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Tethered Premieres on Discovery Channel

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Man’s greatest survival tool in dire situations is the strength, comradeship and skill of the people he is with – so long as he can stand them. In each episode of Discovery Channel’s latest original series TETHERED, two people from opposite backgrounds and philosophies must embark on an epic journey across treacherous terrains on a mission to escape the wild. But in the harsh wilderness, the best way to force two polar opposites to work together is to physically lock them at the waist by a steel cable. Stripped of nearly every modern convenience, they will be forced to pool their ingenuity and work together – whether they like it or not! TETHERED premieres every Tuesday on Discovery Channel at 8:00 p.m., starting December 30.

The men and woman of TETHERED have varying degrees of survival experience – from none to some! A rich real estate mogul is paired with an environmentalist dedicated to a non-materialistic lifestyle; a shaman with a biology professor; a free-spirited yoga expert with a hard-headed military man. They might not all have the necessary survival expertise, but the common thread that links them is the eagerness for a life-changing experience that will either see them forge lifelong friendships or arch enemies in the process!

Dropped at a meeting point with just either a four-foot (over 1.2 metres) or six-foot (almost 2 metres) steel cable that binds them together, a basic map and a limited survival kit, each contrasting pair has 10 to 12 days to overcome their differences and work hand-in-hand to escape the wild. From swimming across shark-infested waters, trekking through bear-infested woods, dodging alligators and hanging over dangerous waterfalls in addition to fighting hypothermia and dehydration, each duo may have to learn the hard way that the best way to survive is to stick together.

Part survival and part social experiment, the obstacles abound in TETHERED challenge the limits of physical, emotional and psychological human endurance as well as the dynamics of human relationships in the face of adversity, discomfort and change. Surviving with someone is one thing, but getting out of one’s comfort zone and attempting to survive while TETHERED to a complete stranger to accomplish one common goal is something else! TETHERED encores every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

Episode 1: Pacific Islands, Panama

Keith Barton, a hard-headed former Navy veteran, and Willow Jon Collamer, a free-spirited yoga expert, endure Panama’s boa-ridden swamps, intense humidity and army of biting insects for 10 days – all while TETHERED. Keith is out to prove to his family that he can survive anywhere in the world and deal with anything, while Willow, who lives life on a whim, is here for the adventure. Tensions run high as soon as the tethers are locked. They realise that they must swim across shark-infested waters while tied together. Adding insult to injury, if they overcome the mile-long swim, they must cross neck-deep swamps, and confront deadly snakes and spiders, only then to face jumping off jagged cliffs. While surviving in the wild, the lack of food and fire causes both to reach their breaking point.

Episode 2: El Camino Real Jungle, Panama

Jay Morrow, a professional bull rider and adrenaline junkie who never takes his cowboy hat off, and Matt Keating, a bookish intellectual embark on an epic 57-mile (close to 92 kilometres) journey. While Jay always opts for the fastest and nearly always most dangerous route, Matt tries to persuade him – in vain – to consider the more sensible and safe route. Will Jay’s inability to sleep for nearly three straight days increase his willingness to take risks? Jay forces the duo to crawl through narrow, bat-infested caves, scale steep cliff walls and paddle across a creepy lake in a decaying canoe. It all comes to a head when they face a raging river – will they decide to cross it to save time?

Episode 3: Chugach Mountains, Alaska

Blake Bextine, a biology professor, begins to worry when he quickly realises that Caesar Avila, a self-proclaimed medicine man and practising shaman, regards himself as the alpha male. Ahead of them are 10 days to trek 30 miles (close to 50 kilometres) in rugged, cold and inhospitable terrain until they reach their extraction point on a distant glacier. They must hike across steep mountain tops, swim frigid rivers, and endure near-freezing overnight temperatures. Blake believes in testing theories before making any decisions, while Caesar trusts that the spirits will guide them to safety and wants to act now and think later. A hasty decision by Caesar has the pair hanging over a rushing waterfall, forcing Blake to take charge and pull his partner up to safety. Even then, Caesar is haranguing and belittling Blake to the point where he nearly quits. Famished, the duo relies on maggots and the disgusting meal pays off as they pretend that they are eating shrimp!

Episode 4: Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska

Henry Lomeli, a mild-mannered wildlife biologist and weekend hunter, and Laura Thompson-Nelson, an Air Force veteran who calls it like it is and does not care about what anyone thinks of her, are dropped in a remote cove in Alaska’s Kodiak Archipelago. To reach their extraction point, they must swim across the frigid ocean, survive the harsh wilderness and cross forests teeming with the world’s largest brown bear – the Alaskan Kodiak. Laura is unwilling to get wet in the icy waters so Henry offers to hoist her onto his shoulders to get them onto dry land. How long will Henry be able to carry Laura in the coming days? They soon learn that the only thing more difficult than trying to survive in the wild while tied together is being road-blocked by hungry Kodiak brown bears coming out of hibernation.

Episode 5: Alligator Bayou, Louisiana

Rob Greenfield is an extreme environmental activist who cares little about material success. Kevin Du Toit on the other hand, grew up in Johannesburg and always dreamed of making millions and is today a successful real estate mogul in California. Soon, Rob realises he’s locked to a city slicker with absolutely no survival experience, and is afraid of bugs, swampy water, alligators and anything that makes a noise. They will have to endure the bayou’s extreme heat and humidity, survive blood-thirsty mosquitos and cut through neck-deep, gator-infested swamps. As the sun sets at the end of their first day, they resort to drinking their own urine as Kevin is already showing signs of breaking down.

Episode 6: Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

Nick Rhoades, an Alaskan gold miner, and Jameson Mercier, a Haitian-born therapist with a zen-like attitude, test their ability to take on the Great Smoky Mountains. Nick has outdoor experience but Jameson has never ever been camping in his life. Jameson’s inexperience starts to wear Nick out, who is obsessed with keeping the fire going every hour. As their hunger and frustration build, the two end up butting heads in a full on tug-of-war throw down.

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