Sunday, May 26, 2013

Isabelle Daza Joins a Cause for Cervical Cancer Prevention

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Cervical cancer is sadly the second deadliest cancer prevalent among the women of the Philippines, and maybe even the world. It is next to breast cancer to claim many lives, but it is unfortunately the hardest to cure because you would usually notice the symptoms once it is already at a deadly stage.

Thus it is advisable to have a regular check-up to detect it during its earlier stage when it is still possible to cure it.

Isabelle Daza, plus other personalities join the cause to encourage women to submit themselves to regular detection to prevent or avoid being among the casualties of this dreaded disease.

The event was dubbed as "Think Again. Bury the Excuses" and was held at the Romulo Cafe located somewhere at Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

I was first to arrive at the venue as I often make it a point to be early so as to give myself plenty of time to
search for the place especially if its my first time to go to the said venue or if the area and means of transportation is not familiar.

Sometimes its rewarding because you get to win the early bird prize, but not all event organizers value that certain positive attribute of attendees and lets others wait for the latecomers.

So I was a couple of hours early, and had to wait a bit further because we had to wait for more attendees before we could start the program. However, the main celebrity guest  and speaker was also in a hurry due to another appointment so the event had to start already.

Thank goodness, otherwise I may have to suffer longer hours all thirsty and uncomfortable at my seat.

In short, the intention of the event was to let people know, especially the women, to have their regular check-up to be able to detect the earliest time possible any signs of the cervical cancer disease.

Prevention is once again better than cure as many who suffer from this disease rarely survive especially when they are in the stages that cure is no longer possible.

It is our responsibility to advise our friends to have their regular "pap smear" check-up.

After Isabelle Daza left for another engagement, other speakers including JC Santos, who was able to successfully earn his millions through his own business, led us into sort of a workshop where we all participated in a certain activity.

We were then asked to write down on a piece of cardboard shaped like a tombstone the things that we would like to bury.

A coffin-like item was uncovered right in front of us where we seemingly buried our worries and fears. It is a motivational effort meant to give us more courage to face our struggles.


A medical practitioner was also present as a speaker who gave us the more technical or medical terms. This is where the topic of cervical cancer was explained in details including other facts that could help us save the lives of people who may be suffering already with Cervical Cancer.

What's the solution. Early detection through regular check-ups.

Do not wait until you feel something wrong. Make it a habit to have regular medical check-ups as early as NOW!

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