Friday, August 14, 2015

A Never-Ending Cycle of Getting Even

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We keep complaining about the government cheating us out of our hard-earned money via the automatic tax deductions, E-VAT on consumer goods and services, implementing fees and strict guidelines on businesses, and other horrifying stories like the realities of corrupt politicians running away with our taxes using dummy programs, overpriced projects and ghost foundations, etc..

However, everyone else, may he be the small, big, average citizen to the multinationals or corporations, does the same ludicrous but serious offenses of going against the law or working around it by avoiding paying the right taxes or business fees, failing to follow basic traffic rules, polluting our air, rivers and streets (and our minds), false advertising of products and services (like the unlimited Internet by telcos) and a lot more absurdities that are circumvented by either connections, friends or relatives working for influential or authority figures, or powerful set of lawyers that can bend, delay or request for TROs, and plenty more magic tricks up our sleeves.

We keep on blaming the government when our next door neighbor is equally guilty of an offense but we accepted it as justifiable because we think the government doesn't deserve to "play" and "profit" with our taxes in the first place. So we commit our very own "cheats" in order to get even.

The world will continue to rot if we keep on thinking like this. It's a never-ending cycle of getting even, and all of us, and our children, will eventually suffer from the inequities we have brought upon ourselves.

It may be a bit frustrating when the world seems to be against you because you choose to be different. But it is a lot comforting knowing you can sleep soundly at night and that you fought for your personal beliefs.

It only takes one person to live a life that's just and fair, and hopefully the others will follow (even if it will take years and several lifetimes). I hope that person is you!

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