Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Controversial Irony: Anyare? May Pambili ng Awards Pero Walang Pang-Burger?

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With ludicrous accusations really worthy of the loudest laughs, we are just bewildered on how some people would fall prey to the fabrications obviously orchestrated to create animosity. There were signs posted to warn people of an impending disturbance in the weather, but do you really know the weather-watchers who posted these signs? These climate soothsayers are more weathered than any area ravaged by a storm, yet they are the ones posing an imminent danger to many people in the community.

Any wise man would be able to comprehend that the intentions are pretty clear.  So clear that they had to compile a staggering list just to make it look convincing enough. The mentioned acts were deemed as serious offenses but how come not even one ever reached a closure. They realized that a single act would not be strong enough to attract attention. So they combined forces and let the devil whisper little sweet nothings to their ears to come up with controversial ironies.

If one will take time to deeply study the enumerated list of so-called offenses, it will surely make any sane person hysterical after finding out it was just a bunch of demented hullabaloos designed to steer people away from the truth. There are a lot of discrepancies that will baffle the mind. There are a lot of conflicting scenarios that are more puzzling than revealing. While some were added just to provoke and make fun of people's shortcomings.

The detractors do not aim to find reasonable resolutions. They only seek to make the community more chaotic by injecting mass hatred instead of a peaceful discussion with the people involved. These false prophets who disguise themselves as sentinels of ethics are no better than their dirty minds fit to be cut in half for observation and study. Their minds need to be dissected so we would know what makes them plot devilish schemes.

The enigma must have been spreading already. How on Earth could they possibly get all those recognitions? Who are those entities that confers awards to this blogging community? What makes them extra special and better than the rest of us?

Several other questions make their imaginations go wild to the point of assuming and constructing negative thoughts.

Would you dare accuse one of the busiest bloggers in the Philippines of gatecrashing a burger joint when he dines almost everyday at several fancier and high-end restaurants? This guy has so many events that he would most of the time give them away to his correspondents. This guy even creates his own events by organizing and partnering with great brands. This guy even invites his members to join him on his events because he simply gets more slots from the organizers.

Would you dare accuse an advocate of social awareness and innovation of buying or paying for his awards? This guy has partnered with government agencies, NGOs, colleges and universities, and a lot more groups for free. This guy has already has so many online media partnership, event invites, arrangements and transactions with many online businesses, brand ambassadorship, and others that he doesn't need awards just to get noticed.

Remember, he manages a community for free, without any strict requirements from his members. The members are not invited to do Comments, Likes, Tweets, and whatever exchanges just to gain hits for their blogs. The members are given numerous opportunities to get exposure and communications with potential business ventures by introducing them directly to the management and business owners. Every member gets a chance to go beyond blogging or new media. Members get to be invited to guest on radio and TV shows, campaign intimately with brands and organizations, and meet potential business partners outside of blogging.

Some people will easily scrutinize minus the logical thinking. We suggest they investigate first before they fan the flames with their rude comments, and erroneous assumptions that unfortunately leads to a mass conclusion lacking all the necessary facts from the other parties concerned. We know we are bloggers, but an investigatory report with interviews from all parties involved would have been nice.

Public humiliation through any kind of media is the weapon of choice when you know you are less equipped with the valid and reasonable facts.

People must remember that whoever sat on the Presidency never ran out of issues and controversies. Apparently, there are just some forces that were deliberately formed to cause chaos and confusion. There will always be groups going against peaceful existence and cooperation. There will always be demonic forces purposely inflicting hurtful thoughts within our minds by focusing on our weaknesses. They capitalize on minor faults and imperfections to elicit exaggerated reactions from the unsuspecting mob.

We will forever be in unity against those that were determined to wreak havoc. We believe that there is strength in numbers, especially when the whole world can see that we are more reasonable to begin with.

Like many Filipinos, we will be forever resilient. We will be stronger than the storm.

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