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Vice Ganda Versus Jessica Soho : The Joke Is On All Of Us

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The Inquirer reports "On May 17, during the packed concert titled “I Vice Ganda Mo Ako sa Araneta” at the Big Dome, Viceral staged a whole segment about unlikely celebrities becoming bold stars.

The segment, uploaded on YouTube in its entirety, included jokes about Soho, the only GMA 7 personality among ABS-CBN stars (Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, Gus Abelgas and Kim Atienza) “roasted.”

Should Soho start making sexy movies, Viceral said, the pivotal scene should be a gang rape. This followed a joke—and was followed by another—about Soho’s weight.

“I could let the fat jokes go,” Soho told the Inquirer earlier. “But he had to go so far.”"

In other words Vice Ganda, roast only those close to you, who knows and patronize you. Be on safe zone na lang para lahat happy.

Here's a vicious venal Vice joke:

ice Handa: "Hay, sarap pala ng ma-gang rape. Una, hindi na ako gagastos pa na bayaran ko yung mga young hulks to satiate my sex need, kasi gang-rape pala libre! Pero please, one at a time, one at a time lang ha, PUWET!"

Now Vice here's a joke for you: 

"Pagkatapos na ilang beses pumitas ng manggang hilaw at nakitang mabulok sa kahihintay sa apo niya, sabi ni lolo kay Vice ng sa wakas siya's sunduin "Apo, di na kita pinitasan ng mangga. Nana ng A#i ko na lang sipsipin mo, parehas naman silang maasim. Lamunin mo na to ngayon habang nanlulutong pa, sige ka, luluyat na to mamaya."

I feel bad making this Joke. Hope Vice feel the same.

I love Vice Ganda  - but only until he mentions names. Yung ibang jokes niya super nakakatawa pero kapag nagbabanggit na siya ng pangalan ng personalities, medyo nakakailang na. I get the joke, pero duda ako na hindi nasasaktan yung pangalang nabanggit--kahit pa super friend niya. Kahit pa siguro sinabihan ni VG ang guest niya na "oy lolokohin kita ha" pwede iyong sumobra. At malamang sumosobra dahil sa saya ng biruan.
Pero curious ako kung iyong ibang nabanggit ay hindi nasaktan. Hindi nga kaya? O baka naman dahil nasa iisang istasyon? Malamang kung hindi sila nasa iisang istasyon (o kaibigan at kasalubong ni VG sa hall ng ABS), may magsasalita sa mga iyon... sa tingin ko lang naman, kasi kahit sino naman pag pinagtawanan, medyo mahihiya at maiinsulto.

Vice Ganda, iyong mga jokes na lang hindi nagbabanggit ng pangalan ninuman kahit saan pang istasyon iyan. Para safe at may trabaho pa rin...

Who is Mr Vice Ganda? 

A normal human being does not make fun or joke about violence against women nor of any person's weakness(es) especially appearances. this Vice Ganda could be:

1) suffering from a sudden bloated ego with sudden success getting into his head and losing all sense of decency & scruples along the way; or

2) covering up an identity crisis ...a man wanting to be woman but not getting anywhere here nor there -- not man enough but neither more nor less a woman; or

3) harboring subconscious hatred of women what with all the verbal attacks/aggression against women that could be rooted from his past childhood relationship(s)/experience(s) with female members of his family. a skeleton in the closet? find it and know where all this aggression against women are coming from.

Or all of the above? it would be worth his while for Vice Ganda to learn wisdom from these words, “We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” Rabindranath Tagore.

Cracking jokes by using other people's physical appearances may have elicit laughter to some but if it is done with haste and vulgarity to serious TV host like Ms Soho only show Vice Ganda's lack of schooling and inept qualification as a "professional comedian."


Okay, we get it. The rape joke is crude and crass. Give Vice a chance to apologize.

As for Arnold Clavio... Come on!!! Soho is a public figure and so are you. Anyone who works in politics, entertainment and news are fodder for satires. Award-winning or not, it's the position you put yourself into.O

There's a dividing line between frank, vulgar, truthful, decency and ridiculing people to earn a living. Unfortunately, Vice Ganda is proudly gay or "bakla" and he carries with him a horse-like monicker and the the crowd likes him.

*credits to asoulofanartist for the illustration

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  1. John Julius SantosJune 3, 2013 at 6:20 PM

    I watched the video of the concert, especially the segment when Vice Ganda told those rude jokes about Jessica Soho. Honestly, it is very funny and entertaining. But, if I am Jessica Soho, I will be offended, too.

    On Vice's part, you have to understand that those offending and below-the-belt jokes made him famous. It is his way of entertaining people, and most of us are entertained by those jokes. But, he needs to be more sensitive about it, especially with those celebrities outside ABS-CBN.

    On Jessica's part, I salute her for not caring about those overweight jokes and for the concern for those rape victims. But, I don't think Vice offended those rape victims directly.

    It is very obvious that Vice Ganda is the one who committed a mistake. But, everyone commits mistakes, and Jessica must also know that. I do not mean that we should forget about it, but Jessica should forgive Vice for this mistake.

  2. The contents of this article were well stated. The headline says it all, it explained what the article is about, and he kept it short but still meaningful. It immediately captures the attention of the readers which is good. His summary paragraph gave a good summary about the article and was able to explain the headline properly and in an orderly manner. Most of the sentences were constructed correctly. And finally the writer was able to give his opinion about the given issue in a respectful and informative approach.

  3. I didn't personally watch Vice Ganda's concert in Araneta Coliseum so I thought, no one was harmed. We can't deny that it was a sold out and very successful concert. After 11 days, issues are spreading around the social networking sites especially, facebook and twitter. Out of curiosity, I watched the video and read this article so I will have basis on my opinion.

    "I am sorry" are just words. Apologizing involves much more than words, expressing deepest emotions; Vice's apology lacks these criteria for it to make it authentic.

    I believe, bringing fun/happiness to people is different from making fun of people.

    The writer tackled the issue straight to the point. He didn't use confusing words and made it simple. The writer is unbiased, for the sake of good and fair press.

  4. Marck Anthony S. SargentoJune 3, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    This article was nice overall having all details about the issue between Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho was clearly elaborated. I understand that some people like VG makes funny jokes at other people but I did not expect that he would go that far for a joke especially on a famous news anchor, Jessica Soho on the other hand,told him also a joke which elaborately tells us how she really is pissed off, but I hope that their misunderstanding will be solved by peaceful means.

    The sentence construction is good enough to understand easily while the paragraph organization is also nice as the writer summarized the whole issue between the two clearly.

  5. Anna Matilda C. CarlosJune 3, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    The article was written very well. It has the complete details about the event. The writer used simple words that will not confuse the readers and managed to tell every detail fairly through each paragraph.

    I have watched the video and heard the joke. For me, they both made a mistake. We should understand that people will do everything they could just to earn money and retain or maintain their popularity. But others should be sensitive enough to think before they speak.

    Jessica Soho must understand the fact, that Vice Ganda is just doing his part as a performer. It is his concert and it’s his job to make people happy by his jokes. But we cannot blame Jessica Soho because she was hurt, and that was Vice Ganda's mistake. He should be sensitive enough with other people’s feelings. Because we should respect other people as much as we want to be respected.

  6. Content:
    I heard many feedbacks about what just happened in his concert. Honestly, I don't give very much interest with it, until I found out what really happened. For me, if I were in Jessica Soho's shoes I would probably feel the same. And I will go through also on what she decided to do. While on the other hand, I also understand Vice Ganda's part. The jokes that he utter depends on how people will take it but as much as possible he should choose the person whom he is going to make fun of. Both sides have their right points, I am just hoping that they would learn how to forgive and forget.

    Sentence Construction:
    The sentences were composed properly.

    Paragraph Organization:

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I didn’t watch the concert so I really don’t know what the joke is all about, until I watched the television and saw the issue. I think that the joke has gone too far because rape is a serious topic and should not be taken as a joke. Vice should stop joking about sensitive topics like rape and should not mention names in her joke because he might offend the person being told.

    The paragraph organization is good and the issue is clearly stated, and the sentence construction is simple and easy to understand.

  9. Lucille Grace V. Punzalan

    I have heard what both parties said and I think that they are both right; And the writer was able to deliver the message of both the parties through his first paragraph and through his second to the last line.

    But even though he was able to deliver the news well, I still have mixed feelings about this article because it showed more about Jessica Soho's side and only a little about Vice Ganda's side. But nevertheless, he was still able to fully show one side of the story.

  10. Franz Angelo P. Palmero

    First of all, I’m “concern” about the usage of words in this article especially the Filipino slang or the low form of language, you know what I’m referring to, to whom will read this. Maybe your target readers are adults or the one who can comprehend this article, but still minors can also read this where they may misinterpret this not just a joke because nowadays children have their own opinion.

    The article is with Mam Jessica Soho gaining her side and the side of Vice Ganda written here is almost about his wrong based on what the writer maybe heard and seen in his performance where for me it is unfair because it is only negative. I’m having switch of mind to whom I will agree to. Joke is half meant, they say but joke is a joke where higher level of intelligence is needed to understand this. There is a time we need to know our limitation especially to the person we don’t know much personally. I’m sorry to what I said and I respect this article.

    Sentence Construction:
    The sentences were formed correctly but with a little bit confusion in some part of the article. One question, is it really “ice Handa”?

    Paragraph Organization:
    The paragraph organization is properly done but I think it is better to introduce the characteristics of the characters on the opening especially Vice so that the reader will be on the single flow of the idea.

  11. Kay T. Sabordo
    IV- Berzelius

    I didn't personally watch Vice Ganda's Concert. But I heard many feedbacks about the concert, some are good and some are bad. I thought the rape joke Vice Ganda has said in his concert went to far a little bit and an apology must be mandatory to do whether he intentionally or unintentionally uttered that words.Both sides have been settled down and both moved on; Vice apologized to Soho and Soho acknowledged it so 'people' that are still affected by this issue must do the same.

    The article was written very well. The writer used simple words for the readers understand the article well. The sentences were composed properly and the sentences were consturcted properly. The paragraph organization is well-constructed.

  12. Alliah Faye S. CamilaJune 5, 2013 at 9:27 PM

    Alliah Faye S. Camila
    IV- Copernicus

    I didn't watch Vice Ganda's concert in Smart Araneta Coliseum but I heard many news and comments about what just happened in his concert. I think that the Vice Ganda rape joke is showing a grossly insensitive lack of intelligence. Rape is never funny and it shouldn't ever be used in comedy or in a joke.

    I know Vice Ganda is a comedian but he/she also should be responsible to his/her jokes.

  13. I wasn’t really a fan of Vice Ganda so I really don’t know anything about his concert until I have watched Jessica Soho in the television saying her reactions about Vice Ganda making fun of the “Rape Victims”. After that, reactions of different people started flooding Facebook and Twitter. With that, I suddenly got curious of what had actually happened in the concert and watched the videos in Youtube. Upon watching the video of his concert, I raised an eyebrow. I mean woah that was clearly below the belt! Yeah, it was a concert and we should really expect this to be absolutely funny since Vice Ganda was known for his waggish jokes but it was absurd. I agree with the writer that even his fellow stars that he made fun of were slightly hurt if not totally.

    But as the writer said, we should give Vice Ganda a chance. We must forgive him, and give him another chance to prove that he had learned something from the issue because people learn from mistakes, right? I’ll just hope that he’ll do learn his mistake and would never commit the same again. It is fine to say jokes but be sure to know your boundaries.

    This article was really good and I certainly agree with the writer about his opinions. I also like the way he sees a thing, taking both side equally. The way he criticizes is also amazing. I also like the quote he included in the article, “We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.” Rabindranath Tagore. Got to keep that in mind :)

    Ferrer, Railenne Mae M.


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