Monday, January 11, 2021

Why is the government favoring Sinovac over other Covid-19 vaccine brands

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Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque says deal sealed for 25M doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine.




Tignan mo tong kabobohan ni Duque. Nagsecure ng 25 million doses ng Sinovac vaccine knowing it has 70+ side effects? Good lord, this is why a lot fo Filipino scientists opt to pursue a career abroad. Kasi in other countries, their opinion matters. I ain't getting that shit in me.

And hello???? Ang mahal kaya ng dose ng Sinovac? Lahat talaga ng mga ganap sa gobyerno puro hindi maka-masa

Eh mas mahal nga Sinovac kaysa sa Pfizer pero mas effective Pfizer kaysa sa Sinovac.

See, palakpakan si Duque! Mas mahal na nga ang napili nya kaysa Pfizer eh 50% efficacy pa. Nakakagalit.

China pa rin talaga kahit mababa ang efficacy rate at maraming side effect. May findings na ba kung effective sa 2nd strain nang Coronavirus ang Sinovac?

Sinovac has no EUA approval from established markets eg. US FDA , EU ; efficacy and safety data not well documented. 
Given low acceptability rate on vaccination in surveys, will the government procurement of Sinovac boost vaccine trust among Filipinos?

Sen. Pangulo Lacson is also mystified over the seeming preference for Sinovac vaccine.

Likewise, I’m quite disturbed too with the government ‘s preference for Sinovac given its high cost and low efficacy rate vs Pfizer and Astra. I don’t think it would help in boosting  up low vaccine trust among Filipinos as shown in surveys.  

There is a pattern favoring Sinovac instead of others without justification or empirical proof... Yun ang parang mali. Also... Expensive.

I hope they would somehow explain bakit Sinovac ang pinagpipilitan kahit less effective.  I deserve to know as I am a tax payer.  It's expensive and less effective.  Bakit po ito?  Bakit po? Bakettttt!!!

Para mabaon tayo lalo sa utang at para maging kabayaran yung mga teritoryo natin. Ganun lang yun.

I realized this government prefers Sinovac despite all the misgivings attached to the vaccine probably because it wants the Covid crisis to go on in this country until 2022 so that it has a reason to postpone the election until charter change is done.

Sinovac will be the season 2 of Dengvaxia. Padaliin kasi may elections pa parating.

Something about LGUs doing everything they can to secure doses from AstraZeneca and Pfizer and there's the national government settling for the Sinovac despite its low efficacy rate isn't sitting right with me.

Navotas conducted among 6,128 respondents about their preferred brand: most preferred is Pfizer/BioNTech at 84.2%. Whereas, Moderna at 6.1%: AstraZeneca at 3.8%, Russia’s Sputnik V at 3.5%...

And Chinese' vaccines Sinovac and Sinopharm got 1.2% percent and 0.4% respectively. 

Makati is looking at procuring vaccines from Pfizer, Janssen, or AstraZeneca for its local inoculation program against COVID-19.

Mayor Binay that the choices of the vaccines were considered upon consultation with residents of the city.

In a tweet, Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso explained that the city has reached out to US drug makers Pfizer and Moderna for vaccine supply and that they have an established vaccination process on standby.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry TreƱas has signed a deal with UK drugmaker AstraZeneca for 600,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines for his constituents.

Not even the mayor of Davao, Sara Duterte, would give preference to the Chinese vaccine...said she met online with the United Kingdom (UK) manufacturer AstraZeneca on Friday morning, January 8, and both parties look forward to their agreement.

Pasig city Mayor Vico Sotto did not mention the brand but emphasized he wants "high efficacy."

"Basta may FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval okay naman po sa'min 'yun. The higher the efficacy mas gusto natin 'yun, kahit sino naman po siguro."

Many of us LGUs signed a tripartite agreement with AstraZeneca and the national government.

Pasig ordered 400K doses (200M pesos). Actual quantity and date of delivery will depend on several factors.

We'll buy from others as well as opportunities arise.

More cities added, announced that they have signed deals for the advance purchase of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

San Juan City, Valenzuela City, Caloocan City...All confirmed their separate agreements with the pharmaceutical company on Sunday.

The list would also include over 30 private companies, has partnered with the Philippine government and British drug maker AstraZeneca.

What is the national government's criteria in choosing which vaccine to procure?! What's in the Sinovac vaccine (compared to others) made our Health Department choose it among others?! Was this brand from China responsible for the "token" vaccines given to the Presidential Security Group and other high ranking officials for free?

It is so fishy why this government is still pushing for Sinovac despite lack of data, lower efficiency, higher price, etc., compared to other vaccine brands i.e. AstraZeneca. Makes me think that there is under the table negotiation going on to get kickback. Salute to LGUs for filling the gap better than Duque.

The national government secured Sinovac doses then lgus bought Astra Seneca instead. It shows there's really something wrong with the former, and the latter shows more concern for the people. This administration is obviously rotten to the core.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

PH Government signs agreement to secure 30M doses of Covovax

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The Philippine government, represented by Vaccine Czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., Serum Institute of India (SII) and Faberco Life Sciences, Inc., have signed a Term Sheet on January 9, 2021 to secure the supply of 30 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine Covovax, which will be available starting third quarter of this year.

“This is a significant milestone in relations between India and the Philippines. It shows that we don’t have to look far beyond Philippine shores to find friends who are willing to help each other out,” Kishore Hemlani, Founder of Faberco Life Sciences Inc., SII’s Philippine partner, said after the signing with Sec. Galvez.

SII, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, partnered with Novavax, a US-based biotechnology company for the development and commercialization of the Covovax vaccine. The vaccine has the recombinant coronavirus spike protein nanoparticle and a Novavax-patented Matrix-M adjuvant to enhance the immune response and stimulate high levels of neutralizing antibodies. Covovax is in third-stage trials and expected to be approved for use by international regulators.

“The vaccine will be used to vaccinate 15 million vulnerable and poor Filipinos. The vaccine is stable at 2°C to 8°C, the standard temperature that is within the existing cold chain system in the Philippines, thus allowing its distribution to the remotest barangays,” said Faberco Life Sciences Medical Director Dr. Luningning Villa.

The candidate vaccine is thoroughly evaluated in different geographies, various age groups, groups that are most affected by COVID-19, including people living with HIV, and racial and ethnic minorities. The clinical trials involve a sizeable population of around 50,000 subjects to ensure extreme robust clinical data prior to approval by relevant regulatory bodies including the World Health Organization.

The vaccine underwent the initial phase of the clinical trials in Australia, South Africa and India. Phase-three trial is currently carried out in the UK with 15,000 subjects and also ongoing in the United States and Mexico with 30,000 subjects.

The price of the vaccine is expected to be finalized soon between the government and SII, which is noted for providing effective, safe and affordable vaccines across the globe through the decades. SII is a dependable supplier of various vaccines to the Philippines, especially those used in the government’s Expanded Program for Immunization.

Faberco Life Sciences, Inc., is also SII’s partner for key programs in the country such as the Inactivated Polio vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine, aside from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

#BawalJudgemental: Heal the hearts of the abused

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You're in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh, and to make good memories. Not to be constantly upset, to feel hurt and to cry.

Today's episode of #BawalJudgmental about domestic abuse hits so close to home. Akala ko okay na ko, pero triggered pa rin ako every time nakakarinig ako ng ganitong stories. 

How could people -- a supposed life partner at that -- physically, emotionally, mentally abuse their other half? Bottomline, no one should resort to violence just because you're drunk, sad, angry or whatever.

To everyone reading this, please know your worth and don't forget to love yourself.

Ang bigat ng #BawalJudgmental episode today. Naiiyak at nadudurog puso ko habang pinakikinggan yung napagdaanan nila. Let this be a lesson to all girls out there, that you shouldn't lose respect to yourselves  and never let any man hurt you just because you love them.

We all deserve to be loved so sa lahat diyan na nakakaranas ng abuse, please don't be afraid to leave that kind of set up. We all deserve better. We all deserve someone to treat and love us more than the way we want to be treated and be loved. 

"Mahal na mahal ko eh." I never knew these words would hurt so so so much. To the girl reading this, you deserve someone who would love you so so much and would never ever hurt you. So if it's hard already, if you are hurting and can't take it anymore, leave the unfair relationship. 

The stories today on #BawalJudgmental highlight the toxicity of Philippine society's OVERemphasis on the family.

Ayaw magkaroon ng broken family pero at the expense of personal safety and sanity. Luh.


Today's #BawalJudgmental should also emphasize the importance of mental health.

Issuance of marriage licenses should require psychiatric exams/evaluation.

It's not easy being a woman who's with an abusive man. Ladies, please love yourself. Never be afraid to let go if he is not treating you right anymore. Again, love yourself.  

It is better to break your own heart by leaving an abusive relationship, rather than having that person breaking your heart every day. 

Laban lang para sa ating matatapang! Magiging okay din ang lahat. 

Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, its the place where we find the deepest heartache.  

It's the people you love the most ang kaya talagang makapanakit sa iyo ng todo.

Wiping people away from our lives is the hardest thing to, do but we have to in order to grow, to be happy and in order to find what we truly deserve. Remember we should never settle for less than what we deserve. KNOW YOUR WORTH and KNOW WHEN IT'S TIME TO LEAVE. 

Also, please do not be afraid to file a case against your abusive partner. PAO provides indigent litigants free legal assistance, kaya huwag niyo isipin na 'walang pera' to file a case. 

That is, only if you've tried everything to make the relationship work. Know your limits. Know when enough is enough.

What’s sad is that some do not even realize they’re in abusive relationships. 

Sticking to your partners despite abuse because of the reason,”what about the kids” is wrong. When your partner does not treat you right, even just verbally, leave. Specially when you have kids. They might not tell you but they suffer a lot, mentally and emotionally.

To all the women: 


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Men, if you can’t be a responsible partner or father, do not enter a relationship. 

Heal all the hearts of these people who experienced abuse.

Alden's question "Ano sa tingin mo ang pagkukulang mo kaya siya naging ganun?" reeks of low-key victim blaming.

But panoorin ninyo muna ang buong video ng question niya ..Yung doctor na din nagsabi na minsan ay may pagkukulang din yung babae kaya na-curious si Alden at naitanong niya sa contestant..Huwag agad judgemental? Lol


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