Monday, June 5, 2017

DOE To Lead Inter-Agency Effort to Rehabilitate Marawi's Energy Facilities

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Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi has created an inter-agency group to come up with options on rehabilitating Marawi City's energy facilities in the aftermath of damage inflicted by the Maute terrorist group that laid siege on the city last month.

Members of the group are the Department of Energy, National Power Corporation, Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation, National Electrification Administration and the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative.

As this developed, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Securing Energy Facilities (IATSEF) reported today (June 5) that the power situation in Lanao del Sur province has yet to fully normalize as 15 municipalities are still without power and only 20 percent of Marawi City is energized.

The second district with 16 municipalities is fully energized according to the Task Force based on the report by LASURECO on the current power supply in its franchise area as of 9:00 am on June 5.

Power supply in the three towns of Lanao del Norte remains normal.

With regard to power generation, the National Power Corporation Mindanao Generation (NPC MinGen) reported that the Agus-Pulangi power plants are operating normally, with Marawi Lake elevation at 701.292 masl and Lake Lanao discharge at 160 cms.

The National Grid Corporation Transmission also reported normal operations in its transmission facilities. Mindanao State University, which is directly connected to the transmission lines, has been energized as of 12:34 pm last Saturday (3 June).

Meanwhile, the IATSEF has expanded its membership to include the Department of Finance, Philippine Information Agency and the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation.

The task of the group is to secure all energy facilities in the entire country.

The expanded membership of the IATSEF and the policies on resiliency are embodied in a draft Department Circular that will be scheduled for public consultation.

Thoughts on Commemorating Independence Day

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We wonder what would be a great topic (and guests) for Independence Day theme. This is for the next episode of Wazzup Pilipinas Radio on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The only struggle is to wake up early for the 6 to 7 am time slot. But as they say "Pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan." Early birds often gets rewarded for the extra effort. That has been personally tried and tested by yours truly. But when sometimes the latecomers win the prizes during raffle time since their names are on top of the fishing bowl, in reality, the early birds get the better impression from the event organizers for being punctual.

We totally admire our previous guests who were able to come early. All the while we thought we would have a hard time inviting guests to come over as early as 6 am since that would mean they would have to wake up at least by 4 am to prepare - have breakfast, take a bath, commute or drive, etc...

The good part is that there's still no traffic congestion by that time especially on a Sunday. However, it is also hard to fetch a cab (or Grab and Uber) or commute by tricycle, jeep, bus if you live at the inner part of a city where public transpo is rare to pass during those very early hours in the morning when the sun has not even glimpsed.

But so far, I am able to work around it by trying out different routes to get to the radio station in Quezon city (three rides the most if you commute)....and always never late. I even arrive too early that I would still catch up with the even earlier radio show - now I wonder how he does it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Diana Velasco Wins as First Lakambini ng Las Casas (Filipinas de Acuzar)

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Congratulations to the very first Lakambini ng Las Casas - Candidate No. 2 - Diana Velasco of Balanga.

While many were cheering for Candidate No. 18 mostly throughout the grand coronation night, Candidate No. 2 shined out the most in the eyes of the judges. 

It may have something to do also with how she answered during the Question and Answer portion - the most dreaded part of every beauty pageant because it could make or break a candidate's chance for the top awards.

However, I could also say it's the overall beauty and brains that made Candidate No. 2 win. Her charming aura spelled the difference only among any of the top placers, but many of the candidates are indeed vibrant on their own.

Maybe many were rooting for somebody else, but still the judges have the last and final word on the decision of who they are going to crown as the very first Lakambini ng Las Casas. 

Who would want to question the decision of the prestigious judges like fashion designers Edwin Uy and Cary Santiago. There was also Mario Dumaual from ABS-CBN, and beauty queens like Janela Joy Cuaton.
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