Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Delicious Diet: Surviving Against Temptations and Cheat Days

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Last week was a little bit inconvenient for my Delicious Diet program. Aside from my Internet connection being faulty, I had several events scheduled last week that I wasn't really able to regularly post on my social media accounts. I was also worried that the meals would go rancid so I didn't dare bring the meals with me. As indicated on their microwave-friendly plastic packaging, the meals need to be refrigerated. But probably the most obvious reason why I decided to skip some of the Delicious Diet meals was there would commonly be equally sumptuous meals served at the events.

When I am required to go out to attend event or do some errands, it is more convenient to travel light so bringing the meals with me would not be ideal. However, I noticed that even just after more than a week of Delicious Diet meals, I became quite choosy with the meals I eat. I would see myself picking the most nutritious dishes and getting smaller portions from any restaurant I would dine in. Unlike before that I would consume a plateful of all dishes from the buffet table, now I seem to pick only the healthier options and without going back for seconds.

Not only has Delicious Diet motivated me to choose my food intake wisely, it has encouraged me as well to impart this knowledge and discipline to my family.

My wife has somehow imitated the Delicious Diet portions for her and our children's packed lunch. The reusable microwave-friendly plastic containers were reused and her co-workers would notice the Delicious Diet labels that are now color-coded based on breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is strange though that Delicious Diet didn't include a label for the snack

I guess the best Delicious Diet meal I had for last week was the shrimp dish delivered for Friday's Delicious Diet dinner. I love all kinds of seafood that I am biased to eating anything that swims.

Though we couldn't really guess the exact ingredients or spices used in cooking the meals, we could at least try our best to create similar servings. It is evident that the program has made us all thinking of having a healthier lifestyle when it comes to preparing our meals.

The temptations last week were plenty but I found myself disciplining myself to be more cautious of what I eat. My motivation was greater not just because I want to get rid of all the unwanted and unnecessary fat to become healthier, I also want to live longer for the sake of my family.

Delicious Diet makes healthy eating easier because not only are their meals tasty enough, they are highly nutritious.

There are little rewards in the Delicious Diet meals as in the case of the chocolate coin that came with the pasta meal. The adorable pancake meal with banana slices and peanut butter for breakfast was a welcome treat to start the day. Though I wonder why they served banana for snacks on the same day. I must say I always find moments when I'm tempted to eat the snacks already but I persuaded myself to wait a few more hours before indulging on the sweet treats.

The teas and chocolate powder drinks are always nice to have. Delicious Diet should also try offering homemade healthy ones like customized detox drinks containing mixtures of fruits and/or veggies to make it a little more interesting.

Veggies will never be missing in both Delicious Diet lunch and dinner meals and even though they are not as fresh and crispy anymore since the meals have been reheated in our microwave oven, these ingredients gives the necessary nutritional values our body needs to maintain healthy.

Of course, the organic rice that comes with every viand is much appreciated. Not everyone can afford to use these costly rice alternatives thus I am very grateful I can experience dining on these power meals.

Thank you Delicious Diet for another wonderful week of great meals. Looking forward to next week's set of healthy dining adventure.

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  1. This article is great! I agreed about the "temptation" thingy.

  2. We must really learn how to discipline ourselves when it comes to the meals we eat, for us to live a healthier life!!

  3. As of today a lot of people are living in an unhealthy lifestyle. Most people are eating food that are not nutritious. So for this article I should say that we must live in a proper and healthy lifestyle to have a long life! Nice article!!

  4. It is a good practice to have a delicious diet meal. We should all be concern with our health. Food is a great factor for our health. We must learn to discipline ourselves in eating, for us to have a healthier life. I hope everyone would read the article because this matter is really important.

  5. Most filipinos are living an unhealthy diet/lifestyle. So this article is for us. We should learn from this articlr. Great article! :)

  6. It's nice to know someone shares how he/she maintains a healthy lifestyle. Will be sharing this to my friend now!

  7. It is nice because the author was able to present a "delicious diet" that persons like me (quite unhealthy) should consider. Aside from it's healthy, it also looks delectable so I think, I shouldn't worry anymore because there are foods like these which I can enjoy and at the same time will keep my lifestyle healthy.


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