Sunday, December 1, 2013

Japanese Ingenuity: Weird or Brilliant?

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Japan is known to be one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world. From cars we see on the roads to electrical appliances we have at home, inventions made and distributed from Japan have really gotten around the world and has helped make our lives and work easier.

We can now say that Japan is home to a lot of wonderful inventors, which in turn means that Japan also had a lot of inventions to offer! But some of these inventions are... A little off the norm.

Inventions that are classified as "really eccentric but practical" have a term in Japanese. They're called as "chindogu" (chin-doe-gu).

Here are five examples of chindogu:

1.] Sweep Shoes

Want a better and more entertaining way of cleaning up after your mess? Try these funny-looking shoes on! The sweeper and the dust pan are already attached to the shoes so you can dance all the while cleaning up.

2.] Butter Stick

I, for one, think that this invention is brilliant! Imagine saving all the time pulling out a knife, slicing the butter and smearing it on the bread! You could just turn that roller underneath a bit, and voila! Butter comes out, ready to be put on the bread.

3.] Photograph Yourself Arm

This is a perfect gift for anyone you know who likes taking countless selfies! With the Photograph Yourself Arm, you never have to take selfies again and again just to take the right angle! Although I do admit that bringing this out in public will certainly give you some weird stares but who cares? You got yourself a pretty nice selfie!

4.] Necktie Umbrella

For me, this is the most ingenious and most useful invention for me. I do not find this in slightest bit of eccentric, but something of real use. Imagine the space you're saving up by not bringing a bag just to put your umbrella in. Just take your "necktie" off and open it! You now have an umbrella. I definitely think that this should be mass-produced and released into a market. I bet it will become a success to businessmen and suit-wearers alike.

and finally,

5.] Chopsticks Fan

Of course, from a land where people use chopsticks mainly as their utensils for eating. A chopsticks-related invention is a must! And in this case, it includes a fan! Now you don't have to wait for your food to cool. This invention is really useful for people on the go and want to have a quick snack without having to blow on your food every now and then.

Now that we've seen some of Japan's most craziest (most useful, perhaps?) inventions, I leave it to you, dear readers, to judge whether these are utterly weird and useless or eccentrically brilliant devices.

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