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Finding cheaper electricity supply in Australia

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Australia is known for its expensive electricity rate history compared to other parts of the world. The rise in energy prices is due to some factors. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) shows through research that the energy prices in Australia have been affected due to two main factors.

The first factor is a lack of investment in things (this could be infrastructure), and the second is the increase in the prices of gas because of higher demand for gas in export markets. An additional factor is a regulation imposed by the government that is not in support of the competition. Nonetheless, a lot of state governments in the last decade have been deregulating the energy industry, allowing discounts on electricity and creating competition.

To know the cheaper electricity supply in Australia, it's crucial that a comparison should be made between different energy prices, rates, and tariffs. This is what several energy comparison sites, such as Econnex Comparison, do. So, how exactly can you find a cheaper electricity supply in Australia?


How do I Find the Cheapest Electricity Supplier in Australia?

Everyone should understand that technically there is no cheap electricity supplier, especially in Australia. How cheap the electricity deal is will depend on the levels of your consumption, the type of tariff you would prefer (variable or fixed), your type of meter (smart meter, prepayment, or standard), and if you would want your electricity to be renewable. 

Below are how you can find a suitable energy deal for you:

·       Visiting energy comparison sites, such as Econnex Comparison, will help you compare electricity prices from time to time to ensure you're on the best energy deal.

·       Ensure you get an annual statement or recent bill to compare energy prices, which should be tailored to your energy usage.

·       Do you use both electricity and gas in your home? Then ensure you compare the prices of the electricity with dual fuel deals. It's possible to discover that a dual fuel tariff is cheaper for you.


You may be on the standard variable tariff of your supplier (typically the most expensive plan) if you have not switched in a while. You can find the cheapest electricity tariffs when switching to a fixed deal.

In addition, switching away from your supplier to have a better deal may not be necessary. All you may need to do is to run a comparison to get the cheapest electricity tariff on offer from your energy provider (energy comparison sites, such as Econnex will be an ideal route)


Does Cheap Electricity Mean Poor Customer Service?

The simple answer is no. When you switch to a cheaper electricity tariff, it doesn't necessarily imply that the customer service you get will be compromised.

There are energy comparison sites that can help you compare electricity prices and show you the customer satisfaction rating of every available supplier in Australia.

With these rating that is based on actual customer reviews, you can freely choose the top electricity in accordance with customer service and price.

In addition, you can go through energy awards in Australia to know if it's appropriate to switch to a provider with a cheaper electricity tariff for you or  a provider with great customer reviews ( sometimes they mean the same thing)


Wrapping Up

Some people switch to a new energy provider to get a cheaper electricity supply, while others intend to get great customer service or sign up for a green energy plan.

Since the power to choose your own energy supplier is in your hands, you may want to try all your best to find a cheaper electricity supply in Australia. The provided details in this article should help you find the cheaper electricity supplier in Australia.







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