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The Bragging Rights of Bloggers, Blaggers, Boogers, Bonkers and the Likes

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I am not in a habit of writing about trending topics, but I guess one should make "exceptions" or should it be "exemptions" or "excerptions" or "perceptions"? Well, whatever it may be, all that's important is the thought. Just as many would say - it's the thought that counts, or was it "clouts" or maybe "clouds?"

A play of words, of the vocabulary, on grammatical errors and spelling booboos - we all get to make mistakes but unknown to many, we do sometimes make it intentional - to humor  or make fun of the idea. To get the attention of the readers and add some controversy. To make the story more interesting by adding elements you will react to immediately. We would sometimes deliberately post an entire paragraph full of negativity, typos, insinuations, etc., to contain ideas that were entirely meant to provoke, to promote, to choke, to crack a joke - errrr to --- you get the idea.

Some people are just getting too nauseous of people that brag about their achievements. What's happening?. When some would just speak kind words of congratulations, some would comment negatively against this flaunting of recognitions. While some would take sides and rudely irk the other,  some would just ignore and eat popcorn while reading all the wacky posts of people debating online. I am not sure what could be tagged on those people who would just lurk around enjoying the controversy, but those who avoid getting involved  are said to be the better folks out there since they mind their own business.

I would love to depend the reason why I brag a lot. But I thought it was no longer necessary since those who are really smart enough to understand that all those "bragging" stuff was just a way of "branding." However, when you know you are deeply involved with and affected by the issue, it will be so hard not to say something. Resistance is futile. The soil might soon turn so fertile, or worthless, because of the blood that will soon litter or spoil the grounds.

Here are some of our point of views. Please feel free to criticize:

1.  Our Blog, Our Rules - Bloggers should not be branded just because they said something sincerely or  or humorously. They know they can be anybody we want online. Their blogs are their playground, the same way it could be their dumping grounds. Let the imagination flow and overflow naturally. They have every right to express themselves the best way they know how. They have every right to be read and interpreted whatever way they want to. It's their blog. Their own rules should apply. It's their online world. It's their life. So unless they asked for our opinions, we should never butt in.

2. Blog Intimately - Blogs were originally meant as an online journal. So the more personal it gets, the more they are keeping to the original intentions. The more truthful they are online, the more sincere they would be in the real world. We find it more enjoyable to read blog posts that have a soul. We find it boring when blog posts become too technical. We find it interesting when blog posts take on different forms and become more intimate.

3. Blog with No Limitations
- Blogs were supposed to be our outlet. An opportunity to share our selves to the world, and not our selves limited by the rules and guidelines of others. There should be nothing keeping our creativity locked up. There should be no one putting up walls and destroying bridges.

4. Blog on All Extremes - Even though blogs have evolved into many other forms, we should respect those that wish to remain faithful to its origins. We can all be uber creative and modestly conservative at the same time! Blog with both in mind. Accept each others choices so we can all get along with each other.

5. Blog for Real or for Show - Blogs are our best opportunity to let our imaginations run wild. We can become another person portraying a character that is totally different from our real selves. Like different forms and styles of writing, we can be experimental and create our own unique style.

6. Blog About Our Passion  - Blog about everything you believe in. Let no man stop you to write about stuff you feel deserves your piece of mind. If they won't accept what you have to say, let them rant all over social media or the comments section of your blog.

7. Bloggers Beware - Erring bloggers should not be persecuted by fellow bloggers. Let the PRs, event organizers, companies and other entities hiring their services do it. If they are really the worst kinds of bloggers, they will soon get less invites to events and campaigns, and they will eventually sink in their own quicksand.

8. Blog Beautifully - Do not be contented with just about anything. Go beyond the norm. Go beyond the usual. Go beyond the traditional. Do not imitate. Innovate. Do not duplicate. Reciprocate. Blogs were not meant to be the same old brouhaha. We may use carbon copies of famous themes and lay-outs, but we could still customize. We have the right to be original in both design and content so let no man dictate what we should put in our blogs.

When blogs were created, there could have been a disclaimer posted to protect every content and idea written on its pages. However, many have long forgotten  and are no longer serious with what they wrote there from several years ago. Time would often change our perspectives in life. So be kind enough to understand that bloggers, just like everybody else out there, deserves an opportunity to explain themselves, and not be judged instantly, and collectively. We are all different, and each one of us have our own unique stories to tell.

Confidence and belief in oneself in the form of bragging should never be deemed improper. We all deserve to brag about our achievements especially when we are just proudly sharing what many people say about us. - This is why there is a term called "bragging rights." If we feel we earned it, we deserve to proudly show it off. If we got it, flaunt it.

Only those that have nothing to brag about are usually the ones that complain and make a lot of disturbing noise. There is nothing wrong with people who love themselves. Who else should love you more than your mom, but yourself!

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