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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Click

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Adrian is a sixteen year old senior high school studying in a prestigious private school. Adrian, together with his classmates, was the apple of the eye of their school. Their classroom consisted only of the best students on the school.

It was the night before their school festival so their class was staying late to prepare their classroom for the event. It took them until ten o’clock when they finished they work. Instead of going home already, they stayed for a bit more insisting that they want to make remembrances for such an event, until they heard a loud bang from downstairs of the school.

They heard a loud clicking after the loud thump. They were all getting nervous until David and Ms. Joni went outside to check what was happening outside. Silence followed after the two left the room, until a loud scream echoed through the halls. Adrian immediately went outside to see what happened to them.

He only found David when he went outside, but when David saw him, he told him to run back into the classroom. Curious but scared, he followed what David told him. But what he saw inside the classroom was a nightmare. His classmates were dead and in morbid states. He broke down when he saw his beloved girlfriend sliced in half.

Adrian couldn’t remember anything after that. Everything was back to normal except that his classmates’, as well as his teacher’s, existence were gone. He tried to tell anyone about what he experienced but no one dared to believe him. He gave up on trying to prove something that also he couldn’t understand and tried to live a normal life instead, clearing his conscience by telling the reader the whole thing he knew.

Read on below for the story.

This story I am about to tell you is a secret I have kept hidden for years now. Not a soul have I shared this story to; not even my family or my friends. That is not because I do not trust them. But because I know that they will not believe me, that they will just think I have gone insane.

But no, I am completely sane and I know that what happened that time are not just a piece of my imagination and definitely not just a trick of the light. So brace yourself because what I am about to tell you will blow your mind.

It all happened when I was sixteen years old, a senior high school student in a prestigious private school. I am smart, I am rich, I am handsome and I am loved by everyone. I am not entirely sure how it all added up to those but I might as well say that I don’t believe in any supernatural beings. I have a high ego and I get everything and anything I want.

So here’s the thing, I have a girlfriend named Sarah. She is a dependable girl; she is kind, smart and beautiful. She was the perfect match for me. We were the apple of the eye in our school. Everyone respects us, especially in our class.

Our class was the most admired in the school, not only because both Sarah and I were there, but also because that was where all the best senior students in the school were grouped into. All of those who best in arts, in academics, or in sports, all of us where gathered in that room. Maybe you can call us the perfect section, because we were. And this is where the introduction ends; I am going to exclude the other details for my anonymity.

I can still remember that it was raining really hard that night. The agonizingly loud pattering of the raindrops still vividly echoes in my ear. It was already dark but our class, including our dear adviser, was still inside the school, we were staying late so we could prepare for the school festival tomorrow. Although it was almost eight o’clock, we were all still lively and not a single hint of drowsiness could be seen in our faces. The room was loud with our lively chatter and laughter, not aware that things are going to go down within a few minutes.

“Are you sure you still don’t want to go home? I’m afraid your parents are all worrying about you, kids.” Our teacher, Ms. Joni, said with worry.

“It is fine, miss. We already told our parents about this, and if they did worry, they will have to call you!” Kevin, our basketball star, answered out loud and all of us laughed with Ms. Joni.

“Geez, guys. Just hurry up, aren’t you tired yet? Because I sure am.” The teacher said.

“We’re almost done. We just have to finalize these props for our haunted house.” Our class representative, Maya, said.

Time went fast and we were all done. I looked at my watch and it was almost ten o’clock. Some of us were already sleepy or tired, one of those was Sarah.

“Hey, are you okay?” I whispered at her.

“Yes, don’t worry about me.” She grinned widely... how I miss her smile.

“Finally, we’re done! I can’t wait to get home!” Kath, who was Sarah’s best friend, said between her yawn and she stretched her shoulders.

“Wait, are we just going to go home like this?” Maya smiled suggestively.

Maya suggested for us to make a remembrance for that day. So we decided to take pictures and chat a lot more. Until it ended up to Maya telling us ghost stories to scare us. Oh how I regret approving to that, if only we came home already...

“Do you know that there was a rumoured story in this school? They say that there was a previous dungeon that stood here centuries ago.” Maya started with a supposed-to-be creepy voice.

“A dungeon?” Greg, a computer geek, asked nervously.

“Geez Greg, pipe down a bit, will you? Horror stories can’t hurt you...” Sarah hushed.

“Yes, a torture chamber. It was where the criminals were brought to that time.” Maya continued.

“Have you heard of that, Ms. Joni?” David, a model for a popular magazine, asked.

“A-apparently not...” Ms. Joni said nervously, “I haven’t taught here that long.”

“G-Geez, this is stupid. I’m out of here.” Greg stood and broke the perfect circle we were in. He was about to open the door of our classroom when we heard a loud bang from downstairs.

All the girls shrieked in surprise.

“What the hell was that?” Greg yelled. He was somehow already on the floor.

Some of the boys laughed at his reaction. “Come on dude, don’t be such a sissy.” One of the boys said.

“No, don’t you hear that?” Greg whispered. He stood slowly and soundlessly.

“Stop it, Greg. Don’t scare us, it’s not funny!” One of the girls said and the other girls joined too.

Click. Click. Click.

“No, I hear it.” I said and Sarah looked at me instantly. I held her hand and listened again.

Click. Click. Click.

This time, the sound was getting louder... closer.

“Listen, guys.” I looked at them and they started listening. I realized they finally heard it too when their faces all turned to scared expressions.

“What... What was that?” Sarah stammered and her voice was almost a whisper.

“I don’t know, it sounds like it’s coming... closer.” Maya said.

“Really guys? Are we still on with that?” David said and walked in front of us. “I’m gonna look outside and see what’s up, okay? I ain’t gonna stay here with you people cowering in fear.”

“What? No! I’m going with you.” Ms. Joni volunteered.

We were all anxious and had no other choice. Silently, the two of them opened the door and went outside.

“You guys okay?” I called for them.

“Except that it’s hella dark here, yes.” David’s voice echoed back and we all sighed in relief.

Click. Click.

There was that sound again, and it was much louder than before.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

The clicking got louder and faster. It felt like my heart beat was synchronizing with the clicking. My breathing got heavy and I unconsciously held Sarah’s hand tighter.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” That was all that it took that got me running to them. It was cold outside the classroom but I ignored it and ran as fast as I could.

“David! Ms. Joni!” I yelled. But there was no answer, my legs suddenly felt heavy and I had to stop and catch my breath. I frantically looked around but found no one. It was dark but the moon was enough light to see the corridors.

The clicking stopped. It was quiet that I could hear my own heart beat. It was agonizingly silent.

“Adrian!” I turned and saw David running towards me. I almost smiled in relief but when I saw his reaction was not as happy as I am, I knew something was wrong.

So wrong.

“David, where’s Ms. Joni—”

“Run!” I looked at him and realized there was black ink covering half of his face. “I said run!”

I obeyed him and ran towards the only source of light in the school—our classroom.

I stopped right in front of the classroom and tried to catch my breath. I looked at David and saw him desperately running for his life yelled. “Get inside! Quick!”

I hastily got inside our classroom and halt into a stop. Not because I do not want to move, but because I couldn’t. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


There was red liquid everywhere. The walls and the floor were all filled with... with blood. Bodies were scattered everywhere. Some were hanging somewhere, some were turned into piles of meat, and some were headless.

“What...” My voice broke. “What happened here...”

I almost screamed when a wet hand grabbed my leg, I looked down to see my girlfriend, Sarah... sliced in half. I almost puke at her state. It was like her body was pounded hundred times until her other half was separated from her other half. She was choking on her own blood and her eyes were filled with tears.

I was crying that time. I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t know what atrocity could have happened to them. It all happened so fast.

“Adrian!” I turned around to see David behind me. But in a few seconds later, his head rolled to the side beside Sarah’s body.

Behind David, I saw someone... something. It was not human. Its eyes were glowing crimson red. It was five heads taller than me. It has a burnt skin and was holding a huge axe with its large hands.

I couldn’t remember anything after that, except for a deafening clicking ringing in my ears.

If you want to ask what exactly happened to my classmates and Sarah, I do not know. It was all that I saw, it was all that I know. The next day after that, everything was back to normal. There were no corpses, no blood, no monster, like nothing happened at all, except our class didn’t exist anymore, nor my classmates, nor Ms. Joni.

I tried asking anyone; their family, their friends, but they all didn’t know them. They treated me like I have lost my mind. But I know I haven’t. However, I know better than to live my life trying to prove something that even I don’t understand. So now, I’m living a normal life, with a normal family, with a normal job, hiding a secret that only you and I know about.

Contributed by Melissa Patricia Barrios

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  1. This story got me. Goosebumps everywhere. I really want to skip the other parts because I was terribly scared but I will surely miss the thrill so I tried my best to finished this and wow. Two thumbs up.

  2. this story went to the deepest of imaginations you could make. the art of scaring through literature is hard but this "Click" nailed it. for suggestions, you might as well would like to make it longer so that there would be more exciting events

  3. This story had me cowering in fear. I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories and the fact that it affected me in a way I can't describe, makes it all the better. It's usually hard for me to be affected by horror stories but this one, this one had me looking around my room consciously and had me feeling jumpy. I love the story and it was very well written. Maybe just add in a bit more suspense, events and details as to how everyone died and this will legit be a story that'll surely keep me up at night.

  4. This story made my entire body to have a goosebumps. Its such a good story especially for the person loves horror stories.
    I dont want to remember this at night especially when Im alone in our house.

    kim osana

  5. This is my I think my first time to read those kind of stories and when I read this story it's already nine o'clock and I'm also imagining this "click" sound. This story really frighten me to the point that I woke up my mom. Hahahaha! NO JOKE :((( but I'm really scared and I don't know how to sleep right now. This story is greatly affect me and my heart is still thumping really fast right now. :(((( But this is really great. :DDDD

  6. This story is super amazing! I love this story. I always read scary/ghost stories but this one is unique. Plot twists made the story more interesting. I like the way of writing and choice of words. I hope this have a part two! Haha. Great job! :))))))

  7. This story is great! I just finished reading it and I'm alone in my room. And yes, I got scared and got to check and look around my room. Good job! Continue writing unique stories like this and we do not know right now but maybe you might be a best-selling author in the future!

  8. Wow. This is the first time that I have read a horror story and it seems like this would be setting a standard. The plot was extraordinary. The story was narrated in full details and it was told in such a manner that would really get your attention. I like the way how the author involved the reader in the story like the main character is talking to me, telling his secret. Everything was just perfect. I can't wait to read another story of yours! Awesome work! :)

  9. The story has a unique and interesting plot. The construction of it was exemplary. The author have good choice of words and magnificent sentence construction. It is also good that she were able to give detailed descriptions. The turn of events made me eager to read more but I was quite discontented by the lack of narration on the death of each person. It would have been creepier if their deaths were clear and specific. Nevertheless I love how the story ended.


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