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6 Major Differences Between College and University

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High school is an important part of every student’s life. After graduating from high school, students often get confused about which course is the best fit for them. Whether they should follow their dream or choose a high-end paying career is a big question. If you are a student who has just started exploring their academic options, then read this article by Peachy Essay to find out six major differences between a college and university.

1. Course: A university is an educational institution that provides comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and professional study programs to the students. If you take admission in a university, you can apply for a master’s or doctorate program. Some universities offer an integrated program to students where they can apply for both undergraduate and graduate degree program in less time.

In comparison to a university, college is a smaller institution that offers specialized undergraduate degree courses such as bachelor’s degrees to students that are for four years. Few colleges also offer an associated degree. A college may or may not have a graduate program.

2. Size: Universities are larger in comparison to colleges. They provide finite research options to the students who w to complete their higher education. Most of the colleges offer a degree program in or two courses only.

Universities consist of more than one college or course functioning on the campus. That is the reason universities are vast in size. If you apply to a university, you can get more options in terms of choosing the academic subjects. Also, a university can offer a degree course in more than two subjects or courses.

3. Expenses: Most of the colleges offer undergraduate or associate degree course to students. Hence, it is comparatively cheaper to take admission to colleges than universities. Take the overall fee structure into account while applying for admission.

University consists of multiple departments and courses. If you aim to get a Ph.D. or master’s degree, you can consider applying directly to a university rather than college. But remember the fee structure would be high if you do not have a scholarship.

4. Origin: There is a difference between these two terms- college and university from country to country. For example, in Canada, if a student wants to apply for a vocational or artistic course, then they will apply to a college. Whereas in Australia, students apply in colleges to complete their secondary education and not specifically for enrolling in a vocational school.

5. Duration: If you are applying to a college for a science program, then the duration of the degree would be probably four years. You can take admission in either graduation or professional program at one time.

Whereas a university can be a home to various colleges offering a variety of undergraduate or graduate programs. The length of a Ph.D. program varies from three to six years.

6. Type: A university can be public or private. The difference between a public and private university is that public universities are funded by either state or local government. If you do not have financial aid, then you can enroll in a public university as they offer a lower fee. On the other hand, a private university is not funded by any government body. It is financed either by tuition fees or donations. That is the reason you have to pay more fees in comparison to a public university.

A career college provides courses that are designed to be job oriented. You can get a diploma or degree in less than two years. A community college offers associate degrees and certificate programs that take two years to complete. You can enroll in a community college while continuing your job at the same time. One benefit of enrolling in a community college is that you can take a direct transfer to a university after completing two years. Such colleges are also cheaper than other institutes and universities.

College vs University: What to choose?

Here are some tips to help you choose between a college or university:

  1. Think about your academic goals
  2. Assess your financial situation
  3. Check the admission requirements
  4. Evaluate your academic record
  5. Find out about the learning style
  6. Apply for scholarships
  7. Shortlist the degree programs you are interested in

To summarize, a university is an education institute that offers graduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Whereas a college offers undergraduate degree programs after which you can enroll in a doctoral program.

For any advice or suggestions on admission related matters, you can contact Peachy Essay. The company offers customized academic writing solutions to students all over the world.

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