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Publications Use Sexual Innuendos on Maria Ozawa and Robin Padilla Cancelled Movie Project

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"Japanese actress Maria Ozawa expressed disappointment at Robin Padilla after his premature withdrawal from the tightly scheduled shooting of their film to be entered in time for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official." -

Entered. Premature withdrawal. Tightly. Japanese. Maria ozawa. I could write millions of puns on this article. I believe the pun was obviously intended. I see what Inquirer did here. I'm sure a lot more publications did the same, or are about to do the same. The temptation to use sexual innuendos was just too hard to resist.

Thus, netizens react with all their might. It was naturally expected. This was not the first time the publication resorted to word play. I'm sure it was what Inquirer intended. For everyone to cum ... I mean come ... out and react. It was an intentional bait to lure everyone to engage with the article. This issue will be going viral and trending soon on social media.

"You must be so proud of yourself Inquirer, for that funny, funny wordplay laced with sexual innuendo because, hey, she's a porn star. And why stop with one phrase, why not go overboard funny utilizing her apparently rich background in the porn industry. And you, you clever reader, you got it. You must be very proud of yourself too aren't you. All for a few laughs and some ego boost right." - Camille Tosca

"I agree. Got nothing against porn industry etc. but this writer thinks too highly of his "wit". And everyone's all "biro mo early withdrawal at tight schedule daw! Laugh out loud!". Its a newspaper thats read by people of all ages, including children. You gonna explain to your kids what this means? Nah, more likely you'll back off like this "writer" and look incredulous "huh? Wala naman, baka ikaw madumi and iniisip" <heehee tight schedule heehee>" - Alfie Wee Sit

I am with Maria Ozawa. Robin should have decided long before the scheduled shooting. Robin might have perceived that their upcoming movie will not be a hit because of the many negative thoughts about his co star. Somebody should tell Robin Padilla that he is no longer the action superstar the he once was. This Ozawa movie would've made him hot again. I think he should be paired off with a Filipino actress also and that would be fine enough.

The script was written for actors fit for a Maria Ozawa and Robin Padilla. This movie would've launched Ozawa on the mainstream,and no longer an adult type thing. And also,this would've made Padilla's movie career exciting again.

But some netizens agreed with Robin's decision saying "I guess she needs to get pregnant, experience miscarriage, then get pregnant again. It is indeed a delicate condition. I salute Robin Padilla for being supportive to Mariel. Imagine how Mariel will cope the fear of losing her pregnancy again. She will understand that in the future." - Leilani Legazpi-Macaranas

But other netizens feel that Maria Ozawa does not deserve to work here and that we should not be giving her this kind of attention by saying "Why are you promoting the career of an adult film actress who is Japanese? We have more talented local legitimate actresses who are not getting the same special treatment this one is given by media and movie producers. Are you legitimizing her line of work by giving her superstar celebrity status in our country? We are a Christian Catholic country, by the way. Media and film makers must be ultra sensitive of the kind of message that they are sending the public so that the moral values of our young will not be corrupted. MTRCB and immigration should exercise prudence on who they allow to work here, meaning, only those who will not compete with locals for jobs or promote pornography." - Mary Joan Angeles

But other netizens disagree with the seemingly racist and antiquated thinking saying "Bad, bad, bad! Dami nating OFWs that contributes the biggest chunk in our GDP. If all other countries think, why give jobs to a foreigner when we can give it to a local, paano na ang dolyar na pinapasok ng mga OFWs sa bansa na tumutulong para makapamuhay ka ng maginhawa? Also, If being Filipino means being Catholic, leads me to think, maybe that's why we're poor. If we were more open, more culturally diverse, more progressive, maybe we could have been or could be prosperous as a nation. Like Japan, where Maria Ozawa is from." - Keo Reyes

But don't you think it's time for Robin Padilla to retire and live a quiet Happy Life. Nothing else to Prove. Daniel will take over the Flag of the Family.


Maria Ozawa should be declared Persona Non Grata. We cannot just allow a Foreigner or mere Sojourner lambasts with disrespect our Commander-In-Chief by unduly inviting him for a "date" & now calling our fellow countrymen "unprofessional." - Anna Marie Tomas

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