Sunday, August 21, 2016

Masa: The New Official Government Publication is a Tabloid

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"The new official government publication is laid out and edited like a tabloid. Actually. This is not a joke. I can't make this shit up." - Carlos Celdran
Since there has been a lot of negative news about President Rodrigo Duterte, and he did declare a ban on other media aside from PTV4 and blogs/social media pages like Mocha Uson blog and other online news sites, his administration has decided to create their own radio, TV and newspaper outfits. Lol!

The newspaper (in tabloid format) is labelled as "Masa" with a top title of "Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa" and a subtitle of "Kasangga sa Pagbabago," while the TV show would be "Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa." I'm not sure about the radio show yet.
"Making government communications more directly accessible to the masses by choosing attention getting formats that they are familiar with and appeal to them is genius." - Tony Ahn
If Duterte is serious about being the man of the masses, the headline should read "Pilipinas, Wagi sa Gyera Kontra Droga"

He should not claim his "success" only on his own effort, unless he is doing all the "work" and the men under him are incompetent or merely followers of the orders he "dictates" whether "shoot-to-kill" or "leave no one alive."
The media would not leave him alone? He then creates his own media outfits to serve his own purpose and obviously to print only the positive news about him. What a waste of taxpayer's money! They dont like whats being shown on tv/papers, so they made their own. This is absolutely a waste of taxpayers money because it will only contain deceptions orchestrated by his office. We won't be reading, or watching, any contradicting statements from detractors which makes it so ridiculous.

But since the newspapers are offered for free, why not. The gullible "masa" would feast on the freebies. If my memory serves me right, in the first few years of The Philippine Daily Express, it was also in tabloid format. Print media propaganda. Hitler had that. Marcos, North Korea. Dictatorship is looming. This is the modern day Daily Express, the broadsheet propaganda machine of Marcos!

Just like a tabloid - it's propaganda and disinformation that one is reading and potential slander through publication of "lists" that are unverified.

Mind conditioning! Of course he will succeed and this will be his greatest act: a man-made miracle. We are turning like the North Korea brainwashing the citizens with that piece of shit. 

In Davao, the "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" TV show is a program that announces the achievement of the past week. What the Davao government did, possible plans and improvement. Duterte plans to have this same setup in a nationwide reach. Wait until Duterte orders every TV station to broadcast his show. It'll just be like when Hugo Chavez was in power in Venezuela. 

Very familiar. I think this happened in every dystopian novel I've read so far. Starts off with propaganda, then brainwashing, and then complete and utter chaos. To name a familiar few: Hunger Games, Divergent trilogy, Maze Runner, and the Running Man by Stephen King. Good reads.

All communist totalitarian barbaric country or what ever you call it have all their state-owned TV/media/publication for the purpose of brainwashing the citizen. This is so dangerous specially in a country full of ignorance like Philippines. Spreading lies, slogans not solution, propaganda & misleading info.

But only thing I am sure suppressing people will ultimately succumbed in the end but we have to pay the big price if we are not early enough to stop it.

Nations on earth lose so many lives to choose revolution to overthrow tyranny in the past, now we are going back on those dark past that other country vowed not come back again. I believe that 16.6 million should have their own world, would China absorb them?

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