Thursday, March 20, 2014

Epic Paint Adventure Game App from Kuyi Mobile Now Available for Android and iOS

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger has just downloaded a brand new game app from Kuyi Mobile called Epic Paint Adventure that is both available in Android and iOS.

At first I thought it was more like a kiddie painting game for my kids but after I tried it out....whoah!.... It was a challenging mind game featuring famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Shen Zhou, our very own Juan Luna, and many more popular artists. The game, which requires you to match 4 similarly-colored paint swirls, was also challenging to level up. Makes it more than just a leisure game that will test your speed in thinking of the next moves.

I'm sure if I had more convenience of time, I could learn to master it just like any other game if we put persistence and patience together ... but needless to say, my kids will beat me on this game anytime even with their eyes closed. The kids of today are so very well-adapted to technology that every gadget and software like mobile apps seems very intuitive for them. Most of the time, I ask them for assistance when I can't get through a certain level of a game, and they whisked through it like it was just the EASY level.

Downloading and installation was a breeze. In just a few minutes, probably depending on how fast your Internet connection is, I was able to install it on my Android-based tablet - which I only use for game apps. The tablet is reserved for gaming for the bigger screen that I need, and I have another smaller tablet for my other apps and of course, phone calls and SMS.

In no time at all...I think it only took a few seconds or more like less than a minute, I was already opening the game to try it out for myself.

Kuyi Mobile is an independent game development company based in Manila and focused on creating a new breed of fun and exciting games for iOS and Android. Its mission is to create fun and engaging games that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Level 1 will ask you to help Leonardo Da Vinci find more paint. You start the level by clicking on the image highlighted in circle and where it says "Begin your adventure here!"

Leonardo Da Vinci here is illustrated in a cartoony style with a sketch of her famous Mona Lisa painting (without color yet) on a canvas. So basically, I would assume that our role as game players is to assist famous artists, most probably painters, in doing certain tasks through the puzzling mind games.

The games comes with a tutorial  portion so you could familiarize yourself with how the game works. It has a bonus round to reward the player with some incentive and encouragement, and then quick enough, I managed to go through level 1 so easily.

The game also has a portion where it gives you trivia information about the character you are helping in the game. In this case, there was an info about Leonardo Da Vinci:

This means the game is not only a test of the mind, but also very educational and useful in instilling to the player basic information about our artists.

Now that is my ideal kind of game which is totally unlike other games that doesn't offer you any educational inputs. This way, the player enjoys a game while getting a dash of info every now and then.

I would recommend this game to my kids, and to everyone who wants more than just wasting their time doing puzzles.

For more updates, check their official website at or their Facebook page at

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  2. I'm truly impressed by the game development showcased in this epic paint adventure game app by Kuyi Mobile. It's evident that a tremendous amount of creativity, talent, and hard work went into bringing this game to life.

    The attention to detail and the vibrant visuals in the game are captivating. It's exciting to see how the world of mobile gaming continues to evolve with such innovative concepts. This game not only entertains but also engages players in a unique and artistic way.


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