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Top Twelve Most Dangerous Places in the Philippines

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According to a Yahoo article, the Philippines ranks number one in the world for deaths caused by natural disasters. Last year, 2,360 people lost their lives in the Philippines due to natural disasters. It says that the Philippines is situated at the dead center of Typhoon Alley. Thus the typhoon Yolanda was really not so much surprising. The flooding was bound to happen, and yes, sadly,  it did to our great disappointment.

The article also says that our country rests on the unstable “Ring of Fire” where volcanoes blast forth magma from the Earth’s core, and rides earthquake prone tectonic plates as they slip against one another. It’s the most dynamic location on the planet, bar none, positively terrifying if you think too much about it.

Scary indeed to learn that we might be experiencing more than just floods, but also something more dangerous than the Pinatubo volcano disaster. Earthquakes, landslides and fires have occurred already, and it is quite alarming that we are less proactive in our efforts to prevent a huge number of fatalities and property damage. There should be more dynamic movements to avoid the unfortunate staggering figures.

However, we really do not just have to look at nature's wrath to find places in the Philippines where there are impending tragedies that are just waiting to happen...and if only our authorities will look beyond their PDAFs or pork barrel funds and become more concerned with the small yet probable sources of disasters.

Below are my Top Twelve Most Dangerous Places in the Philippines.

12. Parties and Concerts - This includes venues for college drinking parties, FHM or Playboy events, and other occasions where the liquors or energy drinks are free-flowing and there's smoldering heat coming from either the overcrowded venue or from the sensual and alluring ladies wearing skimpy tight and revealing outfits doing lap dances to very lucky guys drooling in ecstasy.  If you want a fist fight among teens with uncontrollably wild raging hormones, then this is the place to be.

11. Basketball Arenas - If the players won't try to kick a competition or punch a face, it's the spectators  that would initiate a ruckus among fans or opposing teams. Don't be caught off guard as something hard or wet may fly off from above the bleachers, or you might just get a taste of something horrible like a spit. It's very easy to annoy people here especially the fans of the losing team.

10. Tiangge - Whether its a tiangge selling junk or street food, ukay-ukay clothes, or China-made electronics,  you are more prone to get what you paid for. Tiangge means “bazaar,” a tight gridwork of crowded stalls. We should remember that nothing good ever comes cheap. There would always be a catch, and you might end up paying more than what you have bargained for. Ukay-ukay clothes may carry infectious diseases. Street food may cause you to turn yellow. Clone tech products may just suddenly blow right into your face without any warning.

9. Rallies and Processions - Unless you want to get a lot of bruises, better stay away from areas where protests, rallies, or the Nazareno processions are being held. Many of the participants here are just plain old merciless individuals who are really hungry for blood. They would very much like to hit somebody in the face with all their might because they really feel oppressed because of the mass-wide poverty, unemployment and injustice in the Philippines. The feast of the Nazarene parade is a very good example of how crazy we all become in search of a savior who would miraculously provide for us in exchange of a sacrifice. Only a handful in the country can be considered rich,  a few are middle-income employees, while majority are the poorest of the poor. With the awful news of lawmakers robbing the tax funds and putting them into fake NGOs through the likes of Janet Napoles, many of the Filipinos are "galit sa mundo" or specifically hate the politicians that get away with such acts.

8. Karaoke Bars - The My Way song of Frank Sinatra is not the only thing deadly in every karaoke session. You might also get in trouble if your group or some other group becomes too much intoxicated with all that alcoholic drinks that does very little good to the body, and a lot of trouble to the brain. Idle hands and too liberal minds may cause you to become arrogant and too aggressive. Even if you are sophisticated and elite like Anne Curtis who can get away with rude behaviors, karaoke bar customers are less disciplined and forgiving especially if you sing out of tune.

7. Informal Settlers Area - If you don't faint because of the stinking smell, or puke because of the hideous ambiance, you might just get invited here into a drinking spree by some of the "tambays" or beer bellies and "toma" boys who do nothing all day but drink up their favorite gin or beer and consume "mani" or "chicharon" "pulutan". They would ogle at pretty ladies that pass by, and may even thrown in a lewd comment or two. They know everyone in the neighborhood so if you're someone new, they might try to check you out and see if you're carrying anything valuable that's worth stealing. If you're really lucky, there might be a demolition ongoing when you drop by.

6. Flood Areas - Leptospirosis, diarrhea, and other diseases can result from prolonged exposure in flood. Flooding is a perennial problem that many of us have grown accustomed to that is why neighboring countries are calling us resilient. You may think its a compliment but it only clearly says that we are fools to settle for less than what we rightfully deserve. . It's like there are very little places in the Philippines that's free from flooding. I guess it's now better to build a house with at least two floors, or just buy a condominium located at the top floors. The weather is extremely unpredictable, and there are areas that are now flooding unlike before. The government is unsurprisingly useless because it does not have have a reliable emergency and disaster contingency plan. Our politicians are a lot busier on how to hide their illegally accumulated wealth and covering up their mistakes.

5. Pasig River - The river has been a health hazard especially that the river banks that are populated with informal settlers or "squatters" that have been every local government units problem since time immemorial. We simply couldn't have enough guts and political will to drive them away from the "esteros" and river shores. They've immensely grown in number throughout the years and have sprung and proliferated like wild mushrooms. Needless to say, you can't swim or fish in the Pasig river without getting a disease or something, or if the garbage and human feces-infested river doesn't get to you, the bad elements of this bad neighborhood may cost you your smartphone or necklace.

4. Divisoria or Baclaran - You are most probably aware that every crowded area is a nightmare for everyone. Ever experience shopping at Divisoria or Baclaran especially during the peak holiday seasons? Aside from pickpockets, you are also in danger of sellers who will try their best to cheat you from getting a fair priced product. Some of them would even ridicule you if you try to bargain with them or much worst if you leave their stall without buying anything.

3. Taking the MRT/LRT - The overcrowded MRT and LRT train stations are already potential disaster areas just waiting to happen. It is very rare that the trains are convenient enough for you to fit comfortably. You really have to squeeze in and hold your breath to hope the people around you do not have body odor or are suffering from halitosis. It is also not ideal to take your kids for a ride as they will surely be trampled upon. Even though there is an allocation for female riders, they are still not free from overloading. It is also advisable not to position yourself in the middle of the train otherwise you may not be able to get out because of the crowd.

2. Riding a motorcycle - Riders seems to be growing exponentially into a bewildering number due to the affordability of motorcycles which are now available in easy installment basis. However, the number of accidents involving reckless motorcycle riders are also almost equal to the number of sales. Admittedly, not many will survive from an accident from these devilish vehicles which will surely kill you, if it doesn't horribly dismember or disfigure you.

1. Inside a Bus - "Filipino officials who are cocooned in their cars fail to understand the plight of public transit riders, who make up the majority of the citizens they purport to serve. They do not know what it’s like to risk life and limb every time they get on a public utility vehicle. According to one study, the bus is the unsafest of all the public utility vehicles in Metro Manila; it is the vehicle most likely to get involved in a road crash or collision."  There has already been an extremely alarming number of road accidents and disasters involving buses who are often over-speeding or having faulty and very badly maintained vehicles. They are also usually overcrowded with people that all result to the lack of enough public transportation to accommodate all the people especially during rush hour.
Top Twelve Most Dangerous Places in the Philippines

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  1. depende lang naman yan sa tao eh,nakikita mo na ngang gege-wang ge-wang yung bus sasakay ka pa.-_- tapos naririnig mo sa iba na delikado yung lugar pupunta ka pa.hey,use your common sense,please.

  2. How about just avoid the whole country as a travel destination...??

  3. I've been in philipines last year and was very safe, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan. Check my Link Sukienki

  4. Luck is what you need for safety anywhere in this world including your own backyard. More people are injured from falls at home or vehicular accidents within 10 miles from their home than traveling in other countries.


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