Tuesday, February 24, 2015

GrabCar+ Now Offers Premium Rides to the Public

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wouldn't it be impressive if you gallantly arrived at an event coming out from a Hummer vehicle?

Now that would have raised a lot of eyebrows! Many would have their mouths and eyes wide open in amazement. Imagine your Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas aboard a luxury vehicle that most people would only dream of having but never be able to get within our lifetime. Only a few affluent people would be able to tell stories of riding in one of these awesome vehicles.

But I guess our luck will now change due to a new service being offered by GrabCar, the Philippines leading car booking app. They recently launched their newest line featuring luxury vehicles like Fortuner, Montero, Camry, Tucson and the Hummer, that you can rent via their mobile app GrabCar+. Now you can ride in style and luxury aboard any of these premium vehicles at very affordable prices compared to renting at traditional agencies.

The launch was held at A Space Manila located in Makati city where selected members of the media, including some potential GrabCar+ peers, witnessed the introduction of this latest endeavor which originated from the same people who brought us GrabTaxi.

With the huge acceptance of the public of GrabCar, it is but necessary to comply with the many demands of including more premium rides and thus GrabCar+ was born. The GrabPeer system will then offer an alternative carpooling, or more appropriately should be called carbooking, platform similar to Uber and Tripda but totally of the higher level since they offer state-of-the-line premium vehicles. But what we have to acknowledge here is that this system is LTFRB-acknowledged and will take on the credibility of the brand GrabCar and GrabTaxi were known for.

Natasha Bautista, GrabCar Acting General Manager, also cites the great reviews and acceptance of the riding public towards their services. They are excited to offer more travel options in order to bring us to our destination in the fastest, safest and most convenient way possible.

What we should take note is the safety features of this service. Every driver and peer goes through some form of identity verification so we are assured that safety is one of the prime considerations before all of these platforms were offered to the riding public.

GrabCar+ not only allows us to get quickly to our destination in style, it also provides us a safe and comfortable trip with only a few bucks to spend. Now this is what life is all about! The opportunity to live a life of luxury without spending and worrying too much.

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  1. This is such a great idea! GrabCar+ should be known more!

  2. After I have heard about Grab Taxi, now we have GrabCar+. It is a great idea that enables people who are not capable of having these cars to have luxurious, safe and fast ride. Thumbs up for the founders of this GrabCar+. I hope that you still have many ideas in mind that will help people make their days memorable. ! :)

  3. A big thanks to the bright mind/s who have thought of this idea. This is simply stylish yet budget-friendly. I am sure everyone will be pleased once they learned about this service.

  4. GrabCar+ is a super nice idea anyone has ever thought about! A round of applause for this! 👏

  5. After the successful launching of Grab-A-Taxi here comes GrabCar+. GrabCar+, I think will be very convenient to those people who needs to attend a social or family gathering and needs a car to get there especially if there's no taxi around the vicinity. This is so cool! Thanks to those people behind this project.

  6. One of the best things people thought about. Since normal people wouldn't afford to buy luxurious cars like this, I think GrabCar+ did a great job on doing this idea with an affordable price. I'm sure it would be a big hit to the public once it comes out on the roads!

  7. This is a brilliant, unique and fun idea! Considering that nowadays people tend to get too busy and we all know it takes a lot of effort, time and money in buying cars. Hands down to the people who thought about this!

  8. GrabCar+ is such a nice idea :) They should be awarded because of their brilliant mind/s. Most people surely will love this :)

  9. GrabCar+ is such a nice idea :) They should be awarded because of their brilliant mind/s. Most people surely will love this :)

  10. GrabCar+ will surely benefit people, this is really a great idea, it will provide people the comfort knowing that they will be having a safe yet fast ride.

  11. Awesome! Grabcar+ is such a brilliant idea. This project will surely be beneficial to a lot of people and it will also provide convenience. :)

  12. GrabCar+ is really a brilliant idea. It is very convenient for us and it will surely benefit most of the people.

  13. GrabCar+ is really a brilliant idea. It is very convenient for us and it will surely benefit most of the people.


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