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7 Tips to Master the Repair of Your Home Appliances

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Fixing your home appliances by yourself rather than calling in an expert is not only time-saving but cost-effective as well. In fact, DIY home appliances repair in many ways extends the lifespan of these appliances.

If you’re looking to solve home appliance repair problems yourself, these tips below will help you a long way. And as always, safety comes first no matter what. Always be mindful to wear your protective gear and never forget to unplug your appliances before beginning the repair process.


Start By Looking Out for the Obvious

This is by far the most important tip you should be aware of when it comes to repairing your home appliances by yourself. Always check for any basic problems before diving into more serious issues, before starting your home appliance repair.

This also includes going over the power settings, being certain that the appliance is not plugged in or turned on, checking if the outlet is still getting its power, and etc. Of course, there are scenarios where certain appliances might refuse to function when placed on an uneven surface.

Moreover, some appliances might also not work if they’re overheated or are clogged. Remember to check these obvious signs before starting the repair.

The 50% Rule

What exactly is the 50% rule you ask? Well, if your home appliances are halfway through their expected life, and their expected repair and replacement cost is more than 50% of purchasing a new one, it’s high time that you replace the appliance entirely.

This is very helpful when you compare the cost of home appliance repair, DIY work and replacement, and professional services. You can easily find the appliance’s lifespan estimates online or in its manual.


Keep an Ear on Your Moving Parts

Your appliance’s moving parts are the most likely to begin to malfunction or fail due to wear and tear. This is why, when you begin repairing the appliances, always observe their moving parts first.

For most appliances, this usually means that you should check their motors and fans to ensure they’re all working fine. The best hint is to look out for any noise coming from a device’s moving parts. Motors, fans, and similar parts all tend to make a good amount of noise if they are failing.

Fans and fan belts are generally easy to replace, whereas motors are rather expensive and much more difficult to replace or repair.


Purchase a Good Multimeter

Now, how will you find out if there’s an issue with the appliance’s wiring? Well, all you need to do is test it! But for that, you require the use of the right kind of tool. Buy a multimeter that gives you the ability to measure its voltage and any other important signals that indicate which electrical component or wires aren’t working.

If you really want to master home appliance repair, you’ll require a multimeter and as mentioned earlier, make sure to take proper safety precautions.


Check Ignition Process

If you have appliances that are gas-powered, they will depend on an ignition process to start. Some of these appliances have pilot lights and electric starters, but either way, this is still a common source of arising problems in durable appliances.

This is why always check the ignition process and ensure that the pilot is on, the starters have been aligned properly, and nothing is being blocked with soot.


Know Where the Hoses Are

Your washing machine, dishwasher, and most other appliances tend to depend on hoses to move the water around. If there’s a kink or leak, check these hoses and their surrounding valves to find the part that has to be re-sealed or replaced.

Hoses eventually wear out before their other components. Therefore, make sure to pay extra attention to the condition of your appliance’s hose when doing the repair.


Research on the Appliance Error Codes

All thanks to the internet, it’s become much easier to look up what the appliance error codes stand for, From air conditioners to washing machines, every appliance error code can be Googles.

When an error code pops up, all you need to do is search for its code and determine if you need an expert to look at it or if you can fix it yourself.



Well, there you go! Home appliance repair is easy as long as you know where to begin and what to look out for. We hope this read helped you understand how to go about repairing your home appliances all by yourself.

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