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Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent : Turn Your Whites Back to its Original Glory

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Thought for the day: "Daunting but doable."

This was what former Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson said after he accepted the offer of President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino to become the person to lead the rehabilitation of the Visayan region damaged by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

"After a series of consultations and briefings from experts in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster stricken areas over the weekend, I decided to accept the President's offer to be rehab czar,” former Senator Panfilo Lacson said.

The former Senator has a challenging task to rebuild the infrastructures of areas like Samar and Leyte back to its original glory. But I admired how he said that is a "daunting but doable" task.

I was washing my favorite shirt when I saw the news on TV. I realized that the former Senator has a lot in his hands while I was tediously trying to bring my white shirt back to its original brilliant white colors. Unlike his upcoming new job, it was easier for me to work on my already turned grayish white shirt because I have Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent to help me renew its whiteness.

We bought a two (2) liter Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent from the supermarket area of a popular mall located in Mandaluyong to try out its advertised capability. We found out that there were actually five variants of this liquid detergent : Baby, Classic, Color, Black and Brilliant White.

The two (2) liter bottles of Baby, Color and Black were being sold for Php 434.75 while Classic was Php 348.75. The Brilliant White was the most expensive available for Php 454.75. There seems to be a mistake on how the supermarket stacked the Perwoll items as we originally thought the Brilliant White liquid detergent was only Php 348.77 (as seen from the photo). We later found out after paying for our groceries and checking our receipt that the price was actually Php 454.75.

Since we have more problems with white clothes (our three kids' school uniforms), we decided to buy the two liter bottle to try them out on all our white clothes that have turned grayish because of the years and constant use.

Perwoll Brilliant White is said to have optical brighteners to renew white colors. It has a revolutionary formula that will clean and smoothen frayed fibers, yellowing, graying clothes for a brilliant white glow!  

The environmental-friendly product is imported from Germany and made by trusted brand Henkel.It is also perfect to maintain the whiteness of your clothes because the fiber rebonding technology prevents colors from fading and removes the grey appearing fabrics from you white clothes.

I obviously have one favorite shirt and it shows because I often wear it in almost every occasion. It's the shirt given by Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) form one of their events.

I love the shirt because I look a lot better in it than other clothes that I have and its white with blue highlights color makes it more interesting to show off.

The PDI logo also is a recognized media entity so it it with great pride to wear the shirt.

I've worn it in Subic because it feels comfortable and a bit formal to wear a collared shirt.

The shirt also reflects the ideals that I also practice in m blogs: "Balanced News. Fearless Views".

It is very obvious that I really love the shirt and so I really want to maintain it whiteness so I could wear it again and again.

My wife washed my favorite shirt with our newly-discovered Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent and we were honestly amazed at the outcome afterwards.

It truly returned my shirts whiteness into an amazing brilliance - back to its original white!

Here's a link to Perwoll's Rilliant White liquid detergent promotional video:

At last! We can now make sure our white clothes, especially our favorites, will last to exceed the value of our investment. Let's keep our white clothes always looking new with Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent!

Don't just take my word for it. Be sure to personally try the product!

Senator Panfilo Lacon should also try this product to brighten up his grayed white clothes so he would look more cheerful as he accomplish his ultimate tasks for our countrymen in the Visayas.

With Perwoll Brlliant White liquid detergent, bringing back the glory of our white clothes becomes doable and no longer daunting.

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  1. The author's method on introducing his real topic was clever. At first the reader would think that it would be about Senator Panfilo Lacson and would be confused why was the title given to this article. He made nice comments about the product and he also posted nice pictures of him using the product. This article can make a lot of people buy this product and try it themselves.

  2. The author made a good introduction. He managed to have a perfect and current situation related to the topic.I am interested about this product and I hope that this product would be effective.

  3. This article is good. But I hope the author mentioned what's the content of the liquid soap. And I hope they put a before and after image of the shirt he really likes. Nonetheless, he presented what the product is for, so it's all good.

  4. The author's introduction about the product is good in a way that he managed to relate a current event to the product that is being advertised. Using that kind of detergent is more economical than buying new clothes when it’s not in its original condition anymore. That kind of detergent makes the money and the effort we exerted to have whatever clothes we have now worth it.

  5. I like the way the author connected the news he's watching to the product he's endorsing. It is so convincing. I want to try the product. I'll recommend it to my mom.

  6. I admire the author's way of endorsing the product. He showed us the actual results when using Perwoll. That made me confident that his words are not just "for show". It was actually from experience. I think Perwoll's worth a try. We'll try using it some time.

  7. The author endorsed the product very well. It seriously made me want to try it and recommend it to my mother. My mother experiences hard time with white clothes because once it was stained, it is really hard to make it white again. She often scolds me and my sisters when it comes to our socks, well, I can't blame her because it is really dirty. I really want to recommend this to her. Thanks, for the info. :)

  8. Very convincing recommendation and promotion of a very useful household product. I showed this blog to my mom who does the family's laundry and was amazed by what Perwoll can do. She immediately checked the link provided by the blogger and became interested with the amazing liquid detergent. My mom is good in maintaining old clothes and is good in storing vintage clothes including me and my brother's baby's clothes. Those clothes will even become more amazing with Perwoll. My mom said, thanks to the blogger for the infos and will surely try it.

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