Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To Be or Not To Be Obese: That is the Question for Social Responsibility

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What's your take on this?

If given only three choices for drinks: iced tea, soft-drink, or wine - which one would you choose?

Regardless of the reason - health, taste, or appearance - which one deserves a recommendation from you?

To choose the lesser evil, I dare not wait for your answer because it is very obvious. But the focus should be on the most toxic among the three. The product you should avoid entirely! Lessening the intake is not even an option, you should take it out entirely from your diet.

"Kahit ano pang kanta ang i-translate ng isang cola company sa international scene na maging viral ay alam naman natin ang totoo na walang mabuing naidudulot ang soft-drinks sa atin."
No amount of national or international advocacy, social responsibility and awareness campaigns, high-profile endorsers, large donations and relief efforts, employment opportunities, and the likes - can hide the truth that these drinks are harmful to healthy living. The number one source of obesity!

There are a lot of things that are bad for us but we continue to consume them because we are either too stubborn to discipline ourselves or we have no other alternatives available at our reach to ease our hunger, thirst, pain, sorrow, or just to pass the time that we feel boring, sickening or unappealing, plus everything else that we think matters but fail to productively get something worthwhile out of it. We are tempted to give in because we lack the commitment or the capacity to strive for a better way of living.

We all know which products are terribly wrong for us but these continue to proliferate worldwide because they tend to be addictive. Add to the fact that big businesses have the means to manipulate our thinking by bombarding us with ads that brainwash us. Do you really think those huge billboards and tarpaulins with popular personalities do not invite us to try out the product because of their a cool and classy brand ambassadors? Many of them are even depicted as sexy and muscular - who are they fooling? We are made to think that these products help us overcome our basic needs and longings. What they don't tell you is that it's only temporarily and they will slowly decay our bodies and succumb us helplessly to a rotten life less wholesome.

Ironically, these products are advertised with people at their happy moments but we all know what happens next. In reality, they eventually rob us of our precious health. It is now very rare that an individual reaches a ripe age of 100. You know why.

Help us inform others to stay away from these toxic products. Refuse to be served with soft-drinks and drink water and fresh fruit juices instead. Love yourself and the people you care for. Everyone deserves to live a fruitful and healthy life.

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  1. Great post! I couldn't agree more with you! I dislike soft drinks to the maximum!!

  2. For me, I wouldn’t absolutely choose soft-drinks even if it has more advertisements that iced tea and wine. Why? Because since I was a kid, I practiced not to drink soft-drinks because my parents told me that it is not good to health. And now, my mouth is not trained to drink soft-drinks so I’m lucky because I’m, not addicted to this kind of drink. Thanks to this article because it gives a view of having a good health and lifestyle to people who lack knowledge about the effects of this kind of drink on their lives.

  3. Regardless of choosing soft drinks or whatever it's beyond our self-control. Always drink moderately, put in your mind. I know soft drink can really contribute for us to become fat, soft drink isn't bad as long as you have self-control, we can get some benefits from it like carbs and sugar :) but this article can really help to those who are health conscious :)

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  5. I would not say that soft drinks is the number one source of obesity because there are a lot of factors contributing to becoming obese. I know people that rarely drink this kind of drink and are obese. It's just that people must always know their boundaries and learn self control. We all know that soft drinks contain chemicals that are dangerous for our health when consumed on a daily basis and with large amounts. I also think that people tend to buy soft drinks to quench their thirst because, natural drinks such as fruits and sometimes water is even more expensive than soft drink when you buy it in a bottle. Most naturally grown food in our country are more expensive than those artificially made. But then again it is up to us if we want to live healthy and if we want to stay away from artificially made foods and we all should learn self control and treat our bodies right.

  6. I think it doesn't matter if you prefer coke, ice tea or just plain water. People drink whatever they want because they like it and it make them happy for some reasons. It's up to the person if he would abuse his body to the point that he'll become obese or he'll have the willpower to control himself from being addicted with softdrinks. Drinking artificial stuff isn't that bad once or twice a week as long as we remember that drinking or eating too much of the same thing is always bad for you.

  7. I can't say that this article is entirely true because cola cannot be considered as a "toxic product" since it doesn't really poison the person's body although I get the point that yes it really contribute to obesity but it just reach that point when the intake of this drink is TOO MUCH. I just want to say that a little of something wouldn't hurt since cola actually contains sugar and sugar gives us energy so it's not really that bad to our health unless it's consumed as if it's your necessity/ your alternative for water which is not good because it cannot perform the task of the water to cleanse our body. I also find this article sort of disparaging the business since it's depriving people from buying cola and it's also implying that we were just brainwashed by those advertisements and catchy songs that the cola companies are producing and it's not nice because the business owners of the said products will find this as a bash for their products. So for me, it's all in the mind people. We should be the one disciplining ourselves because we can't blame anything or anyone about this matter since it's our body and at the end of the day we're still the one deciding of what we're going to do with ourselves.


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