Tuesday, February 22, 2022

DDS now means "Domagoso Diehard Supporters"

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

So Duterte is inclining to support Iskoterte in the incoming presidential election..Lumabas na din ang totoo..Isko is Duterte 2.0.

Is it true that most of Duterte's cabinet members are supporting Isko? Is Duterte's endorsement imminent? Is this the reason why the pulahans are panicking? Questions, questions...

Duterte will endorse Isko. His attack dog Banat by has been promoting him and attacking MarcosMagnanakaw

"Domagoso Diehard Supporters" as the new "DDS"?

Presidential candidate and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno says he is thankful that many supporters of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, known as "Diehard Duterte Supporters" (DDS), are now supporting and campaigning for him.  

If it happens, Duterte’s endorsement of Isko will chip away a lot of votes from BBM. It will be catastrophic, but I see it as an advantage for Leni.

However, I think it's all a calculated move. Just like what Duterte did to Cayetano. They are really hoisting Sara to rule by succession and Isko is just running to fragmentalize opposition votes.

Isko’s lust for power is leading him to his downfall. His betrayal of his running mate in his quest to get the DDS vote has red flag written all over it.

Isko Moreno is definition of a garbage politician. Absolutely no decency nor class. Sorry Doc Willie, I may not be voting for you but you deserve every ounce of respect.

You can take Isko out of the slums but you can't take the garbage out of him, and his betrayal of Doc Willie speaks volumes of how worthless and opportunistic he is.

Others are pushing for a ROBREDO-SARA or ISKO-SARA. We should be alarmed because they are pushing for SARA no matter who the President is. Why do you all still want another DUTERTE in a national seat? Haven't we learned enough from his father's term?

From announcing that he’ll retire from politics if he doesn’t win the presidency, to practically begging for PRRD’s endorsement, to now leaving behind Doc Willie Ong as his VP, Isko Moreno’s desperation is scaring me.

Isko is just another self-serving politician who is willing to throw his integrity out the window just to climb to the top of the food chain.  

He promised ManileƱos he'd serve the 3 terms allowed by law if they wanted him to, but salivated for a highet post.

Isko seems to be just so happy to throw Doc Willie Ong under the bus. I feel so bad for the guy, he could easily have gotten into top 6 of the Senate race if he didn't take Isko's VP offer. Isko's betrayal is beyond description.

He asked a good doctor to be his runningmate, but is now openly campaigning with a group pairing him with another. What Isko did is a big slap on Dr. Willie Ong's face. Isko just used Doc Willie's Popularity in Social Media.

The real reason why Doc Willie Ong was pulled in by Isko is because of his big audience on social media. Isko only cared about gaining an audience and with Ong's large audience, it gave him the support he needed while using Ong for clout.

Isko only cares about his numbers. He should have shut his doors to the idea of Isko-Sara tandem in some parts of Mindanao & Visayas, openly saying that his VP is none other than Doc Willie. 

But apparently, he’s not. 

Posters promoting Isko-Sara tandem (ISSA) seen in Isko Moreno's event in Maguindanao.

Willie Ong agreed to skip Isko's events in Maguindanao after being told by campaign manager Lito Banayo that the mayor's supporters there are already pro-Sara Duterte.

Doc Willie must have felt betrayed. I can only surmise.

In response to Isko's relatively positive reception in Mindanao, pro-BBM influencers are now pushing the "Where's Doc Willie" line to show that Isko abandoned his VP. These are signs that Isko seems to be shaking the tree. The question is if any fruits will drop.

Grabe siya! Hinila niya si Ong maging bise niya na alam ng lahat na malakas na manalo sa pagka Senador tapos ilalaglag lang pala. Tsk tsk tsk!

The worst despicable treachery ever in political history where a presidentiable drop in the bucket his vice presidentiable tandem for a bulging purse rival VP candidate. What Isko did to Erap & Lim, he did it again to Doc Willie, which is consistent with his ignoble character.

At this point, Doc Willie should just drop out. I don't like him, but no one deserves to be disrespected this way. 

Grabe yung pagiging balimbing ni isko, pati running mate??? 

It makes one thing clear: he will jump through hoops just to have power. Kadiri.

If Isko can do this to a supposed political can we entrust the Philippines to him?

This is Isko’s brand of politics…

Politics of convenience!

Sariling interest lang ang iniisip.

Isko cannot be trusted, period.

What do they have on you, Yorme?

Isko's ditching of Willie is another revelation of his treacherous Political Opportunism. Such flagrant display of betrayal is an indictment of one's character. Remember politicians, if they are not kissing children; they are stealing their candies. 

That is why it is imperative that Kiko Pangilinan also wins. But the problem may be that while the people think election, the Duterte camp thinking is how to keep power by all means and at all cost.

The move to drop Doc Willies from Isko by some is a wake up call to push harder for Kiko Pangilinan. Let’s work harder & smarter to make LeniKiko win. It is non-negotiable! 

Kakampinks are solid, nobody can persuade them to leave Leni and Kiko.

Boy Siko should be worried about this Duterte wannabe because Isko is trying to steal his supporters.

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