Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kuya Kim's ABS-CBN TV Patrol Evolution Feature Criticized by Religious Groups

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"I didn't believe in evolution before until I visited the Chicago Museum of Natural History and saw the evidence for myself. We evolved. It is a fact. The theory of evolution is one of the strongest theories in science." Ray Refundo

There's news out there that the Evolution feature of Kim Atienza on ABS-CBN's TV Patrol was criticized when he did not mention "Adam and Eve."

"In particular, they claim that the feature is fake because it does not recognize Adam and Eve, who, in the Bible, are identified as the first man and first woman." says Manila Coconuts.

This is actually Science versus Religion which really contradicts a lot if we are to base scientific discoveries and facts with the claims and writings in the Bible. What religious leaders taught us are now being dispelled by science, and not to offend anybody, common sense. 

But since we are a Catholic country, many of us cannot let go of the culture which we inherited from our elders and ancestors. Long before proper education was scarce, many were led to believe in stories made up due to unexplained, and often regarded as mysterious and somewhat miraculous, circumstances and events.

They say this is why Manny Pacquiao will win in the coming elections, or if not by 2016, in the near future with a higher position than Senator....maybe as Vice President?

Kim Atienza on TV Patrol (photo credit to Manila Coconuts)
"Science education in the Philippines is in dire need for augmentation and improvement." says netizen Ermin Favila Cabanela. But why is that the case? It's because those who teach science are considerate of their religious counterparts. They know how sensitive it is to try to go against the powerful sector of our society. Even the Vatican is not teaching Creationism to avoid touching on Adam and Eve.

Such a statement like "Magreklamo sila kay Darwin at hindi kay Kuya Kim." by Lily Grace Chao will be in dire trouble of being bullied online if the religious fanatics get to read it.

However, we should all remember that we should respect each other's opinion and the right to say what we feel and believe in. No matter how Science has changed the world, there are still a lot of people out there that are firm with their beliefs that grown accustomed to throughout their years of existence.

If their faith makes them strong enough to live a life with less sin, then I would prefer to have them as my friends rather than the well-educated with factual knowledge but without any respect towards others. Since some believe life can be explained by looking under a microscope or digging out there at a far away desert discovering remains of whales which are "Likely proof that the world was once engulfed in waters," we may soon think life is a meaningless evolution, and that we are here in this world just to exist and survive.

But would we still adhere to the old teachings of the Church when almost everything has been explained and replicated already by Science?

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