from the Tranpoline Park area.

There is a requirement for specialized Trampoline Park socks being sold for P80 pesos only. They are reusable for your next visits. Just be careful not to lose them for they are designed with sticky rubber parts that will prevent you from slipping on the trampolines.

They have a spot there for some drinks and snacks after your 1 hour play. You can't pause your fun time since your 1 hour will continue even if you take toilet or drink breaks, but be careful not to dehydrate yourself especially if it's your first time with this kind of exhausting activity.

We had a nice chat with the owners of the snack bar. Husband and wife, who were also co-owners of Trampoline Park, were very accommodating, and even shared a few more stories on the sides.

Mark Hogsden shares his thoughts about his latest business venture and how he was inspired by his kids to build Trampoline Park. True enough, based on the peeps who came in to experience Trampoline Park, this kind of activity is best suited for our kids so they can stay away, for the meantime, from their iPads, tablets and smartphones, to experience a leisurely fun-filled and healthy way to spend time.

The Trampoline Park can be found at the Greenfield District just beside Starbucks located at The Portal building along Mayflower street.

You can check out their Facebook page for updates:

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