Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Should We Abolish the PDAF or Pork Barrel Funds?

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People in different walks of life have been arguing and protesting about the Priority Development Assistance Fund, a government program most commonly known as PORK BARREL. It is how the money/funds of lawmakers and congressmen is being divided and spent to support their chosen projects.

But is it really the Pork Barrel that is evil? Or is it the system itself that makes it a source of corruption? Or yet, there's just really greedy officials that gave the word a unlikely description?

Pork Barrel per se connotes negativity but with continous study of the subject, I came to realize that many of our countrymen benefit from it such as scholarships, medical assistance, support for poor farmers and legitimate non-government organizations.

Yes, we hate Janet Napoles, the Queen of the Pork Barrel Scam. The public condemned her, treated her a criminal and called her in different unlikely titles. We want her to get rotten in jail! But have we ever thought of those people who were affected of the abolishment of PDAF? Most of them came from the poorest of the poor families. Scholars of PDAF are now having a hard time to look for their tuition fees, the sick were stolen with their hopes because their treatment was stopped, and others of the sort.

I guess what we need is a systematic way of handling PDAF.  Let's be realistic, PDAF has helped a lot of poor Filipinos. Abolishment of PDAF is not the solution. We just have to improve and properly monitor how it is being used and distributed. There are a lot of ways. We have lots of intelligent people in the government to do that. Why would we let the poor suffer wherein they have been suffering al their life?

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