Sunday, November 8, 2020

You're Fired, Donald Trump!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sacha Baron Cohen has a message for Donald Trump following Joe Biden's victory: "Donald—you’re out of work and I know I offered you a job. But your performance this past week was tragic and sad. Offer rescinded." 

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton told us how this would go. Give it up, Donald. Nothing was rigged. You're fired! 

Go cry in jail, you racist, homophobic, sexist, disabled mocking, tax dodging, lying, white supremacy supporting, false information spreading, bleach injecting, fat orange twat.

Outside the White House, someone in a crowd of pro-Joe Biden supporters waves a sign reading "You're Fired!" directed at President Trump. 

How wonderful is it to see the White House on with so many Patriots celebrating in front of a big “YOU’RE FIRED” sign on the gate? Love it so damn much.

After Pennsylvania became the state to clinch the election, Joe Biden's supporters in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia poured into the street with signs reading "The People Have Spoken," "Thank Youse" and "Philly Says: Donald Trump, You're Fired." 

That’s what happens when you tell over half the country they’re garbage and you refuse to represent the entire country. They take what should have been an honor and privilege afforded few people away. 

"Stood up against a slightly elder chap,

had a #TrumpTantrum and flung much crap,

with many a tweet saying others lied,

Even twitter got involved with tweet denied,

finally this reign has almost expired,

US have spoke - Donald Trump you're fired."

#ByeByeTrump. Goodbye, man. YOU'RE FIRED even though you say you won this election by a lot.


Don't let the incomplete wall hit your fat ass on the way out.

The American people, 75,000,000 and counting, have said "You’re fired." And have given Trump a kick in the ass to the curb! 

Trump is a child. Joe Biden swept that wee victory of him under the rug. Biden got the HIGHEST popular vote in the history of presidency.

Biden got well over 74 million popular votes! 290 electoral votes. He won. I know Trump doesn’t have big boy pants to put on and accept this- but, it’s true. He lost. He better get his racist, narcissistic, lyin ass packin! He is FIRED! America chose democracy over fascism! 

After Trump is done crying, it will be proven. He has NO evidence, as usual.

YOU’RE FIRED, LOSER!!! Your reign of terror is quickly coming to an end and America is rejoicing! For everyone you’ve caused harm to, we reject your hate, your lies, your bigotry, your racism, your bigotry, your arrogance and narcissism. Pack your shit and GTFOH!  

Please just leave the White House quickly and quietly. No need for histrionics. 

America has spoken, you're out. DONALD TRUMP, YOU'RE FIRED!!! 

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