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May Pinaghuhugutan sa #Hugot: Three Heart-Warming Stories from UST Artistang Artlets

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There are very few student plays where I would keep on hearing a few of the audience that couldn't hold voicing out their amazement especially when they're so "kilig" at those adorable scenes that usually shows the endearing sides of the characters.

#Hugot was about three inspirational short love stories dedicated to those who are confused, broken and struggling in order to keep “LOVE” going. The audience was well-immersed with the play since the organizers made it a very intimate and up-close set-up where we could really see the adorable expressions and personalities of each character portrayed really well by the cast from UST's Artistang Artlets. 

I was surprised when I was taken into a dark room where the audience were seated on chairs at the stage itself. They used a flashlight to guide me onto my seat where quite a number of people were already present. There was an upper stage where they've setup a bedroom view, and below, right infront of us, was something like a combination of sala and kitchen set.

The first story was a scene depicting a female student, so chubby and sweet, who was apparently in love with her male best friend. It dealt with the hesitation and inconvenience of having to face either acceptance or humiliation.

The two lead stars of the first short story captivated the audience because the couple were so genuine in their portrayal that the people seating beside me were saying "Ang landi naman ni kuya!" I wanted to laugh but they were so obviously carried away by the performance. There were several satirical situations between the two that the extra characters, though helpful to the authenticity of a school cafeteria setting, seems no longer necessary to build interest among the audience.

The second story was about a gay couple. Both in search of something inexplicable at first, but eventually we all learn about the expectations rarely met and the shortcomings that broke the relationship. What was amusing of the second story was that it was more like a play of words, where the statements given had a double meaning. An exceptional piece of writing indeed. Kudos to the story-teller for addressing an issue that is mostly sensitive.

The couple wanted to maintain a connection but too bad it was already at a stage where one couldn't take it anymore. Life seems so imperfect when love becomes less mutual and steps back to give importance to more self-respect.

The third couple had a story that is very applicable to today's setup. This is a time when newly-graduates have to give up their chosen careers just to earn a living. They will accept any job, even a BPO or call center position, to make ends meet, especially with the ever rising cost of living. This was the story about two nurses that had to struggle on how to maintain their relationship while trying their best to make ends meet.

The third story had a sexy yet humorous element because of the thrilling bed scenes...hehehe...Seriously, it was never shy to show what normally happens in most couples rooms. Sex is best appreciated rather than hidden. Mature scenes for college level students are always welcomed for that much needed discussion on sex education. 

But that was not where the story was really focused. It provided the harsh realities that individuals had to endure and how to keep sane and living well. The last scene when the guy sprayed the lady's perfume on the bed linens shows the sacrifice one had to make so that they could continue t be able to sleep well at night.

Wow! I went through the three stories expecting more. That was how great their performance were that I wanted more. I was hooked at every scene and became a true fan of Artistang Artlets!

Congratulations for a successful play, Artistang Artlets!!! More power to your passion!!!

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