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When Mothers Become Bloggers: Super-Powered But Still with a Weakness

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"Some parents will surrender to consumerism in raising their children. It's a shame to see decent, scrupulous mothers and fathers in externally imposed crises of anxiety about doing the best for their kids. The greatest gift we can give our children is ourselves, with our strengths emphasized and our faults not hidden but, to a reasonable degree, controlled."

For a third world country like the Philippines, it's not enough to raise a family when the father is an average employee working for our companies that still has below minimum wage compensation for some of their rank and file. This is especially true for the contractuals or temps who came from agencies hired by the company.

This is probably why some mothers feel the need to find a source of extra income. Some would setup a variety or "sari-sari" store at their house, while others would also work for another 8 to 5 job. The smarter ones will find a way to take advantage of the Internet or social media. This gave birth to the Work-At-Home mothers who do online language tutorials, social media management, virtual assistance, etc. The most popular nowadays that keeps some mommies busy is blogging.

Now there are several types of mommy bloggers. One type would remain at home and blog about topics that were contracted via online. These are the ones who are sent product samples for reviews and write about their experience using the products. While there are some moms that attend events such as product launches, press conferences, block screenings, expos and summits, etc. These are the moms that go out of their way to leave their children under the care of housemaids, yayas or relatives so that they can earn a few more.

Exclusivity: Getting Across the Border

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We've featured him before, and we are thrilled to find out he has a new cover for us. There really is no stopping somebody as talented as Leo Ralph Villamayor. We are simply ecstatic to help support a fellow Filipino especially when the Philippines is now being recognized as the home of many outstanding performers.

You've seen Leo singing a cover of the Let It Go song from the Frozen animated movie of Disney, now he sings another song.

But we cannot show it to you right now until after a month where he was contracted exclusively for his video to be shown somewhere else.

It seems they recognized his potential to attract a significant audience so we need to wait a month before he is allowed to promote it at his own site, and others as well.

Which gets me thinking about "exclusivity" and when news becomes limited to be broadcasted by a single source.

We've seen headlines like "Exclusive" being flashed on the screens of a TV network when they report news that they claim they only have. This attracts more attention because it means they are the only source of the said information.

7 Smart Tips When Shopping for your Dream Home Online

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every Filipino aspires to own a home. And with the rise of technology, shopping for a home online has now become simpler and easier. There are actually tools homebuyers can use to look up for a property.

Be safe and confident when buying a home. Here are smart tips you should do when shopping for a home online in the Philippines:

1. Assess your needs

Before you embark on your home buying journey, make sure you know what you need, your budget, the property you want, and where should you look. Don’t have a “buyer’s remorse” for failing to sticking to these things. Save yourself from regretting your purchase because you were swayed by catchy sales talk.

2. Do an information check on the developer
Conduct a thorough research on the property developer where you are planning to purchase your home. Find out what their experiences are in the industry, and how well they deliver. It’s also a good thing to check their finances, which are often available in their websites, to see how capable they are in working on a project.

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