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Arc Mobile : Is It Better than the Competition?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I salute Pinoy products because I am a proud to promote Filipino made products that came from the creative minds and entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos. Whether in or out of the Philippines, the Pinoy really makes an outstanding mark.

I most admire those businessmen who would try to compete with big brands in a world where branding and recognition is highly invested upon. We would see a lot of marketing efforts that would shell out a large financing in order to promote a brand.

It is such an inspiration knowing that locals would try to make a name out from a market that's already filled up with so many choices.

But we do know that the number of gadgets owned by Filipinos already outnumber even the entire population of the Philippines. That's how involved, connected, or you could say addicted we are of mobile phones and the thought of staying connected and mobile with ease.

But enough with the praises. I bet that you are more interested in finding out if these Pinoy brands are any good enough, or the typical cheap unreliable low-quality products you'll find at tiangges.

I hate it when there is vewry little trust with Philippine-made products, and I detest the people who would rate the products a negative or flat zero because it makes us look bad to the eyes of an international audience.

But still, we cannot blame them if they are telling the honest truth.

Bottomline is : Is the Arc Mobile brand good enough to be considered a proud product from a Filipino company?

The answer may yet to be revealed as we just got an initial impression of just the look, specs and price. We still need to evaluate if the product is good enough at actual usage being used in actual applications and stressed to many tests. 

For a great price of all below 7k, plus specifications very competitive with what is out in the market, Arc Mobile is something to watch out for,

Initial testings of my colleagues who already have review units are giving positive feedback. To know if they are sincere with their reviews, I simply have to review the units on my own. So I will leave you with more pictures and the thought that I will soon release a follow-up article containing the experiences with a particular unit(s).

Arc Mobile has chosen bloggers to be their prime online media partner of which they praised us telling that bloggers are more influential and popular than celebrities in terms of giving out unbiased and more colorful reviews.

Though the casings of the units may look somewhat similar from the other units of other brands, they are deemed more powerful and affordable than the existing rates.

Stand by for more testimonials of how great or poor Arc Mobile gadgets are.

But I assure you that they might soon rule the mobile phones line if they play their cards right.

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  2. For me we should support what our people do to our country to be famous, and as much as possible we should buy our own made gadgets even though we always think the negative way still we must support our own-made gadgets not just gadgets but anything that was made by us...

    Content about the gadgets made by Filipinos that we should be supporting it....

    Sentence construction: Can easily be understand ....

    Paragraph Organization: Well-organized

    by: Ana Katrina Mendoza

  3. As a Filipino, we must patronize our own products because each purchase you make, each peso you spend, makes a big difference to our country. Now it’s time to give our trust to our fellow Filipinos, It can make their Businesses more success and competitive which can help for the progress of our country. It also solves the economic crisis of our country because it provides more jobs for our fellow Filipinos. We must not Judge our products immediately, the best thing we can do is to support it and this could help our country.

    Content: Products that made by Our fellow Filipinos.

    Sentence Construction: We can easily understand this article because the sentences our grammatically correct and they also use Familiar words.

    Paragraph Organization: We can say that the Paragraphs are well organized.

    -Aubrey Joy de Jesus.

  4. Jhustin Raymar RalaJune 3, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    This Arc Mobile gadgets which made by the Filipinos is an honor not only for themselves but for us, Filipinos who believe that we can compete with other countries when it comes to economics. This gadgets may become a big impact for the progress of our country, if we continue to explore our own talent in creating useful gadgets which can be used as a big help in future. Our government officials must be supportive enough in this kind of project including us by patronizing this Filipino-made gadget and by this, I think it might be the start of the change for our country.

  5. Jhustin Raymar RalaJune 3, 2013 at 9:31 PM


    Content: Gadgets made by Filipinos.

    Sentence Construction: Well constructed, can be easily understand.

    Paragraph orientation: Proper oriented.

  6. Interesting! I do believe that we, Filipinos are competent enough to be able to compete with those powerful countries in regards to our economy given the right amount of support from the people and the government. I am delighted to know that despite the undying love of Filipinos for international products there are still some people who are willing to change that fact. Personally, I am a fan of international products as well though I might take a step back and see how this Arc Mobile works, since it does gives off a promising vibe, judging from the looks of it.
    The sentence construction is as clear as crystal and the paragraph organization is well-organized.
    Justine Marinnel Salva

  7. This article is just one of the hundred reasons why we should be proud as a Filipino citizen. We all know that gadgets today especially those tablets and latest phones are in-demand not only in the Philippines but also in the world. To cope-up with the rising technology, our fellow Filipinos invented Arc Mobile gadgets that we can be proud of. Affordable in price and high quality mobile products, its truly amazing to be a Filipino! In order to recognize our own products in the world, we must first patronize our very own products. In that order, we not just help our fellow Filipino citizens but also our own land, Philippines.

    *Content- New invented gagdgets by our fellow Filipinos.

    *Sentence Construction- Well organized. A detailed information about the gadget to their own point of view. Can be easily understand because of easy english words.

    *Paragraph Organization- systematic arrangement

    BY: Martha May Cabral (Boyle)

  8. hey, naun ko lng nalaman ito and im glad to say that filipino made pala ang gamit ko na mobile hehe the time i purchase arc mobile nitro 500D i'd no idea bout it's manufacturer, cos binili ko sya dhil sa specs nya & ithink it fits to my nids. astig sya... kakaproud, smooth gamitin at affordable. thanks for the info hehe #late


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