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Hashtag "MandaramBong" Trending After Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. Gave Privilege Speech

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"Revilla's speech is more drama and an attempt to pull on the heartstrings of the masses to side with him, than firm evidence to confirm his claim of innocence. I want to see more facts from him. And less emotional manipulation. That is not what I saw while watching him. Disapointng." - Tinni Espiritu
It seems Kap's Amazing Stories has still to share the most amazing story there is. Too bad Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. shared it via privilege speech at the Senate and thus confirmed only one thing:. He couldn't really defend that he is not a "Mandarambong" and so he did the only thing possible to try to save his neck - put the blame to the Malacanang Administration and try to convince everyone that the President and his men are doing something equally evil.

So that is why Malacanang declared January 20 as National Prayer Day. They probably knew what Bong was going to do. Too bad the prayers didn't worked on the thick-skinned "MadramaBong". It got rolled over by Bong's Tonka truck that he brought with him to the Senate as one of his dramatic props, along with his father, former actor and Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Sr., in a "wheelchair".

I thought the MMFF was over but how come Bong Revilla is still trying to prove he deserves a best actor award. Better warn Robin Padilla because his award is in jeopardy.

What was he trying to prove when he divulge that PNoy tried to persuade him to convict former Chief Justice Renato Corona? That he is as corrupt as those above him and has no right to serve the country? His integrity lies in shambles. Idol sa Korapsyon si Kap!

"I was expecting that Senator Bong Revilla's privilege speech today would be about presenting strong and clear evidence to prove that he wasn't in any way involved in the PDAF Scam but instead he just did what Senator Jinggoy Estrada which was to throw accusations against the present administration. Is this another publicity/PR stunt to try to shift the public's attention away from the 10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam which he is currently embroiled in?

So, can we safely assume now that he also doesn't have any evidence to prove that he is innocent of all corruption charges filed against him?

I think the main strategy now of Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada is simple... Since they really have no solid evidence to prove themselves innocent of the Pork Barrel scam charges they are currently facing, they might as well throw accusations at PNoy and his allies to try to muddle up the issue and shift the public's attention.

Also, they are now trying to shape the minds of the people into thinking that this administration is biased so that when they finally get arrested and put to jail, they can easily cry political harassment when in fact, the evidences and witnesses clearly point to their involvement in the 10 Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam.

Also, the PDAF Scam unraveled last July 2013 pa, bakit ngayon lang nagsasalita at nagpapaliwanag si Sen. Revilla?

Kung totoo nga na nakialam si PNoy noong Corona trial, bakit hindi sila nagsalita noon at ngayon lamang siya nagsasalita?

Simple lang naman po ang gusto namin Mr. Senator, sagutin niyo lang po ng mabuti ang mga akusasyon laban sa inyo na ninakaw niyo raw ang pera namin at patunayan niyo po na hindi talaga kayo kasama sa Pork Barrel Scam.

Yun lang dahil karapatan namin na malaman kung paano ginastos ang pera namin pero sa halip na magpaliwanag at harapin ang isyu ay sinusubukan niyo pa na ilihis ang isyu at tabunan ito. Kung sa mga pelikula niyo ay uubra ang ganyang drama, hindi yan bebenta sa totoong buhay na totoong taumbayan ang niloko at pinagnakawan niyo. Ano akala niyo sa amin tanga?" - Harvey Keh

"There is a reason why I don't listen to crap like Bong Revilla

What for? Is he going to say anything substantial? 

He has stolen so much from me, he doesn't get anything more. Not my peace of mind. not one second more than is necessary. As far as i am concerned whatever comes out of his mouth, unless it is in a court of law where anything he says can be held against him, is just a bunch of crap. And I don't want to waste my time on crap.

I want to take this fight to a court of law. I want to drag this pissashit bong revilla right where his words can bite him in his ugly ass. and not have to listen to this stupid greedy bastard mouth his predictable teleserye lines in that arena that used to be a place of honor but is now a snake pit, where his colleagues, the other thieves, will protect his obscene hide. Honor among thieves!

This is going to be a long drawn out fight we are in-- this fight against these thieves in office who have betrayed us. 

Stay focused, Philippines.

Wag masyadong kwentong kutsero na walang direksyon. Gather your righteous indignation, your rage, your fury and channel it to making sure this monster is dragged to court where every stupid thing that comes out of his mouth can be thrown back at his vulgar face.

And where he will pay for the blood money he stole from each and every Filipino who went to bed hungry,
did not go to school, lives under the bridge, lives in subhuman conditions, had to leave her family to provide decently for her family -- because of the unbridled greed and unfettered thievery of this obscene, greedy bastard BONG REVILLA." - Lorraine Marie Badoy

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  1. Saan kaya humuhugot ng kapal ng mukha itong mandarambong dumb ass revilla..only in the philippines where a public official will hang in there even when they're already charge of a crime and most public outcry to resign..


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