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PiliPinas Debates 2016 Livestreaming Links: Tutok na mga Kababayan Para sa Dagdag Kaalaman

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The historic presidential debate for 2016 election is PiliPinas Debates 2016 live from Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro, the promised land of Mindanao! The stage is set. A must-see as presidential race in the Philippines gets into full swing.

We are witnessing the first Presidential Debate with the five candidates. A first of three COMELEC-initiated presidential debate for the 2016 National elections. This will have 4 rounds of questions covering topics of national interest, development and poverty, peace and order and the Constitution. The two-hour presidential debates are patterned after the US Republican debates and candidates will be given one minute time cap both for their opening and closing statements.

I encourage everyone,especially the youth and first time voters, to watch critically because this debate will tell so much about the candidates, including their stand with important societal issues. It's a historic moment and a make or break moment for candidates.

Nakatutok ba kayo? Halina't busisiin at kilitisin ang mga Kandidato na tatakbo ngayong 2016! Do yourself and your countrymen a favor, manood ka ng PiliPinas Debates 2016. Live sa GMA7 at 5-7pm (oo, hindi mo kailangan ng cable). Straight ka man or LGBT, ang boto mo ay mas mahalaga pa sa bawat suntok ni Pacquiao at sa relationship ng JaDine. Go!

Wazzup Pilipinas will give you the highlights of today's presidential debate.

I hope all voters will watch and listen to the candidates views and opinions on major issues -
peace and order, poverty, agriculture, and the candidates' track record.Gamitin sana natin ito para sa mas matalinong pagboto.

This discourse is one of the avenues where we can further evaluate those who aspire to lead our country. Matuto tayong makialam hindi sa laban nila, kundi sa laban ng ating bansa.

Introduction pa lang intense na! You can tell from their first statements that there's going to be a riot (everywhere) soon after ahahaha. Much shade. Such defensive. Ahem.

Mar Roxas introduction focuses on his opponents. If he becomes president, he might only waste time chasing for people against him and may not concentrate on the real issues our country is facing.
“There are many things rich in this country. We are rich in natural resources, people resources and yet year after year, we hear… that we are one of the poorest countries in the Asian community,” she addressed as she mentioned that it is because “everybody wants to have the money of the country in their pockets. “What our country needs is a sense of shared destiny,” says Santiago.

May mga parinigan at batuhan ng putik. Senator Miriam Santiago and Mayor Rody Duterte praising each other back and forth at ‪#‎PiliPinasDebates2016‬. "Good thing Miriam is here. She is one of the two people who are qualified to run for presidency!" says Duterte. Duterte: "Miriam is the only one of the two only qualified to run this country as a president" Miriam: "Because graft and corruption is endemic and everybody speaks out but nobody has done so much except... Mayor Rody Duterte! This is somewhat fun, but can they be more aggressive?

The opening statements mostly just repeated candidates' familiar campaign themes. No one was bold enough to define a vision for the Philippines or push a radical break from the current situation.

Presidentiables should battle in this kind of forum and platform, not in the venue of black propaganda and credibility destruction happening in Philippine media. Filipino voters should see their ability to argue and how they defend their stand, not their horrendous dancing and singing during campaign rallies and miting de avances. Don't be foolish. Political maturity is now a requirement.

I love this debate because Rodrigo Duterte and Miriam Defensor-Santiago are both so straight-forward. The next president should be a mix of Duterte and Santiago's attributes!

If you want a strong person to lead the Philippines and not a wimp you will elect a person who owes no one any favors and is not interested in the family dynasty. Someone who will stand strong against any opposition with the future of the country as the main objective.

"I will not lay around feeling sorry for myself. I felt sorry for my country!" –@senmiriam

Mar Roxas says to Grace Poe: The government is not OJT. "The Aquino admin, in which Mar served, has always been called a Student Council by critics, its officials like students doing OJT.

I'm not sure if this will help me decide now who to vote for President, but this is better than hearing their black propagandas. I care for the future of my country. I can't wait to see how the first ‪#‎PiliPinasDebates2016‬ unfolds! Being a Filipino, it is our responsibility to help push and elect the worthy candidate.

Cliché but still, action is better than words. Kahit siguro maghapon sila magbangayan at magpagalingan, at the end of the day anjan pa rin ang mga problema ng Pilipinas. Kanino ba natin dapat ipagkatiwala ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas? Let us hope and pray everyone will be enlightened to various issues today.

The debate is being aired at GMA-7 and a livestream at You can watch in 360 degrees with the livestream.

Here are additional sources of livestream from other sites. Just click one the links that works for you below:

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