Thursday, August 31, 2017

12 Secrets to Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger

Blogging nowadays witnesses a huge development, and everything connected with traveling attracts attention. Traveling and blogging are a perfect combo if you want to start your own thing but have doubts concerning what it has to be. We have prepared 12 secrets how to become a travel blogger if you have a wish to become such.

Make Sure Your Content Is Interesting

Pose yourself a question: “Is this information going to be interesting not only to my parents and friends but also to the strangers who have no idea about me?” Google what the most frequently asked questions are, take into account your personal interests, and create an interesting and useful content.

Do Phenomenal Stuff

Apart from giving your subscribers useful information, make sure you do…something phenomenal. If you are in the most ordinary place, find out what unique things can be done here. For example, in one of the civil places on earth, Vienna, there is such an entertainment as bungee jumping at the Danube tower. Falling from 152 meters height is fascinating and your subscribers will be more than satisfied.

Try Guest Posting

When you only start your blogging, no one knows you. That is why you should consider writing for the platforms that will bring you new audience. Also, sharing a link of the popular site might be useful to you. The only thing you have to remember is you should be picky about the website – choose only the one that will bring you the best return.

Be Active on Social Media

There is a saying that if you have not posted something on social media, it means that it never took place. You have to be active on different social media channels: tag the locations, answer to comments, share other people’s content. But be aware that you should not spend the life on social media: choose 2 periods during the day when you are going to dedicate yourself to the social channels.

Market Yourself!

The best way to market yourself is by contacting other famous bloggers: follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter, share their articles with a mention, send them a compliment or ask a question. When noticed, pitch them your fascinating ideas! There is a high chance that they will land your feature on a major media website.

Master SEO

Yes, you might be far from understanding the core of information technologies but as the world and technologies develop, you have to keep your finger on the pulse. There are numerous platforms that can help you master SEO or, as an alternative, hire a professional who will make your name appear first-hand when googling a definite combination of words (like, travel blogger).

Build an Email List

This might seem unimportant, but you should pay a separate attention to your email subscribers – these are your true fans and dedicated readers. That is why do not be afraid to engage your followers to subscribe to your email list. As soon as you are going to have updates on your website, the email will come to a definite number of people and they will immediately go and visit your website thus increasing the traffic.


You need to keep in mind that by adding the word “professional” to “blogger”, you sign for making a business out of it. And business implies using advertising whether you like it or not. When you start, you might not have money to pay for it, however, you should keep it in mind for the future.

Professional Networking

To expand your horizons, you should visit the thematic conferences where you will meet new people: business partners, colleagues, and clients. The professional traveler will look for the soul mates and so will you. You will thus make yourself a name in travel blogging communicating with people in person. Consider collaborations with other travel bloggers – it will bring both of you new audience.

Get Yourself Some Help

As your website or channel on YouTube starts to bring you income, do not be greedy on hiring some people to help you. There is a low chance that you are amazing at all fields: photography, writing, editing, accounting, public relations, web development, etc. You can look at this best writing service and see how a perfect content looks like. Just focus on the thing you enjoy most and let other people help you in areas they are better than you are.

Create Your Personal Brand

Ask yourself what you do best and focus on this in your blog. Do not try to be everything – it is useless because you will not be able to form your audience. Make people associate you with something: maybe you try wine in each country? Or, you evaluate the country’s markets? Find your own niche and fill it in with the qualitative content.

Be Ready for Not Only for Ups But Downs as Well

Take everything easy and with humor: if you do not have 100,000 of subscribers in the first month, it is not a big deal. Take your time and understand that it takes years for the majority of travel bloggers to be noticed by the public. What is the most important is patience quick-wittedness – only those achieve the success.

If you only start your career of a blogger and have a deadlock on writing some articles, do not be afraid and ask for help.

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