Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer 2013 : Review Centers, Kumon, Cupcakes and Cashmere

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Summer 2013 was the summer vacation wherein I found myself extremely productive. Unlike my previous summer vacations where we visited Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Singapore and Hong Kong then we were pretty much useless before the trip, this year, I decided to concentrate more on preparing for the College Entrance Tests that I will be taking in the next couple of months.

My friends and I enrolled at PTS Review Systems for the College Entrance Test Review. It was also another way of bonding with my friends Vallea, Justine, Nicole, Aubrey and AC, that's why the classes weren't always dull. Some of our group's favorite teachers were Sir Enrico and Ros. We learned a lot of meaningful things in PTS that had not been imparted to us by our previous teachers back at school and that's why I think it was fulfilling and at the same time, fun because I enjoyed the company of the people around me. My mom also enrolled my sister and I in Kumon, a children's review center.

Personally, I am against this decision because, in all humility, I don't think I need it. All we do there is answer 20 pages of math for elementary students. My monthly enrollment fee can be kept and saved for my future, or better yet, used to buy food for the street children. I think I can learn multiplication and division all on my own without having to spend an excessive amount of money. They say that this is also a review for the UPCAT but then again, in all humility, I'd rather study all by myself because I learn better that way.

Before the summer ended, I also established a blog called "Cupcakes and Cashmere" ( It featured my love for food and clothes and sometimes, I even get partnerships from different kinds of online stores and I hold giveaways for my viewers wherein they can win the prize offered by the partner online store. It's extremely fun to be a blogger but then now that school's here, I have to focus on my studies and know my priorities.

All in all, I think it was a productive summer but then, I still think that Kumon is not for people like me, since this year is going to be an extremely busy year for the seniors. I'm glad that my summer went great and I can't wait until the next summer comes.

Contributed by: Isabelle Pozon

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    1. Good sharing, Kumon’s learning method takes students through a structured programme involving specially developed worksheets. Kumon constantly evaluates and revises the worksheets of all its programmes to ensure there is nothing hindering smooth progress, read more at:

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  3. Hi sab :) your summer is a productive one :D like you, I also attended review classes for entrance exams and I really found it nice. and by just reading your article, I think we have the same point of view. Your article suggest what others can do in the upcoming summer especially for 3rd yea students. Nice article :)


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