Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Airports in the Philippines : The Mystery That Is Digichive

The airports in the Philippines are among the worst in the world. Is that so?

There will always be a few cases of unpleasant bathrooms, lost or misplaced baggage, delayed flights, and the list goes on,  but these are the same problems that other airports in the world are also experiencing.

Well, If compared to the other airports I've been to, ours is not really that impressive.,,,,but I agree to the statement that you get to reach the bathroom quicker in Philippine airports as compared to the huge airports of other countries.

I've been to Bangkok, and I had the longest time reaching their toilets. I swear I almost went pee-pee on my pants....hahaha.

In fairness, every time I travel I see improvements being done on one part of the airport. So it only means there is continuous renovations ongoing. For the provinces, there will always be defective scanning machines - those bulky machines that are used to scan personal luggage, briefcases and all other kinds of bags.

As always, and in every country, there would be some people who could have profited from the projects. The only difference perhaps is the degree or extent of corruption.

I guess it all comes down to transparency in the proper use of airport funds so that the people will finally be more comfortable in accepting the reported costs and not too paranoid to think there might be a percentage of the budget that went to the pockets of the people running the projects. The process is complex and goes through a lot of channels and signatories that it is very difficult to trace where the shenanigans happen.

They say issues often spread when there seems to be several doubts on the air. The coming out of the Digichive issue only means there must be some truth to it. Conspiracy theories? Real facts? or just a character assassination?

Airport assassination? The only way to prove if that is true is if there would be somebody believable and trustworthy enough to go around the world and check on the airports.

Airport advertising gone bad? The government should handle its airport advertising contract more seriously. If ever there were some people who profited from the long-time projects then they may be long gone by now and took the advantage to hide their tracks.

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  1. A lot of improvements are needed in the airports and one of them is transparency on government contracts for the airport.

  2. hmmm good points sir. thanks for sharing. and yeah hope the government in their efforts to clean their ranks will be more transparent.

  3. I agree our airports need improvement but I'm glad that something's being done about them now. Slowly but surely :)

  4. Sometimes the problem is with the airlines also, I remembered one time we brought wine with us and when the baggage was returned, they were handled very badly and it was broken. So I guess both the airlines and the government funded airports should all be improved.

  5. I think that the government should improve our airports because it is where tourists pass by every time they go to Philippines. If they can see that the airport is not that good that maybe their impression to the Philippines. I am just glad that there are improvements i hope it would continue so our airports are god enough.

  6. Nice point sir! Our airports serve as the entry of most tourists in our country, that's why the government should also consider that the airports needed a lot of renovations thought improvements were made, for it is but part of how we market our country. We are really a long way up there.

  7. Hindi ko lubos mahiwalay ang isyung eto sa isyung may gumagawa ng character assassination laban sa yo. May kinalaman kaya ang dalawa sa buod ng sinulat mo?

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