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How to Get Ready for a Business Trip in 1 Hour

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No matter how schedule-wise you are the unexpected situations may still occur. A sudden need for a business trip, for example, may arise almost out of nowhere. And for a professional like you, saying no is not going to be an option.

Let’s say this sudden trip happens today. You’re given an hour to pack. How do you pull off a miracle like this?

Here are a few tips from the professionals at

1.       Make a quick list of priorities.
Yes, you still have time to make a list even if you have nothing more than an hour left. Make a list of the important things to bring. Are there documents you need? Is there a package you need to deliver?

Consider this as a quick moment for you to organize your thoughts. Without a clear list, you’ll end up running around, panicking. And when you let the panic set in, that’s when you leave things – important ones – behind.

2.       Figure out what kind of clothes you need.
Do you have an official uniform you need to wear? Don’t forget your pajamas, too!

Aside from those basics, you need to find out what weather you’re preparing for. Is it snowing where you’re going? Is it a tropical country? The research needed to do this won’t take an hour. The few minutes you spend on this can save you from frostbite. Or possibly, a heat stroke.

3.       Pack the electronics.
You’ve got the clothes. You’ve got the documents. Now, it’s time to pack the real essentials – the electronics.

Your laptop, your phone, your tablet – make sure everything’s packed away. Don’t forget the chargers, as well. Think about other accessories you might need. You may need to bring a portable hard drive, or a flash disc. What about your earphones and your power bank?

4.       Take your passport and money.
You can’t leave home without them! Your passport and money are the bare basics you’ll need in any trip. You can afford to forget your toothbrush. You can even afford to leave a few pieces of clothing behind. But you can never afford to leave your passport and money at home.
Make sure you have any alternatives with you, as well. You may want to bring your checkbook. Don’t forget your credit cards as well.

5.       Don’t rush.
You’ll probably think this is a crazy piece of advice. You only have one hour left. Of course, you’re going to rush!

Well, you may not believe it, but an hour is actually a lot of time. It’s more than enough to pack everything you need into your luggage. When you rush, you tend to panic. And when you panic, you waste more time. You rummage through your closet, looking for things you don’t really need. You distract yourself from what’s essential. But when you’re relaxed, your mind functions better.

This is not just applicable to people who have just found out about their trip. You may be one of those people who procrastinate and leave the packing until the very last minute. This is for you, too.

So the next time you have an hour left to pack, take a deep breath. Relax. It’s an entire hour – and that’s more than enough time to pack.

About author: Olivia is a journalist, content-writer and a bookworm. She loves to teach, read and write. Her second biggest love after books is her cat called Patty, who usually kindly assists her while writing. Follow Olivia on Facebook and Twitter.

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