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Vice Ganda: Sinong mas straight?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Vice Ganda got disowned by his own community. 

Practice lang.

It's clear that Vice Ganda did not know about the series. He and the it entire show didn't get the advocacy and the message of GSP. So, never again!  

The question 'Sino ang mas straight?' Not funny!

You can see how Ian and Paolo got awkward with the question. 

Asking that assumes na meron laging guy/girl sa relationship. Putting LGBT in heteronormative (straight relationship) expectations.

For queer relations, there may be two gays or two lesbians or any combo, would not matter. And besides, personal matters are best left personal.

1. Stop  who's the guy/girl in queer relations and stop making gameshows out of very personal matters.

2. Being LGBT+ does not auto-remold one's backward attitudes on SOGIE.

3. Educate, take up space and fight.

Vice Ganda should know better, but she seems busy being a tool for heteronormative media.

It saddens me that actors from a BL series were treated as sexual objects and pressed with heteronormative standards in the show. Vice Ganda, you could have done better. listen to the LGBT community. You should all not be regressing.

It isn't the first time that Vice Ganda has this tone-deaf remarks. For someone that has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade w/ such privilege, it's disappointing that he still chooses to be ignorant on crucial matters such as LGBT discourses. Nakakapagod.

You know what needs straightening? 

The twisted backward notion that homosexual relations need to fit heteronormative expectations. The failure to understand the complexity of LGBT beyond sexual stuff.

Goes to show that both our media and culture are intensely backward, and it will take a lot more than BL shows and a Twitter echo chamber to change the conditions that make them in the first place. Educate, educate, struggle, struggle.

Eh divided nga ang LGBT. Mas marami, wapakels. Yung iba sila pa mismo una manlait. Look at Vice. Patawa lang sya dahil dun pera niya. Yun lang nakita nyang role niya.

It is simply the unwillingless to see the world in terms other than the received heteronormative orthodoxies. I would be embarrassed to be involved with something this outdated.

No more educating. I should be allowed to hate the likes of Vice Ganda who possesses both social and economic capital, who has had all the time to learn about this community should they actually wanted to, yet never did.

If you're still wondering why so many Filipinos admire Vice Ganda but deny the LGBT+ basic human rights, it's because Vice reduces her gender identity to only a form of entertainment or whatever that sells, instead of utilizing her platform to amplify the plight of the community.

Unless he actually learns about sensitivity and makes use of his influence for good, Vice Ganda will never be a respectable gay icon.

He is an icon, alright. But in so many wrong ways.

Ang foundation ng career niya ay base sa insensitivity.

He doesn't have the respect of a huge chunk of the community. No sensible queer person respects him.

Walang ambag sa sariling community kasi. He is a gay person so full of himself. He will never be effective to represent the LGBT community.

Vice Ganda is not an LGBT ally. The only thing the comedian knows is horribly making fun of people, including those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Tasteless, cheap comedy.

Of course Vice Ganda's still problematic. Let's not forget that they enabled Duterte's rise to power. Only gets serious and political when it affects them, and continues to perpetuate tropes against members of the LGBTQ+ community with "sino ang mas straight/tigasin/kulot?

Even when the ABS-CBN shutdown happened, AFAIK they didn't even bat an eyelash

They just setup shop sa YouTube.

Literally just one tweet about praying and that was it. Back to business, because it didn't affect their livelihood. The privilege.

Make it make sense? Also the subtle innuendos with the other terms listed? Just shows all y'all do is sexualize and use the LGBTQIA+ community for entertainment. 

Vice Ganda pulling off a stunt like that for the straights? I'm not surprised because majority of the bitch's demographic are straight ppl so he will perform what is appealing to the straights which is "funny" gay stereotypical jokes. Gross. 

Also LGBTs don't recognize Vice Ganda as part of the community.

How does it feel to be a queer and a tool of hetero-patriarchy? I dunno, ask Vice Ganda

Hetero-patriarchy - In feminist/queer theory, it's a socio-political system where (primarily) cisgender heterosexual males exert authority/dominance over cisgender/non-conforming females or other sexual orientations and gender identities.

It seeks to reinforce heteronormative values as the only identity acceptable meanwhile oppressing other genders, gender identities, and other sexual orientations through domination of the media space, pushing anti-LGBTQIA+ policies, reinforcing hetero social norms etc.

Vice Ganda is the problematic gay y'all need to call out. They don't acknowledge nor do they apologize for any problematic thing they do.

How can Filipino families be acceptive of the gays when they are seeing vice ganda as an “example.” 

Instead of apologizing and learning they dismiss it by saying "toxic kayo dapat good vibes lang" then proceeds to justify what they did.

It's proof that Vice Ganda is tone deaf and having a queer person on your team does not mean you have a queer-friendly show.

Isn’t there anyone on it's Showtime Na’s team that is part of the LGBT+ community that could’ve flagged this and explained why it’s wrong? 2020 na guys, nandiyan pa din kayo. 

This is exactly the “stereotyping” that they talked about in #GSP. The irony of it happening to the actors in real life is very telling of how much work there is to be done SMH.

This is exactly the micro-aggression talked about in #GSP what a shame.

How ironic given how the series teaches us the exact opposite.

Nakakahiya! Kesehodang hindi tungkol sa sexuality ang buong tanong mali pa rin sya! Just for the sake of viewership ganito ang gagawin Ng It's Showtime Na sa mga guests nila?!

Vice Ganda’s always been a problematic gay, the way this sis never learns.

Really the range of his humor is making other people feel bad or uncomfortable from his bad jokes. He literally only has like one or two movies that were actually tolerable to watch.

Paolo’s awkward smile and Jan’s shift in body language after that awful question left Vice Ganda’s mouth. 

I understand the frustration, it was an unfair situation that happened on It's Showtime Na and it deserves the criticism that it's getting. 

Vice Ganda and Ellen DeGeneres are in the same category of "could've been the icons we needed but..."

But we shouldn’t put all the blame to Vice Ganda only because the one who was really at fault and should also be blamed here is the segment producer/writer.

Though that doesn’t mean Vice Ganda is excused, because she’s still accountable for this as a host of this segment.

It's OK to be angry, but it must be directed towards the root of the problem. Be angry at Vice Ganda if you must. She's been at that business for so long. She has the resources to be educated.

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