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SSS promotes its online channels amid rise in COVID-19 cases

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The Social Security System (SSS) is once again urging its members, pensioners, and employers to use its online services as the country continues to record a high number of COVID-19 cases.

SS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio said transacting with the SSS using its online channels is the simplest, safest, and most convenient option for SSS stakeholders.

“Through our online channels, our stakeholders can avail of our services without the need to go out of their homes or offices, minimizing their risk of exposure to COVID-19,” Ignacio said.

Among SSS’ online channels are the My.SSS Portal at, SSS Mobile App, and uSSSap Tayo Portal at

Using the My.SSS Portal, members, pensioners, and employers can access their SSS information including contributions, loans, and status of benefit claims or reimbursement; open the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) and Benefit Re-Disbursement Module (BRM); and generate Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) for contributions and loans.

Members may also submit Maternity Notifications (for individual members), Maternity Benefit Applications and Adjustment of Maternity Benefit, Sickness Benefit Applications, Funeral Benefit Applications, Retirement Benefit Applications (subject to qualifying conditions for online filing), Salary Loan Applications, Calamity Loan Applications, and Pension Loan Applications (for renewal), among others.

On the other hand, employers may also submit Contribution Collection Lists (R3), Employment Reports (R1A), Loan Collection Lists (ML2), SS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Applications, and Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Applications; and certify their employees’ Retirement Benefit and Salary Loan Applications, among others.

Currently, there are over 30 member services and nearly 20 employer services available in the My.SSS Portal. Some of these services can also be accessed through the SSS Mobile App.

Meanwhile, the uSSSap Tayo Portal, a self-service platform, enables SSS stakeholders and the public to conveniently find relevant SSS information to answer their questions and access a facility to communicate with the SSS for their additional concerns.

The uSSSap Tayo Portal has three sections, namely the Knowledgebase Section, which contains information about SSS programs and services, including a getting started guide, step-by-step and how-to articles, and troubleshooting information; the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section, where users can access answers to common SSS queries; and the Viewing and Submission of Tickets Section that allow users to check the status of their concerns or create additional tickets.

Online and alternative payment channels for SSS contributions and loans are also available. One of which is through the SSS Mobile App, wherein self-employed, voluntary, and Overseas Filipino Worker members can pay their contributions using their PayMaya account, GCash account, Credit Card/Debit Card, or Bank of the Philippine Islands account. Information about SSS online and alternative payment channels can be found in the Knowledgebase Section of the uSSSap Tayo Portal.

To know more about SSS’ various online services, members and employers may also access, follow “Philippine Social Security System – SSS” on Facebook, “mysssph” on Instagram or YouTube, “PHLSSS” on Twitter, or join SSS’ Viber Community at “MYSSSPH Updates.”

Why Iyo Bernardo believes he is an alternative to Vico Sotto

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The public tit-for-tat between Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto and Vice Mayor Iyo Bernardo continues, after Bernardo threatened to take legal action against Sotto. 

Sotto is wondering why Bernardo dragged “family reputation” into their verbal tussle when he never mentioned anything about it. 

“Bakit ‘family’s reputation’.. may sinabi ba ako tungkol sa pamilya niya?” Mayor Vico Sotto tweeted in response to Vice Mayor Iyo Bernardo’s criticisms.

The team handling Iyo Bernardo’s publicity is not doing him any favor. As far as numbers are concerned, he’s up against a social media darling known for changing the course of the game in LGU public service. Looking at the overall engagement reactions on social media, we know who’s obviously winning. 

Ano kayang mental gymnastics ni Iyo Bernardo to think that he is actually an alternative to Vico Sotto?

Iyo Bernardo, who is running against Mayor Vico Sotto, is supported by vice presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. 

Iyo Bernardo was the grandson of its former Mayor Emiliano Caruncho. The elder Caruncho was one of the country's longest-serving local executives, serving from 1956-1986. 

Iyo Caruncho was also a nephew of former Pasig Vice Mayor Lorna Bernardo. 

If you're wondering why Iyo Bernardo is making so much noise, it's because he was most likely was paid to do so. He's a Eusebio ally after all. Does he believe what he's saying? I doubt it. But he and the old guard want to start throwing dirt on Vico now, hoping it will stick.

I’m sure Iyo Bernardo knows he will not win. But if they want to pull off discrediting Vico as a leader for 2034, they have to start now, para it will seem like a persistent issue right from the start. 

The Eusebios know they're not getting that power back soon. That's probably why they got this pointy haired clown (seriously, hair gel in 2021?) as their inside man to supposedly publicize the boy mayor's "failings." Problem is, walang credibility si Iyo.

I mean, he didn't even show the screen of his phone to "prove" na tinext at tinawagan siya ni Mayor. And even if he did, everyone knows how easy it is to delete logs lol. But then again what do you expect from a dude who thinks his hair is a great idea in this year, at his age?

He is still the current vice mayor right? What the heck is he doing? Whining instead of actually working? Throwing a tantrum like Pasiguenos owe him anything. what a crybaby!

Iyo Bernardo is now becoming the biggest pest I've seen in Philippine politics! He doesn't deserve to be in that position and he doesn't even have the class and morals to be there. Mayor Vico rose to fame because of good governance and showed true heart for Pasig. 

Mayor Vico is one of the best LGU leaders in the Philippines. This is clearly an election ploy by those who want to be back in power. 

Talagang pelikula ang nangyari sa Pasig.

Dahil ang akala nilang imposible, nagawang posible sa leadership ng isang tao. Ang daming nabago, andaming napabuti... na sa pelikula lang nangyayari.

Hanggang ngayon hindi makapaniwala ang mga bumabatikos kay Mayor Vico na totoo yun. 

At sa pelikula, laging may kontrabida yan si Iyo Bernardo.

Military service doesn't inspire partriotism but breeds scalawags in uniforms

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Duterte-Carpio said “only the likes of Mr. Bello would think of mandatory military service for its citizens as arming them and telling them to kill” because for her, that actually “inspires patriotism in the youth.”

"I also emphasized the need for the youth to be prepared for disasters and become proactive community partners in rescue operations and in aiding victims of calamities."

Mandatory military service agad para maging proactive community partners? For both males and females? Talaga ba?

Military servitude inspires patriotism? Really? Iyan ba ang plataporma mo, bakit mo gagawin mandatory ito. Isip diktador, huwag kang mataray at matuto kang tumanggap ng  criticisms. Tulad ka rin sa ama mo?

My ROTC days did not even "inspire patriotism" in me. I just wanted the day to be over because I felt it was just wasting my time since I still needed to study for my other subjects. And all those days under the sun doing senseless stuff did not really gave me that patriotism because the officers were just taking advantage of their positions. Sa totoo lang, it doesn't inspire partriotism but breeds scalawags in uniforms. 

There are plenty of outreach programs and livelihood skills development that we can freely share with the youth. Also, there are already agencies in place to do just that.

Before you are called a certified rescuer, first responder, you undergo rigorous trainings and certifications. You can not just unilaterally claim that ROTC can create competent rescuers. She should stop floating ideas if she doesn't understand how it works.

You can be a regular Pinoy and still be patriotic. You don't need to join the military or even the ROTC.

Bakit niya pipilitin yong mga kabataan na mag mandatory military service, kung ayaw nila? Ano tayo?  Taga Communist China, North Korea? Yung Davao nga ay hindi niya maayos, buong Pilipinas pa.

That’s the only way she knows that can inspire patriotism? How about civil service? Yung mga na nag-take ng CWTS ngayong college ay walang patriotism? You are maybe confusing patriotism and fascism.

It's also hard to instill patriotism when the head of the state sucks up to other countries like China.

How do you inspire patriotism when you have leaders that kowtow to foreign countries that bully us and threatens our territorial integrity?  Or inspire helping community when we have leaders campaigning in other provinces during time of calamity?

Add the instability, low wages and living conditions, poor education system and work opportunities, rampant corruption and incompetency among government officials, etc., which doesn't really inspire love for this country. Priorities, priorities, priorities. You can start with our healthcare system or education system.

If you want patriotism, fix those first.

What will inspire patriotism is: seeing your leaders stand up to China, not military training -- seeing leaders with uncompromising principles, holding themselves accountable to the people not bossing them around.

Eh, si Digong nga yung giyera ang nasa isip kapag binabanggit ang WPS. Also, kung yun pala ang purpose, bakit hindi i-strengthen ang disaster mitigation and management ng bansa? Bakit kailangan sa inyo i-militarize lahat? Mga utak diktador.

I am sorry but there is no way I am endangering my children. Imagine an 18 year old responding to danger. Huwag naman please. Better to invest on good training for our men and women that are already in uniform. Or recruit more people and make this their permanent job. Please do not touch our children.

Bakit ba ang mga taga Davao official baliw na baliw sa mga militar service na yan? Kung ganoon ay mauna na sila at huwag na silang mandamay. Make it mandatory for the spoiled and entitled children of politicians and government officials.

Akala nila ay willing o kahit mag volunteer ang mga kabataan habang sila ang nakaupo sa puwesto? Wala pong gana mga kabataan kung alam nilang ninanakawan lang sila at nagpapakasasa mga nakaupo. 

Jusko, Sara. Sa bawat araw na nagpapaka VP ka kuno, lumalabas na authoritarian din ang style mo. In your case talaga, like father, like daughter. Kung ano ano na lang sinasabi. Haaaay. No  more of this please. 

I am sorry but there is no way I am endangering my children. Imagine an 18 year old responding to danger. Wag naman please. Better to invest on good training po ng men and women in uniform. Or recruit more people and make this their permanent job. Please not our children.

Mandating 'service' within the militarist framework only bolsters the subservient orientation of our education that is meant to foster docile citizens in the future—a precondition for unaccounted tyranny. Sara Duterte is no different from her despotic father.

Anyway, she's not my candidate for VP, or any position, and knocking the heavens to hear my plea that she would never win on 2022 and in any future.
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