Thursday, June 18, 2015

TraBlogs: The Endangered Species of the Blogging Community

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Because of my blog, I keep on getting a lot of inquiries, and even reservations, for hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. I just refer them back to my blog and ask them to look for the link pointing to the right people or organization they should contact. You can't imagine how many times I have answered a call only to find out the other person on the line wants to book rooms for their company at a hotel I blogged about.

Lately, I also get a lot of inquiries about my fellow bloggers. It now feels like I am the person they are calling to verify the characters of people in the blogging community. I would love to answer them all but I really hate it when they ask me about the primadonna bloggers - those who have an inflated view of their own talent or importance.They feel they are on the top of the food chain, and looking lowly on their fellow bloggers especially the newbies, getting ready to pounce on them when they feel the newbies are making a move on their common prey.

It is so shocking that the so called "elite and authority" bloggers who have been around for many years have grown to the idea that they deserve better as compared to the newbies. They are marking their territories by pissing on their so called "sacred grounds."

Many of them would even talk shit about the newbies, and malign them in front of PRs and event organizers. But of course I am not referring to all of them since I only hear about the Big Bad Bloggers while the others seem to be like ghosts - minding their own business and never engaging in hate threads.

The only mistake many make is that they really do not know who their real friends are because their damaging stories are being relayed to us by their very own peers whom they thought are their allies.

There seems to be an unspoken competition since the blogging community has grown exponentially, and newbies have started to make a name for themselves. Thus the "legendary" bloggers of yesteryears are becoming wary, and begin a dirty trail of deceit and character assassination.

They cannot accept the fact that the newbies are outshining them. They cannot stomach the reality that they are now sharing the limelight with people who just started blogging a few months ago.

They know who they are, and I pity their souls.

The more they try to "manipulate" the situation, the more they would look like desperate and troubled beings belonging to the endangered species.

There may be some brands who will prefer the "tried and tested" but still sooner or later, these "TraBlogs" (Traditional Bloggers as compared to TraPos - Traditional Politicians) will soon become extinct as they are outplayed by the more aggressive and highly innovative new warm bloods of blogging.

Is it time for the new generation of bloggers to dominate the blogging scene, and for the iconic "oldies" to retire?

There were rumors before that some celebrities intentionally lie low and slowly exit the scene while they are still at the peak of their success when they feel they are no longer doing great.

Bloggers would know they are losing their popularity when the projects become rare. It is just sad that they will resort to evil schemes just to bounce back and impose themselves.

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  1. I totally agree. Why not lets be good to everyone. Each one of us has its own style and niche. Be happy...


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