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Red Baron Ribs and Steaks: Bring on the Meaty Battle at Quezon City

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If you don't look close enough, at first glance you might miss this little ribs and steaks specialty restaurant located at D. Tuazon corner Calamba streets at Barangay Lourdes of Quezon City. Yup! You are not being deceived, this small spot surrounded by lots of cars being serviced by mechanics serves really astounding dishes that probably deserve a better location so that more people would get to appreciate their meaty specialties.

But have no fear, because the owners did say they are looking into other locations to put up another branch. Now that's great news since the crowd from the other parts of the Metro would loved to feast on their meaty masterpieces.

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks is "where all things steaky are celebrated. This is where sumptuous steak is equated to piping hot stone-slated steak fit for your most discerning taste buds."

True enough, I was surprised seeing these huge juicy slab of steaks being served aside from their other superb Angus beef dishes. The appetizer, they call nibbles, was quite interesting enough as it was my first time to see a restaurant serve a jar of dried peanuts. Then out comes the nachos served generously with meaty toppings and appropriately named as "Nachoriffic." I'm betting you'll shout out its name after taking a bite.

Before, Red Baron Ribs and Steaks was just a coffee shop, thus the original name was Red Baron Coffee, now the original owners partnered up with another couple who helped reinvent the restaurant into a ribs and steaks specialty spot.

As per the story of one of the owners, Red Baron Ribs and Steaks got its name from the original couple owner who were fond of race cars. Apparently, there's a racing car named Red Baron. What I do know is that Red Baron was a car in the 1970 Hot Wheels series.

"The story behind this casting is complex - in 1968 (possibly due to the popularity of the "Peanuts" cartoon character Snoopy's imaginary battles with the Red Baron) Monogram introduced a model kit of a stylized hot-rod incorporating a WWI German infantry helmet (Pickelhaube) and an Iron Cross motif on the radiator. In 1969, Chuck Miller built a working life-size version of the car, and the Hot Wheels casting appeared in 1970." -

Since Halloween was nearing, the restaurant was all dressed up with a spooky theme with several decors ranging from cobwebs complete with a giant spider, to pumpkins, skulls and other ghoulish images of creatures scattered all over the place. There was even a decapitated hand in one of the windows, and other seemingly human parts like eyeballs and limbs contained in jars.

The restaurant is really small and could probably only comfortably seat around 20 people. But that's more than enough for a "barkada" to enjoy their ribs and steaks specialties. You would also enjoy knowing there are other great food finds there that you'll be surprised to see.

Big Bowl of Dried Peanuts in Shell (Php 69)
The Big Bowl of Dried Peanuts in Shell sort of makes me want to drink up a mug of beer or something similar so it would go down smoothly. It was an interesting alternative to the usual appetizers (they call it nibbles) but it would be better if paired with a drink.

Nachoriffic (Php 238)
 The Nachoriffic promises to be tasty enough to build your appetite for the main meals. I think its also available in a spicier or hot version, and a smaller serving for only Php 148.

Good Sheperd's Ube (Php 138)
The Good Sheperd's Ube frizzy non-coffee based drink contains exactly the ube that came fresh directly from the same establishment in Tagaytay with the same name. This is totally a hit for me since I really love the ube jams from Good Sheperd. I would always buys several jars whenever I'm near their area.

Rib Eye Steak (Php 289)
The Rib Eye Steak was worth every peso. The tender and juicy slab of grilled meat served in a slate of stone was a heavenly sight, and a special gastronomical treat for the tummy. You have a choice to have it flavored in Zesty Mediterranean Rub or Classic Honey Garlic. It also comes with a jar of dried peanuts in shell, rice and 1 wild side (1 choice of side dish - pork and beans, mashed potato, curly fries, creamy Eggs Benedict, mac and cheese, garlic rice, crispy fires or the Red Baron Signature rice). Ours came with pork and beans, plus gravy with mushroom bits.

Blue Marlin Steak (Php 289)
The grilled Blue Marlin Steak pleases the taste buds though it was a bit dry for me. However, I'm not really fond of grilled fish so I'm sort of biased with my judgement. I was also not able to taste a bigger piece of the dish that would be enough to give a sound review since I was still enjoying myself on the Rib Eye Steak, and got left with just a small itsy bitsy teenie weenie portion of the Blue Marlin Steak.

Zumo Burger (Php 285)
The Zumo Burger is made with certified Angus beef burger fusion with lettuce, egg, tomato, spam, bacon and cheese. A big burger suited for a big appetite. Too bad it never got to reach our table. I think the travel bloggers ate all of it and was probably so good that they forgot to share it with us. Lol!

Volcanic Bacon Mushroom Melt (Php 255)
The Volcanic Bacon Mushroom Melt was quite a gourmet burger to give you a definitely satisfying burger experience. The seemingly "twister fries" that comes with it are the same twister fries that you can find at any McDonald's burger joint which is supplied by the same source that delivers at the popular fast food restaurant..

Herb Crusted Heavy Porter House Steak (Php 1959)
The Herb Crusted Heavy Porter House Steak is herb flavor-chasing meat aged for 22 days. You'll appreciate that it already comes sliced evenly in almost bit-sized portions, and paired with 3 wild sides, 1 rice and a jar of dried peanuts in shell. The gravy with mushroom bits is always a plus to flavor. Though it's a bit expensive for a dish, the huge serving is good enough for 2 to 3 people if you just add extra cups of rice. Our order came with the curly fries, creamy eggs benedict, mac and cheese, plus gravy with mushroom bits.

Lamb Steak (Php 299)
The Lamb Steak comes in two pieces and also paired with 1 wild side, 1 rice and the mushroom gravy. Lambs have always been a special dish for me since they are tastier, a lot more tender, and has a delicate flavor. It is the meat of the sheep that is aged less than a year old (usually between 4 to 9 months only). Our order came with rice and fries, plus the gravy with mushroom bits.
It is the meat of sheep that are slaughtered before turning a year old, usually between four and nine months.

Read more :
It is the meat of sheep that are slaughtered before turning a year old, usually between four and nine months.

Read more :
It is the meat of sheep that are slaughtered before turning a year old, usually between four and nine months.

Read more :

This restaurant review was organized by Open Rice Philippines for bloggers as part of their regular foodie meetup with an effort to introduce these remarkable restaurants to more people. Just like Red Baron Ribs and Steaks with their Burger Battle promo of Man VS Angus, our organizer, Open Rice Philippines, also came up with a challenge for the bloggers with a hefty prize as a prime motivator.

Take the Burger Battle challenge for gaining the title of Red Baron Warrior if you can finish the Man VS Angus burger within 5 minutes or less. As of this writing, the fastest is 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

Thank you Red Baron Ribs and Steaks. I appreciate the warm hospitality, and of course the superb dishes served to us. I am looking forward to visiting your place again so I could taste the dishes that I missed, and to try out the other dishes that were not served during the restaurant review.

To know more about Red Baron Ribs and Steaks, please visit their Facebook page:

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