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An Intimate Meet-Up with Salarium Founder and CEO Judah Hirsch

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As an employer, we all know the tedious processes involved in preparing and implementing the payroll system. Employees also experience how difficult it is to sometimes line up to get their payslip or related information from the concerned departments of the company. With the proliferation of many applications designed to automate the usual manual processes, it is not surprising to eventually see an automated version of handling the payroll system.

Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger was invited to an intimate discussion of Salarium’s latest features which included geo-fencing, employee-self service, etc., as discussed by its founder and CEO Judah Hirsch who personally shared to us about the many benefits of his Software as a Service (SaaS), a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

Salarium, an innovative enterprise payroll system, also won the Seedstars Manila competition, the Filipino round of Seedstars World in 2014 national competition, among local startups to represent the Philippines at the Seedstars World Competition Finals, the global startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland this coming February 2015.

This recognition already makes the system something to really look at as a very promising solution to reduce the wasted hours spent at the HR and Administrative departments of many companies. The first place prize of $500,000 at the competition is also a great motivating factor why the creators of Salarium should perform well. Additionally, “We aim to show them that Filipino engineers are capable of building world class software. I plan to make some noise for what startups are doing here in the Philippines.” says Judah.

It was said that the name of Salarium is from the Italian word meaning salary coming from its root "sal" which means salt derived from the olden days when salt was more valuable than gold since they used salt to preserve food (no refrigerators and freezers yet) and as a way to pay the soldiers during those days.

The over all aim of the system is for convenience for all involved parties and to advocate self-service for the employees with regards to accessing their payroll information, but still with due consideration to the security and confidentiality of personal and private information. Employees can now have instant access to their information. In SAL Payroll, employees have access at their fingertips. They can view past payslips, see leave balance, loans due, and can file requests from their phone.

“By giving every employee user a controlled ability to file and administer their own administrative tasks, we take 100s of tasks that take HR 5-10 min each and give a 1-2 minute task to 100 individuals.” shares Judah Hirsch.

“Smartphone penetration is climbing ever higher in the Philippines as companies are introducing smartphones at less than 1,500 Php. This means nearly every employee has a computer in their pocket more powerful than what sent the rocket to the moon. Any business that doesn’t capitalize on that opportunity is missing out.” he adds.

Salarium doesn’t want to reduce HR administrative tasks, it wants to completely eliminate them, giving everyone the power to do their true purpose, and a lot more time for themselves to do more, rather than waste their time doing administrative functions. Salarium finds administrative processes that are actually bottlenecks and completely eliminates them from HR.

With convenient online access to all these information, there is no longer a need to have physical documents making less requirements for printed equivalents thus saving on paper and ink which eventually translates to saving the environment.

“Our goal is to see the end of pen and paper in the office.” The founder said on Salarium’s goal at a paperless office.

On a personal note, we got to know Judah a little bit more over coffee at Starbucks 6750 in Makati city. We've learned that he's been here in the Philippines for around 9 years already so he knows a great deal about the many significant efforts in the startup and entrepreneurial community. Those nine years spent in the country also sorts of make him part Filipino already as he interacts with his Filipino team of engineers and clients. At a very young age of 30, this means he has been here since he was only 21 years of age, and just like most of us, he worked his way from the lower levels of employment until he finally became more aggressive in setting up his own companies.

You'll be glad to know that there are continuous efforts to improve the software even though it's already top of the line compared to its competitors. Upcoming features will include marriage of hardware and software as Salarium will be releasing a series of apps specifically built for android based fingerprint biometric devices.

Judah also shares that Salarium will be available as a mobile app soon. The entrepreneur is optimistic that his team's continuous hard work will soon pay off at the competition.

To experience the advantages of using SAL Payroll, visit or email Salarium at

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