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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Deferred Fate of the Star-Crossed

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We should not decide when we are influenced by anger or hatred because we might come up with a hasty decision that will make the current situation worse.

It is advised that we think first because all the decisions we made/are about to make have consequences. We should always consider what is the right thing to do.

All people can make a mistake which we should understand. But always remember that a mistake in a certain matter is done only once, if it exceeds it is called a choice.

We should learn to listen before complaining. In this way, we can understand them easily because actions and mistakes are done with reason.

We should be open-minded because it is a key to have harmonious relationship

The themes of the story below are forgiveness and realization. Forgiveness is shown when our character accepted an apology. Realization is evident in the last part of the story when our character regrets the decision she made that cost someone’s life in return.

Desolation embraces me most of the time. I was inapt to adjudge why people are distant from me, even my family. I tried, really.. I did, to act accordingly and do things the way it should be done. I was normal, then why? Maybe they're intimidated - one of the reasons I can think of why they can't even try to approach and have a word with me. Reality sucks, yes, not all of them are like that but most - almost all. Some had tried surprisingly. Still, it doesn't work out for me. Sometimes, I feel envious when I saw people with their friends - having a good time, laughing, sharing secrets with each other. I hope I'd have a good friend that is reliable, the one who would fully accept ME and would enjoy my company even though I'm a bit boring to be with.

"Hey! Are you alright?" I heard a voice of a man waving both of his hands to distract me.

My thoughts swallowed me without realizing that I'm staring into nothingness. I regain my senses and was finally awake.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm alright. Some things just bothered my mind and drew me out of focus. Yeah." I told him the reality.

He inched forward, moving a little closer but keeping an appropriate distance between us. I studied his face and had noticed his frowned eyebrow.

"If that's the case then I'm glad you're alright. I'm Jacob Clinton, taking up Psychology and ....." Without allowing him to finish his words, I interrupted.

"and... I'm Hanealle Prescott" I introduced myself like he did as I wanted to end up this conversation at this moment.

"Sounds peculiar, this was my first time to hear that name. Who picked it?" He said in a curious manner.

"Mind yours, not mine... I mean I should go now or else I'm gonna be late." I sounded a little bit rude.

"We'll meet again." He said as he was bidding goodbye.

I didn't utter words as last response. I grabbed my books and left the Main Library quickly. Well, I really don't like to be rude but it's improper to tell much about me since that was our first meeting. He sounded formal at first but then he had gone beyond my boundaries.

Days had passed. Weeks had passed. Months had passed since the day we first met. By circumstances, our paths cross simultaneously like those instances were destined to happen. Yes, very coincidental. Last time I recalled, I was rude. So, in order to make it up for him, I always acknowledge his presence and we both do. Gradually, I get to know more about him. He is open while I am secretive. I am really a tight-mouthed person but I learned to be sociable and expressive as we hang out frequently. I'm feeling cozy with him, even cozier each day that pass. He's totally different from the people I've met. He will try to understand what I feel, and will listen and consider my opinions. Little by little he was changing the miserable me. He made my life meaningful. I learned to live with satisfaction which I'm longing of before and he taught me how to cherish this wonderful living. I'm glad that Jacob is always on my side. Truly he is, a real friend.

College life is over. Yet, the friendship we established grew even deeper. My feelings for him have gone beyond friendship and I knew he feel the same way.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday with him. He brought me to a special place. He said that my dreadful memories will be "dis-remembered" and will flee like it never happened at all. We stopped nearby the central fountain and he held my hand.

He cleared his throat and began uttering words. "Hanealle, I liked you during the day I first saw you and I'm glad that I had the opportunity of knowing you better. You deserved to be loved and I wanted you to be happy. I loved you without even knowing the reason why. You're different but you're special. No matter what happened, even if it will cost my life, I'll always be here for you. Happy birthday Han!”

I was stunned and overwhelmed with what he said. He confessed his feelings for me. All I can do was hug him tight and even tighter. I've never been treated so special by anyone before. I hope that I've made the right choice since this was my first time to be in a serious relationship. He was worth it. He proved it before and will still continue to prove that he was worth it. This day is wondrous, no one and nothing can spoil it.

Transparency invigorates stalwart relationship. These days I was thinking of hiding no secrets between us and now I'm ready to tell everything about my family which I failed to mention before.

"The Prescott family, my family belongs to the upper social class. Our family is considered the third in the lineage who inherited the company known to be stable for decades. The successful business made way for us to live in opulent comfort. With money we'll have power but it doesn't mean we can control everything. We can almost own anything but only material wealth is what we have. Best things in life are free, it cost nothing but perseverance and those are hard to obtain. The Prescott family seems to be perfect in the eyes of those who don't know that it is deeply flawed. It is comparable to a broken family, even though we're not separated, love doesn't exist within us. We tend not to care for each other. My parents are laborious that's why can't even devote time for me. They said they're being workaholic for my own good. I don't think so, it just caused misery to my life and it affects the way I deal with other people. Maybe it’s because I didn't experience to be loved by my parents. Sometimes my distinct sad mood would turn out very emotional. I guess, that's the main reason why I never had a friend before, except for you who tried to understand me at all times. I just changed because of you. You made me feel like I exist and my existence matters unlike my own kinsfolks. I'm grateful to have you here by my side." I said my feelings honestly.

"Why didn't you tell me about this before? We'll be able to solve this matter, I promise" Jacob said in a concerned way of speaking.

He thought of a way to resolve the misunderstanding between me and my family. He gave me an advice telling me to confront my parents about this matter, which seems to be the only way. He wasn't even aware that knowing the truth is what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid that it might be because of me. I hope that what I'm thinking isn't true. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I should stop worrying now and do what Jacob has said. He offered to accompany me on my way back home but I refused. I can do this myself and I need to be alone for a while.

I arrived at home. It was late and I saw Debra, my mom, sitting on the couch. As I observed her face, it seems like she's waiting for someone. I wonder what she was thinking as I'm making my way to my room. As she saw me, she stood up and approached me. I never expected her having a word with me but she did and said, "Where have you been? It's late!"

"I'm surprised that you care about me now. When do you learn how?" I said harshly.

"You can't change the fact that I'm still your mother. You should respect me at least." Debra said calmly.

"I'm sorry, my mistake. Well, I'm with my friend." I lied to her.

I would never open up to her. She can't even tell when I'm lying. She had never been a mother to me. I can't tell her about my relationship with Jacob. That made me forgot what I ought to do, to resolve our problems. I guess, it's just not the right time and I could wait for the right moment.

"There's something important that I would like to discuss with you. For you to be aware why our family is like this. You should also be aware about my past. You are in the right age which means you'll understand." Debra said while staring deeply in my eyes.

"What is it?" My curiosity awakened.

It would be a long conversation with Debra. She led the way going to her small office in our house, somewhere private to ensure that no one else could hear whatever she was supposed to tell me. She offered me to have a seat.

"When I was once a teenager - nineteen," she began. "I had a boyfriend whom I loved more than myself but our connection was cut when my parents learned about it. They said that it's proper to end our relationship since I'm going to marry other man. I should marry that man to maintain the stability of our family business. They arranged my marriage without my consent and I hate them because they didn't give me the right to decide about it. Marriage is a serious matter but we can't do anything about it and we're left with no choice but to end it up. The man who was arranged to marry me is your father. Honestly, until now I can't love him like my true love but it doesn't mean I would betray him and hurt his feelings. My true love before is just my friend now." She stated while tears fell from her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me about this matter before? I would understand because I'm your daughter." I said with guilt.

"I'm not finished. My true love and I learned to accept that we're not destined for each other but before we let go, we made a promise, a promise that you might not like." She stated with worry.

"I would try to understand. Tell me, whatever it is." I tried to sound calm but I'm nervous.

Then she continued. "We made that promise to strengthen our connection, we cannot settle on being just friends. We wanted to be a family. It will only happen through the marriage of our children, that two families will be tied as one. We made a decision that in the future we will arrange the marriage of our children. In case I would have a daughter with my future husband and my true love will have a son with his wife, or the other way around, we will match them. Then, we will be a family without betraying my future husband. That's our... our promise."

"Yes, understand your situation and sorry for your miserable past. I tried to understand you but this time you're being selfish! Why would you do the same on me? To suffer like you? No way mother! I'm not your puppet! This is my life! I would do what I want and I would be the one to decide for myself!" I've said those oppressive words against her.

"Hanealle please! Listen to me!" She pleaded.

I guess I've heard enough from her. I walked out with anger and rushed to my room. I can't stand being with my family anymore. They're all selfish. I hate them! I'd rather leave than be with them. I started thinking about Jacob. I need to speak with him. When I got my phone, abruptly, I dialed his number.

"Hello? Jacob?" I asked.

"Yes, it's me. It's already late. Why? What happened? What bothers you?" He had a lot of questions.

You promised me that you will do anything to make me happy, right? What if leaving my family will make me happy? Would you let me do it? I've had enough of them. I hope you would understand. I want to run away from them with you. I'm serious... and there's no way you change my mind. It's my final decision. I just want to know if you'll let me do this alone or not." I sounded very serious.

"A tough decision you've made under the influence of anger. I just want you to know that I will support you because I love you. I wanted you to be happy because you're my life. I'll make sure that you will never feel alone again. If this is final, make sure you won't regret anything in the end. No matter what this may lead us, remember, I love you, forever." Jacob said.

He loved me very much. I was so fortunate of having him with my life. He was the only one I can lean on.

"My decision was fixed. I won't regret leaving them behind. Why would I?" I replied.

"I'll see you on the same place tomorrow, where I confessed my feelings for you. Same time. I loved you more than myself." He said to me.

"I love you as well. Goodbye" I stated.

I cut the phone call without hearing his reply to my last words. I can't wait for the moment that I will leave. I cannot even manage to sleep. I don't need to bring anything that would remind me of my family. I have money, which I think was enough to start a new life without them.

I didn't expect that I would fell asleep even for few hours. Then, I woke up that early. I rushed to do my daily routine and now I'm ready to leave. Surely, my parents wouldn't recognize my plan since they're already busy with their office works.

I left my house and drove my car to reach the place. I arrived half an hour before our meeting time and I didn't even recognize how fast the time goes by since I'm spending my time thinking about our memories together. Hours passed by, but still Jacob didn't show up. Until it's late, he never came and I was heartbroken. Maybe, he will never give up his family for me and he loved them more than me. I gave up and decided to go home instead.

I arrived late at home and saw Debra. She's waiting for me. That moment I got out of the car, she ran towards and hugged me. She apologized for being selfish and for everything she had done wrong. She said that she won't force me again to marry someone I don't even know. This was the first time I felt she ever loved me. She became the kind of mother I was longing of before. The misunderstanding between us had been solved. She made me happy. Finally, it was over.

The day was over but I'm still trying to contact Jacob to tell him about the good news even though he made me upset.

A month had passed by since the day we should supposed to meet, still, he never called me up nor leave a message through phone. Everyday I'm hoping that I would see him on that special place but I found nothing but the fountain where we stopped by before. I wonder what happened to him. By then, I thought he decided to end the relationship we started. Maybe I was requesting so much that he can't stand it anymore. I need to move on now. He left me behind, alone.

I need to focus my attention on something, aside from Jacob or else I would be insane. I was thinking of giving a chance to meet the son of my mom's true love. Maybe he's better than Jacob. Debra didn't go to work today. It was a perfect time to ask her about the man, of who he is. I saw her wearing the plain clothes she owned and asked me to wear the same. I ask her about the man but she said I was too late. The man had passed away and I didn't even have the opportunity of meeting him personally. I asked her how but she didn't know the cause of the man's death. We both left.

I have no idea where we're heading to. Then we arrived at the man's house just on time.

We stopped at the house secured with a white gate. Debra pressed the doorbell twice and a man opened the gate. I heard Debra called him Ethan. I believe he was the man Debra was referring to - her true love.

The atmosphere changed from neutral to unbearable sadness. As we walked in, I saw Jacob's picture in the altar. Tears began to fell down from my eyes. They were commemorating his one month death. No! It can't be him!

I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm analyzing the situation and everything that I do know.

I cried and cried. I can't hide my feelings right now. Ethan and Debra were confused of why I'm so affected with his son’s death. I told them the truth that I was in a relationship with Jacob. Debra was surprised. I didn't mention Jacob to her, even once.

Ethan told us, “I remember that day, Jacob left, rushing, he never told me where he would go, or whom he will be meeting though that time he was feeling unwell. His car went out of control and it fell on a cliff. Unfortunately, he didn't survive.” They felt sorry for me.

All this time I thought he ended up our relationship. It never crossed my mind that his last words means goodbye. I never thought he will be gone, forever. I left his house. I went to the place again, which we both consider a special one.

I walked until I reached the spot nearby the fountain. This is where he confessed he liked me and said that his feelings for me have gone beyond friendship.

I kept on blaming myself ‘cause I realized it was my fault. He's gone because of me. If not because of my hasty decision, he would still be here. How I wish I could reverse the time but it won't happen. I lost him.

It seems like my world would relatively shatter. A piece of me was lost and I’ll never be whole again. My life was wretched. My existence doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t go on with my life without him and I’d like to end up my suffering at this moment. The remuneration for my misdeeds costs Jacob’s life. How I wish I would vanish like I never existed at all. I deserved it for being dumb-headed and self-indulgent.

The biggest mistakes of my life are my decisions. If only I didn’t hide our relationship in secrecy. If only I gave Debra the chance of finishing her words, she would tell it was Jacob. If only I accepted the chance of meeting the man I was supposed to marry, I would know it was Jacob. If only I didn't decide of running away from my fate, we would be happy together. I was wrong, definitely wrong. If only ... If only.

I would regret this, my whole life. Forever, I would remember his words. "I hope you won't regret anything in the end," Jacob's last words from our last conversation.

Contributed by Rose Marl Cheong

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  1. Awwww. Too bad Hanealle's fate was a bad ending. Nice story though.

  2. Good job! This story is a heartbreaking story. The sequence of the story is nicely arranged, it doesn't miss any details, in fact it's so unpredictable I didn't expect that kind of twist in the story.

  3. I liked the story and the author's choice of words. The phasing of the story was great which made it unpredictable. Although this story is somehow similar to other story plots, the author was still able to add some things which made it different from other stories. I also liked how the story teaches us to listen before complaining. Great job! :)

  4. What a nice way to end the story! It was so unpredictable. I liked how the story flowed smoothly. The writer did a great job!


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