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Coupe Du Monde Patisserie Saudi Selection: Behind the Scene with Chef Adam Schihab

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For the first time in Saudi Arabia, SAUDI HORECA hosts, The World Pastry Cup National Selection. The event will take place at SAUDI HORECA 2019, the annual meeting place for the hospitality and food service industries, from 26 until 28 November at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Local chefs are participated and will be able to test their skills in a battle for the coveted World Pastry Champion title.

What is coupe du monde pâtisserie?

Coupe du monde patisserie

World Pastry Cup (Coupe du monde de la pâtisserie)

The World Pastry Cup is an international pastry contest taking place every two years in Lyon, France. Qualification for the Cup is via regional competitions, such as the Asian Pastry Cup, where the winners are chosen to take part in the World Pastry Cup.

Behind the scene of coupe du monde patisserie held first time in Saudi Arabia 2019

Adam Schihab

Pastry Chef • Entrepreneur • Food Influencer

Pastry chef, Adam Schihab is a well-known name in the bakery industry globally. He served in different countries during the last 23 years. He is not only a renowned culinary chef but also a partner of multiple food companies, beverage and catering groups throughout Asia and the Middle East.

About the Chef Adam Schihab

I am a pastry chef, entrepreneur, food influencer with a notable career trajectory and have more than 23 years of extraordinary achievements list. I am enthusiastic about working with fresh culinary produce, designing innovative recipes and promoting restaurant ratings. Apart from that, I am also an outstanding communicator, administrator and problem solver.

Chef Adam was born in the Maldives and studied at the Institute of Hotel & Catering Services. I received my Master's Degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool. I was trained in Pastry schools in Paris, France, and at HTC's French Culinary School in Asia.

I am currently based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, I have worked in ten other countries—Italy, Maldives, Indonesia, the United States, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Qatar, the Philippines, and Oman. I had the opportunity to work and cater att five-star hotels and resorts around the world including the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hilton Dusit Thani, Ritz-Carlton, and Relais & Châteaux in France.

I have used social media and my passion for entrepreneurship and food to build a network of the world's best culinary professionals. I am always looking to partner with new business professionals and chefs to take on the next thrilling food project.

Media Contact:
Company Name: Vanille Group Co.
Contact Person: Adam Schihab
Email: Send Email
Country: Saudi Arabia

Caring for Cotton Mattresses

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Cotton mattresses are a great investment for anyone who wants to join the green movement but is overwhelmed or not sure how to get started. For most people, mattress purchases are made only once every few years. When you decide to buy an organic cotton mattress instead of the usual mattress to buy, you can be assured that over the next few years, you have done at least one thing to protect the environment.

An organic cotton mattress is good for the environment in many ways. Farmers who grow organic crops do not use pesticides or other chemicals on their crops to kill pests or enlarge their crops. Cotton is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. It is also the most heavily sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. As a result, by refusing to spray their cotton crop with pesticides and other chemicals, cotton producers have a huge impact on the levels of pollution that exist in the world today.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Quick Solutions

The perfect habitat for bedbugs is areas where the climate tends to be hot and dry. Since humans are able to provide the environments that are most suitable for these creatures, such as heated and warm buildings, this part shows why these creatures were able to extend their reach far in colder northern climates.

What do bedbugs eat?

Bedbugs feed on blood and feed on you or your pets when you sleep. Bedbug bites are similar to other insect bites that cause itching, inflammation, and redness on the skin of the bitten person. One good thing is that tiny insects do not transmit harmful diseases to humans or animals, but for some people, a bed bug bite could potentially cause severe allergy symptoms that can lead to anaphylactic shock!

Here we discuss How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Quick Solutions

Most insects are sensitive to temperature, and bedbugs are no different; they are sensitive to cold and heat. As a result, a safe and effective technique is to use the temperature to get rid of bedbug infestations. Pest control professionals use steam engines to Treat mattresses and furniture and cold gases on electronic equipment to kill the insects hidden inside.

First of all, reduce the clutter as much as possible so that you can find these blood-sucking critters with less effort. Once you find them, use a vacuum cleaner to clean blankets, fabric items, plush toys, clothes, jackets ... Wash them at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit of hot water to get rid of insects that the vacuum cleaner did not get and also kill too few eggs or hatchlings to see which might be on your clothes.

Then separate your mattress and box spring, separate your bed frame to reveal all the crevices in which insects can hide. Vacuum these areas with a product like Eco Living Friendly or All-Stop-Contact-Killing-Spray, which are non-toxic ecological bed bug killers.

Unlike pesticides, these insect treatment products are 100% environmentally friendly and harmless to use around children and pets, hospitals, hotels, your workplace, and of course, your home or your apartment. They are specially formulated from natural ingredients and are premixed so you can use them immediately. In addition, they are also effective in combating scabies, mites, lice, fleas, and other insect problems.

Now focus on your mattress and box spring; check each item for tears or openings as they allow the bedbugs to live and reproduce. If these creatures are hiding in your mattress and/or box spring, what would normally be done is to use a regulated pesticide to kill them; but since there are restrictions on the use of pesticides, a better alternative will be to use a mattress cover and a box spring cover that will completely seal your mattress and box spring. You can also spray these things with the natural products mentioned above, and when you dry seal them with the right lid.

Since these insects like to live in cracks and crevices, it is advisable to seal the holes in your home that provide access or allow bedbugs to live in these spaces. Use caulk to seal cracks in walls, baseboards, voids around windows, and pipes that could allow insects to enter your home; be sure to check the moldings as these narrow spots are perfect nesting sites for bedbugs.

Contour memory foam pillow

Time is our most precious commodity. So when you consider that we spend a third of our lives sleeping and that third plays a central role in how we live the balance of our time, sleep should be a primary goal - it affects everything.

One of the easiest ways to improve your quality of sleep is to change the way you sleep. You can do this by using a contour memory foam pillow instead of your standard feather pillow.

They promote alignment. Memory foam pillows - especially the contoured variety - allow your neck and spine to sit for perfect alignment. This, in turn, allows the muscles and associated tendons to relax, allowing you to wake up refreshed with less pain.

They help you stop snoring. Sure, we talked about YOUR sleep, but what about your partner's sleep or the apartment below you? Memory foam pillows both conform to your unique shape and cover your head, allowing your head to sit instead of tilting up as with your standard pillow. This keeps the airways clear, promoting sleep without snoring.

Reduces pressure points. Supportive memory foam pillows provide a more balanced weight distribution while you sleep, which means that part of the body does not support excessive pressure throughout the night as with standard pillows. Again, this results in less pain.

Growing Business: 6 Factors to Consider While Growing Globally

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Starting a business from the ground up is no easy feat. It can take years to reach a stable point in your operations, whether you create products, offer creative services, or manage a team of experts.

Almost every new business owner’s dream is to take their company to the next level and reach more customers. Eventually, there will come a time when you’ve reached the potential to scale globally. Back in the day, this was such a difficult task to accomplish. It entailed flying in and out of different countries before you can operate.

Now, however, closing a business deal is much faster. With the technology this era brings, expanding your services and catering to an international audience just got more convenient. You’ll never get the legalities out of the way, but setting up meetings and outsourcing your staff has become possible. Such practices have allowed companies to ramp up their efforts in growing their business.

But before you completely embrace the digital age and dive headfirst into your dream of expanding your business overseas, it’s worth taking a look at some critical factors when it comes to going global. Below are a few.

1. Language, culture, and practices of your new market

In an ideal world, your product or services are universally applicable to all cultures and races. The truth is there are a lot of nuances when it comes to these aspects. You will have to study it properly before marketing and positioning your product.

As with the case of language, it will be beneficial if you can hire bilingual staff members, full-time translators, or outsourced an employee for that position to help you communicate properly with your new region. Understanding the cultural and lingual differences in a country is the key to penetrating their market successfully. Don’t expect that your promotional efforts in one place will work equally across the globe.

2. International compliance, laws, and regulations

There’s so much to study when you start operating on foreign soil to the point that it can be a bit intimidating. Things like tax codes, business regulations, packaging standards, and all the legal paperwork can make your head hurt, much like how it went when you were first setting up your business.

It can take months to set up your corporation depending on the requirements that each country, state, or city will ask for, so be ready for this challenge. It’s worth seeking help from business partners who operate in the same location. They can accurately illustrate the economy and business landscape of the country you’re trying to set up your company in.

3. Packaging, shipping, and logistics

If your business sells a tangible product, chances are it will be produced in one major hub or headquarters. This will then have to be transported to the countries you operate in—all of which have different requirements. This means getting a reliable partner who can process all the specifications according to its destination.

You would also need a business shipping container to transport your goods from one port to another safely—sealed, free from damages, and ready for sale. This adds to your overall packaging and production cost, as each country will have different demands when it comes to allowing you to sell your item.

4. Facing local and international competition

It’s safe to assume that your product won’t be the first of its kind to enter your foreign market. Perhaps the country has a local business running the same thing, or other international companies have explored and invested in the same place before you.

Study how they run things and how successful they’re currently doing so that you can benchmark your company’s performance. It will allow you to think of creative ways to surpass your industry rivals.

There’s also the case of earning the trust of your new market. Being a new player in the game will put you at a disadvantage in the beginning. But with the right analyses of trends, you should be able to see your numbers slowly rising.

5. The different pace of growth

Speaking of “numbers slowly rising,” it’s important to note that there’s no way to accurately predict how fast your company will click in a different country.

You may be doing so well in Asia but realize that the US or European markets are a bit harder to conquer. This is normal and doesn’t immediately spell out bad news for your company. Perhaps this means you should look into more ways you can position or market your product in its new location.

6. Increase in overall business operational cost

Financial gains and broader market opportunities are what encourage business owners to venture into global expansion. While this is true, keep in mind that the more places you operate in, the more money your company will bleed out.

Financial preparedness is necessary when it comes to taking the first few steps into going global. Up until your company finds footing in a new territory, you should be anticipating massive expenses that will be poured into establishing your company in a new location.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Familiarizing yourself with the different challenges that businesses encounter when it comes to global expansion can help you become more prepared for the time when you want to push forward with this strategy.

It can even be a good idea to visit and stay in the country you want to operate in to gather more info about the country. Before making any significant decisions, run them by your team and think of all possible outcomes, so you can better prepare yourself for emergencies or the unexpected fast pace of growth.

You can overcome these struggles with the help of reliable business partners and hiring team members whom you trust can carry out your business goals. It cannot be stressed enough that you can’t do this alone. Tap the help of your international business partners or locals from the area you wish to expand so that they can give you more insight into what your company may face.
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