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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Client

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There’s this social truth with us about the “strong vs. weak”. Just like in our story, the social classes are different.

Mr. Smith is among the affluent, while Mr. Wilson is part of the lower class people. There are abusive parts where Mr. Smith told Mr. Wilson that he has no right to reject everything he said, especially the part where he was fired. The main conflict of this story is about the job and human rights of people. It is important for us to know when to save ourselves.

Life would seem a bit unfair most of the time since equality for all is not really very evident in society. There will always be a class dominating and continuously progressing inspite of all our hard work and creativity.

Most of us will still be divided among classes, and most of us will still reap from the benefits of belonging to the rich and influential families.

Though some of us may find comfort to know that all classes have their share of misguided elements.

Read and enjoy our short story for the day.

Chase Wilson was twenty-seven and was working as a janitor at Smith Publishing House. It is the well-known publishing house in Mississippi, USA.

“Sir Smith, when will I get a raise? I’ve been working here for 5 years already.”

“Never, at least Mr. Wilson, be happy that you’re being paid here and no buts Sir.”

Someone knocked the door, it’s the secretary of Mr. Smith.

“Good morning, Sir” said Ms. Woods politely. “You have a client waiting for you.”

“Thank you Ms. Woods, let him come in. And Mr. Wilson please leave and go back to your work.” Chase left the office and continued to clean the halls. It’s 8 in the evening and finally he finished cleaning the whole building.

“Another tiring day, and haven’t earned a raise.” Chase mumbled. He went out the building, sat on a bench, and smoke a cigarette. While smoking, he heard a noise came from the building. So he checked on it.

“Maybe something fell again. But it’s impossible because all the windows are closed.” He went to the secret room near the stairs and found out that the door was unlocked. “Oh crap. Someone went in.” He panicked and checked all the valuable items inside. The vase is missing!

“Not good.” he heard a noise again. So he ran and followed where the noise came from. He saw someone in black clothing. He can’t see the face because his face is hidden by a mask. But he believes that it’s a man because of the body figures.

“Stop, you thief!” he was chasing the man but the man escaped. “This is not good. Definitely, not good!”

The next day, the news was spread. Chase was called by Mr. Smith about the incident last night.

“Mr. Wilson! Just because I didn’t give you a raise doesn’t mean you need to steal something from the company!” Sir Smith raged. “Sir Smith, I tell you. I’m not the one who stole it! I saw a man! A man in black clothing!” he explained. “Then Mr. Wilson, explain his physical identities.” Chase doesn’t know what to say because he didn’t actually saw the face of the thief.

“I-I’m sorry Sir. But his face was covered by a mask. But I assure you that it’s a male.”

“You are the only person who was left in this building Mr. Smith. You didn’t see his face, so that means it must be your imagination. Trying to cover your mistakes, eh? I’m sorry Mr. Wilson. YOU’RE FIRED!” Sir Smith raged again. Chase was shocked.


“I have Mr. Wilson. I’m the boss of this company, so you are under my control. Leave my office or you will be sent to the police.” Chase didn’t have a choice. He left the office and at the same time, he was fired.

“Damn it!” he was running and hit someone.

“Watch your step please!”

“I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.”

“Please at least, watch your step.” the woman said politely. “Yes Miss—“

“Miss Watson. Nice to meet you, Mr. Wilson.” Miss Watson smiled.

“Uhh, excuse me? How do you know my name?” Chase asked. “Well Sir, you have a name tag.” Chase looked to this tag. “Oh right. I’m sorry again Miss Watson. I was fired because of blaming something that is not even my fault. I might need a lawyer, but I don’t have enough money to pay him.”

Miss Watson saw his face while saying his lines. She knew that the person is innocent.

“I might help you Mr. Wilson.” Miss Watson initiate.

“What? Oh no need.”

“No Mr. Wilson. I’m a lawyer, and I will help you. I know. Through your eyes, you are innocent. I know the feeling of being blamed on something that’s not your fault. So please, let me help you Mr. Wilson.”


“And no need to pay me.” Miss Watson said. Chase cried. “Oh no, Miss Watson. That’s too kind of you. I don’t need a lawyer, because I’m poor. I don’t have money. I’m just a fired janitor in this company.”

“I insist Mr. Wilson. There’s no need to pay. Innocent people need to be protected.” Chase thinks twice. He’s too shy to accept it. He might get his job back if he will just convince his boss.

“Silence means yes Mr. Wilson. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. This is my business card. Call me if you have questions. Goodbye.” Chase didn’t have a choice.

The next morning, Chase’s phone is ringing. He answered.

“Yes good morning Mr. Wilson. Let’s meet at the coffee shop near your house, right now. Let’s talk about your case.”

“How did you know my number? Not to be rude Ms. Watson, it’s 5:30 in the morning. Why don’t we meet up at 7 or 8?”

“This is your case Mr. Watson, please prepare and go to our meeting place. Thank you.” then the call was cut. So, Chase prepared himself. He only ate a cup of noodles because he can’t buy any food.

After 30 minutes, Chase straight to the coffee shop. Ms. Watson waved at her.

“Okay please sit down Mr. Wilson. Now tell me everything about the incident.”

Chase told what really happened.

“Ohhh. It only takes an investigation. I assure you this will end as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Ms. Watson.”

The investigation took a lot of weeks.

One day, Chase visited Mr. Smith’s office. He noticed that he heard a noise of some sort of glass. He bursted in and saw Mr. Smith holding the vase.

“You’re the one who stole the vase!!!!”

“MR. WILSON!” Mr. Smith was shocked. He took his phone and suddenly called Ms. Watson.

“Hello Miss Watson, please come to Mr. Smith’s office right now. I have something interesting here.”

“Excuse me Mr. Wilson. We could at least talk about this. I stole it because I want you to quit your job! I am sick of your face!”

“Damn it Sir! I may be a janitor of this company but I also have my rights. We, poor people, do have the rights to protect ourselves from you filthy rich people.”

Ms. Watson went inside the office. “Ohhhh. So Mr. Smith stole the vase, eh?”

Mr. Smith was arrested, and Chase got his job back. But he got his raise. Miss Watson continued to be a lawyer.

Contributed by Margie Macedonio

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  1. This is a great story and I think that many people should read this since it talks about the one thing that our society needs the most: justice and equality. Discrimination is also evident in the story and I find it really motivating that the main character of the story stood up and fought for his rights. This is inspiring and at the same time, it opens the eyes of the people to the kind of treatment people of different kinds, races and occupation, should receive.

  2. Upon reading this story, I realize how many people look down on the people who are inferior to them. I admire the courage and strength of the protagonist for fighting for his rights and for not giving up and just letting the case die, like what happens in most cases all over the world. I wish that there are many people out there like the lawyer in the story that is willing to help the abused without getting paid. I like people who fights for justice and morality.

  3. I hope there are more people like the janitor and the lawyer in the story who are both willing to fight for their rights and for justice. We should all be like these two, who are both couragerous enough to stand up for their rights and fought for what they believe in. Shame to those people who look down on other people just because they are higher than them and they think they are superior to these people. Each one of us should be treated equally because after all, God made us all equal and that is how we should be treated.

  4. There will always be someone higher and someone lower for it is the balance of life. But what's not normal is when the superiors debase the inferiors. In addition to that, the distinguished line between wealth and poverty is clearly seen unlike the difference of each other's dignity, which is like the silver lining in thick, thistle clouds. Good job on this piece! :)

  5. The story really pictured our rotten society like how some (sorry for the term) "politicians" steal money from us and these (sorry again for the word) "politicians mirrors Mr. Smith.

    -Shanthy Garcia

  6. This story really tackles about the issues that we are experiencing right now. It's really a nice story! :)

  7. Wow! This story pictured our rotten society. Great story

  8. It is a bit idealistic, but a great short story nonetheless. Being divided into classes and stereotypes is something that we really face today, and we need to do something about it. We should keep ourselves open minded, and avoid stereotyping

  9. Quite a common theme with a very common style of writing. The ending required some work. Overall, the story could be better

  10. Nice plot! It's great that some authors are interested in making stories with regards to social classes. It feels really bad when you're blamed for something you didn't do. Especially when no one believes you. This story inspires people in the lower class to stand up for their rights and fight for equality. Good job! Keep inspiring your readers! :))


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