Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Complexities and Simplicities of LIfe

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do not let other people decide on your stance on controversial issues. You have a mind of your own and deserve more self-respect. Following blindly your leaders or the majority is a definite suicide of your integrity.

There are several times when it takes only one passionate and determined individual to break standards and protocols, disrupt the complacent and threaten the established, initiate world-changing ideas or take part in abrupt movements. We all want to make a huge difference in this world where most people have been brainwashed into obedience and succumbed into acceptance of a lowly existence. Never realizing there are better options out there that many have made every effort to become unreachable.

The so called resiliency was never a compliment that we can be proud of. It only means we are too weak to stand up, voice out our concerns, and demand for what we rightfully deserve. Making sacrifices was never necessary if only everyone was fair and just.

Everyone has their own agenda, may it be hidden or out in the open, that's biased, one-sided and self-serving. Who doesn't think of himself? Who wouldn't want to flourish and live comfortably? Who doesn't want to earn more profits? Who doesn't want to pack his bags and leave the country for greener pastures? Who doesn't want to get involved when they see an investment or business opportunity? No matter how you look at it, everyone uses each other to gain and give out something.

This is the reality of life. So simple yet complicated. But I chose to stay and live its entirety. I always loved a challenge no matter how futile all our efforts seem to be. I will never give up the fight as long as I live, and may be even continue with the battle in the after-life if there is such a chance! 

So when somebody spooks the corrupt politicians or any greedy businessman or oligarch in the middle of the night, that would probably be me.

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