Saturday, June 20, 2015

Exclusivity: Getting Across the Border

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We've featured him before, and we are thrilled to find out he has a new cover for us. There really is no stopping somebody as talented as Leo Ralph Villamayor. We are simply ecstatic to help support a fellow Filipino especially when the Philippines is now being recognized as the home of many outstanding performers.

You've seen Leo singing a cover of the Let It Go song from the Frozen animated movie of Disney, now he sings another song.

But we cannot show it to you right now until after a month where he was contracted exclusively for his video to be shown somewhere else.

It seems they recognized his potential to attract a significant audience so we need to wait a month before he is allowed to promote it at his own site, and others as well.

Which gets me thinking about "exclusivity" and when news becomes limited to be broadcasted by a single source.

We've seen headlines like "Exclusive" being flashed on the screens of a TV network when they report news that they claim they only have. This attracts more attention because it means they are the only source of the said information.

But when news are so important for everyone to know. Don't you think it is but right to share this so that more people would be informed. This is critical when an impending disaster is about to occur, or when lives are at stake.

When you hear abut accidents involving so many people, I guess the relatives would want to gain access to information as soon as possible and not rely on just one channel to announce who are alive, injured, in critical condition, or dead.

The same of course that does not apply to entertainment, such as what Leo Ralph Villamayor offers, so the exclusivity on that part is just a great marketing strategy to draw in an audience, and turn them into fans.

News that matters to many would be a different opinion. I just think it is our duty to share the news when it is vital information that everyone should know. The TV networks, or even other media outfits with the quad media should make an effort to send out the information but maybe just as for credits and acknowledge them as the first one to share the news.

Now wouldn't that be a great world to live in where everyone is thoroughly connected and informed, especially in this age when technology allows us to communicate with just a few clicks, swipes and taps.

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