Thursday, November 12, 2020

Typhoon Ulysses is giving us Ondoy feels, and I don't like it

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There's currently a storm going through NCR and Calabarzon of the Philippines.

The winds are so angry and it hasn't stopped raining since early in the afternoon. Not to mention, the electricity has been going on and off.  Hopefully the Internet powered by Converge here in Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal will remain up.

Parang Ondoy lang ulit shuta!

Walang tulugan!! 

It feels like I'm back during the first days of Ondoy here way back in 2009. This is so scary!

Never been this scared of storms until Ondoy came. Now Ulysses feels like Ondoy. Traumatizing because we got caught in the flood where our rented business establishment got totally submerged under water. Only the roof was left showing. All our computers and other equipment (since it was a computer gaming center and Internet cafe) all got soaked in water for a few days. 

The brown coffee-with-creamer-like flood waters just went up really fast and it became difficult to evacuate. Even our car was totally under water for days. We sold that car eventually since it never ran as good as it was before, and all those signs of the flood just brings back traumatizing memories.

My daughter got sick for a month afterwards. Even the doctors in the hospital couldn't figure out what's wrong with her. Only to leave the hospital after exerting all efforts for cure. My wife even approached an "albularyo" since the doctors exhausted all laboratory tests and medicines already.

These rain and winds are bringing back some serious typhoon anxiety. Ondoy made me shift my fear to flooding, and these middle-of-night howling winds are reminding me why our typhoon warning signals are based on wind speed.

Ondoy-mentality: you don't sleep during a storm because Ondoy was as real as things get.

Trying to calm down because my head is panicking. Traumatic na yung Ondoy. Tama na, please stop!

It's already 1 am as of this writing but the rain and wind is still strong, and seems going stronger every hour now.

Just like Ondoy, the rains started late afternoon until early morning the next day. I just hope all our flooding systems as well as pumping stations will work without any flaws. 

While both our residence are at safer areas now since our Pasig home is on the 5th floor of a building, while our residence in Montalban is on relatively high ground. Our eldest child was left alone in Pasig while the four of us are here in Montalban. Ondoy flood submerged the streets around us back then making our roof an island back in 2009). 

Water level at the Marikina river reached close to 16 meters as of 11:14pm last night. The water level may have already reached 16m, which means voluntary evacuation already happening, while a 17m water level triggers forced evacuations. No updates sen posted yet.

Now, that the Marikina river is rising again and is now at critical levels, if this rain won't stop, we might be experiencing another flood like what Ondoy caused.

So I guess there's no sleeping tonight until daybreak.

Just please stop complaining about getting the NDRRMC alerts. Just appreciate the effort NDRRMC is doing. Because we didnt have that when Ondoy and Yolanda happened. 

Every other day we get news about a flood or an extreme weather event ravaging a town. This didn't used to happen this often. Ondoy was considered a phenomenon. It seems relatively ordinary now. I don't understand how people can still deny climate change.

Ondoy happened Sept 2009 and now all the typhoons are happening during November. Climate change is real. 

The power fluctuations is making me nervous. Please don’t be another Ondoy.

Stay safe everyone.

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