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Filipino Dishes You Must Try At Least Once


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Philippine cuisine is one that brings together cooking styles of Chinese, Malay, Spanish and American cuisine which are adapted to suit the taste and palate of the locals. Meals range from a variety of food styles including simple dishes as well as those prepared for festivals.

Here are a few Filipino dishes you must try at least once if you’re fond of Asian and Chinese Cuisine, and this will leave you asking for more:


This is how the Filipino egg roll is made and it makes for one tasty dish. It goes well as a snack and you can eat them fried or steamed. It can go great with a tangy salsa or vinegar sauce and if you plan on eating them raw and fresh you can mix up the flavour with some peanut butter to really get the zing.


Don’t go by its name. It tastes absolutely relishing. It’s a great sweet dish which includes sticky rice which is cooked in banana leaves. It’s a great new twist to the traditional cakes one is used to eating.

Crispy Pata

This is a great dish for non-vegetarian lovers as it makes use of ham and is eaten as a snack. You slow roast and fry the leg of a ham which is then served with spicy vinegar to set your tongue on fire with its amazing taste.


This is a great one if you enjoy pork and meat and is the national dish of Philippines. It is made on festivals and special holidays. The pig is cooked after seasoning it and the entire animal is skewered on a pit of charcoal. This is one dish that will taste zingy and will really leave you asking for more.

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These are the Philippine version of noodles and are made on special occasions like New Years. This goes great for lunch and dinner. It makes use of noodles, soy sauce, meat, vegetables and some citrus. It’s a great dish that is sure to leave you gulping it down.


This is another zinger that is eaten mostly as a snack. The dish is made by using a pig’s liver and parts of his head which have then been seasoned. The seasoning includes chilli peppers and calamansi giving a taste you won’t get enough of.

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This is fresh tofu mixed with brown sugar and vanilla syrup and served with tapioca pearls. It tastes just as relishing as it sounds and is served for breakfast and dessert. It is loved by kids and adults alike and will surely tickle your taste buds too with its mouth relishing flavours.

Arroz Caldo

This is a great rice recipe that is similar to risotto. It makes use of chicken which separates it from goto which makes use of beef or tripe. This recipe is great to eat for breakfast as it is heavy and fill you up nicely. When served hot with garlic and lemon, it will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride you won’t be able to forget!

If you can’t visit Philippine you should taste their mouth relishing food which is surely going to leave you mesmerized!

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